big turtle tank

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This product is made of high-quality materials that are environmentally friendly, safe, strong and durable. It is suitable for water turtles and semi-water turtles and small reptile pets. Six functions: rest, swimming, drying, eating, laying eggs, hibernation. With a drying table and a food trough to provide a good environment for turtles, with a horizontal stripe texture to climb slopes without slipping, the drying table is multi-purpose and easy to use, the swimming area is spacious and feels like being in nature, and a low-water level filter can be installed inside to purify the water. The turtle back light is installed, and the back sun is heated in one step, which promotes the growth of the turtle's bones, has a beautiful appearance and is easy to clean. High overall transparency, good viewing, double-sided viewing, bending and straight integration, practical, sturdy and beautiful.

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