22 Best Aquarium Air Stones (2022 Manufacturer's Picks)

Air stone is usually divided into fine sand, nano sand and coarse sand. Airs tones are used for different purposes. Air stones are commonly used fine sand and nano air stones, while coarse sand airs tones are mainly used in high-power aquaculture.

Table of contents

1.What is an air stone?

2.How does the air stone work?

3.What are the benefits of aquarium air stones?

4.How to choose 22 kinds of aquarium air stones?

5.How to clean the air stone?

6.How is aquarium air stone produced?

一. What is an air stone?

Air stone, also known as oxygen stone, air stone and other terms. The main function is to refine the air pumped out by the air pump, so that oxygen can be easily dissolved in the water, providing the oxygen needed for fish and plants to breathe.

Air stones are widely used, not only for aquarium fish tanks, but also for plants, ponds, hydroponics, air pumps, etc.

二. How does the air stone work?

Aquariums need circulation, and that's what air stones do. When the air stone is connected to the air pump, it starts producing tiny air bubbles.

Within seconds, those tiny oxygen-filled bubbles gradually filled the tank. The air bubbles created by the air stone not only fill the tank with oxygen, but also help with water circulation.

As the bubbles rise towards the surface, the water close to the substrate is lifted to the top. As this process repeats, the water in the tank is effectively circulated.

1.air pump

2.oxygen tube

3.Water stop valve (optional)

4.air stone

三. What are the benefits of aquarium air stones?

You can tell by looking at its surface that the water in your tank isn't circulating the way it should. If you notice that the water surface in your tank is still or undisturbed, you can determine that the water is not circulating enough.

To better understand the benefits of air stones, here are some of the benefits that air stones provide.

1.aids in gas exchange

For example, water circulation in an aquarium is like a breeze in a stuffy little room. When the water on the tank circulates well, the dissolved gas is exchanged rapidly. For example, when there is no water movement, the water and dissolved gases at the bottom of the tank remain unchanged.

Additionally, fish and other organisms in the aquarium produce gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen. These gases need to be released into the atmosphere.

The flowing water carries tiny oxygen bubbles that transport these unwanted gases to the surface, where they are released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, the movement of water mixes the different layers of water. This is great for fish.

We know that the water near the bottom of the tank will deoxygenate over time because the fish mostly live on the bottom. The oxygen-depleted water is brought to the surface, while the oxygen-rich water at the top circulates.

2.body movement 

In smaller environments, such as smaller aquariums, the fish do not have enough space for active swimming and their movement is somewhat restricted.

However, when adequate water is circulated, they get the amount of physical activity they need to grow and develop their muscles. The water circulation provides a little resistance, which is very beneficial for the fish.

3.Better filtering

As mentioned earlier, the movement of water helps release gases such as methane, nitrogen and sulfur into the atmosphere. As more oxygen is pumped into the tank, biological filtration becomes more effective because the flow of water does not allow toxic waste to settle on the bottom of the tank.

Without proper water circulation, toxins, metabolic waste, and mucus can degrade water quality.

四. How to choose 22 kinds of aquarium air stones?

The choice of air stone is mainly calculated according to the size of the space used, what kind of air stone and water pump are suitable for, each product has a corresponding size, and different types and materials of air stones are available for you to choose.

五. What if the Air stone is blocked? 

1.Take out the air stone, wash it with clean water, wash off the moss and impurities attached to it, rinse it clean and put it in the sun to dry; first, take out the air stone and brush it with a fish tank brush to remove the dirt that sticks to it. Rinse a few more times until the air stone is clean, then place it in the sun to dry.

2. Change the water in the fish tank to remove moss, algae and impurities in the fish tank to prevent the air stone from being blocked again; if the air stone in the fish tank is blocked, it means that the water quality is not clean enough and there are many impurities in the water. Change the water as soon as possible and clean up the fish tank The dregs at the bottom, if there is moss, should also be scrubbed, and the excess algae can also be cleaned up.

3.Put the washed and dried air stone back in place and put it back into use. After the fish tank is replaced with new water and the air stone is washed, it can be put back in place. Air stone can be used repeatedly. As long as it is not yellowed or damaged, it does not need to be replaced temporarily. If the trachea is white, the air stone needs to be replaced in time.

六. How is aquarium air stone produced?

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