T4 series three gear color changing aquarium light led

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Vendor : waterpethome

Product Type : LED Lighting

Sku : T4-200S

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This product adopts double-layer sealing process, which is not afraid of splashing water, safe and stable, bright light beads with bright and contrasting colors, high color rendering, strong penetrating power, low light decay, long life, strong light source stability, and soft light that does not hurt the eyes for a long time. No fatigue, no screen flickering, built-in heat dissipation components can effectively avoid local overheating and greatly extend product life, thickened suction cups are fixed on the inner wall of the aquarium, and the strong suction cups will not fall off. Various lamp colors are available, and long-term use is conducive to adding color to fish.

Note: We may send you plug adapters (EU, US, Australia, UK, etc.) depending on your country, please consult online customer service before placing an order.

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