Aquarium special turtle tank

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Vendor : waterpethome

Product Type : Aquarium tank

Sku : WG-01

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The product is made of high-molecular PP material, which is strong, durable, non-toxic and odorless. It is square, with a double-layer design at the bottom and a hole design at the bottom of the upper drain basket, so that the actual residue of turtle excrement falls directly to the lower layer. The double feeding trough design can be matched with meat and vegetables. , The feed and snacks are separated, and the nutrition is more abundant. The inner layer can directly lift the drain basket, which is easy to change the water, and is not afraid of damaging the landscaping. It can be washed directly, saving time and effort. The internal staircase design is easier for turtles to climb, and the built-in buckle design Firmly clamped, not loose. Widen the design of the turtle cylinder cover to prevent escape.

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