1. Is it a manufacturer?

Yes, most of the products are produced and assembled in our own factory, and a few are purchased on behalf of others. It can realize one-stop purchase of all categories, and the price is more advantageous.
We can provide customized services according to your needs. We can communicate special requirements and packaging design in detail. Purchase prices also fluctuate based on purchase volume.
Almost all countries have exports, mainly Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.
We have cooperation with JBL, oase, ehan, Japan Daiso, petco, petsmart, GEX and other companies.
Factory production implements standards CE and ROHSE. For other product certification details, please consult online customer service.
The factory has its own quality inspection department, a complete set of quality inspection from material procurement to manufacturing to shipment. system.
Yes, we have a complete quotation, and can also make a quotation according to your requirements.
The production cycle is measured by the number of orders. The production and delivery cycle is about 50 days. Ships faster if in stock.
From $1000.
Prepaid 30% of the pricing After the order is completed, the balance will be paid and shipped after passing the inspection.
Our factory quotes do not include shipping and customs duties. We can discuss the specific cost in detail.
The factory is located in Zhongshan City, Guangzhou Province, China, and can be shipped from Zhongshan Port, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other ports.

Company business philosophy

Company mission

Strive to innovate for the benefit of customer service

Company Vision

Create the best quality products in the world,let more partners create and realize their beautiful dream opportunities

Company platform

Create the most complete B2B platform for the global aquarium industry chain

company values

thanksgiving   Cooperation  Efficient    Altruism

Company business goals

Adhere to only sell conscience products, so that better product quality and service to every customer