Aquarium Drawer type water curtain filter box

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Vendor : waterpethome

Product Type : Filter

Sku : EB-11

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This product is made of high-quality environmentally friendly ABS material with a thickened sound insulation shell. The overall design is a drawer + flip cover. After using this product, there is no need to use other oxygen-enhancing equipment. The water curtain design produces a lot of air bubbles after the water flows down the cylinder wall. No need to use other oxygen-enhancing equipment, built-in four-fold forced filtration and diversion to purify water and efficiently cultivate bacteria to purify water quality, double-layer independent filter material bin design, dry and wet separation filter material can be freely matched, smooth on both sides to prevent water leakage, translucent shading The plate can quickly cultivate anaerobic nitrifying bacteria in a shading environment. The storage box is designed without stagnant water. The unique pores can effectively prevent overflow. The filter material is fully immersed in water, and the high-efficiency bacteria cultivation effect is remarkable. Even if there is a power failure, there will be no water in the box. The split-type design strip drip-flow prevents clogging of the rain shower, and the integrated and uniform drip-flow has no dead angle and wide coverage.

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