5 in 1 fish tank cleaning kit aquarium cleaning tools starter kit

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Vendor : waterpethome

Product Type : cleaning tools

Sku : FPD-51

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This product contains: fishing, algae scraper, gravel rake, seaweed brush, water grass clip, soft fishing net can be used for daily fishing or cleaning some floating objects in the aquarium, seaweed brush is used to clean the surface stains of the aquarium, and can be adjusted according to needs The tank brush is 360-degree horizontal rotation + vertical rotation angle, cleaning without dead ends, professional gravel shovel can be used to clean the aquatic plants and landscaping in the aquarium, and the algae scraper can be used to clean the aquatic plants, moss, algae, and scale in the aquarium. Scratching the glass. The aquatic grass clip can easily extract the aquatic plants in the aquarium without hurting the aquatic plants. The 5-in-1 multi-function cleaning kit can replace different special cleaning accessories according to needs.

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