How to Choose the Best Inverter Pump for Your Aquarium - 2022 Manufacturer Review

Ultra-large flow, strong pumping, larger pumping capacity, frequency conversion energy-saving technology, more power saving than ordinary water pumps

Table of contents

1.How to use the intelligent variable frequency water pump correctly

2.What are the advantages and characteristics of intelligent variable frequency water pumps

3.The working principle of intelligent variable frequency water pump

4.Precautions for Inverter Pump

5.How to maintain the pump

6.The benefits of keeping the pump in working condition

7.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. How to use the intelligent variable frequency water pump correctly

Set according to your own operating requirements. If you simply use flow adjustment and time control, the use is not as complicated as you think. When you use the parameters of the input pump for the first time, if you feel that the flow rate is large, you should lower the frequency, and if you

need time control, adjust the time. , you can adjust it according to the manual. Others that need remote control and joint control need to be set up and wired for you by the automatic control unit. Non-professionals are not recommended to set it by yourself.

1.1 Preparations before power-on, first check the wiring and wiring of the inverter.

1. Check whether the main power connection of the incoming and outgoing lines is correct and reliable. Whether the level of the power supply voltage meets the requirements of the inverter's

operating instructions, and whether the connection is firm. Whether the insulating layer is damaged. Carefully check whether the terminal block is loose, and whether there is a hidden fault such as a short circuit. Whether the grounding is good.

2. Check whether the incoming line connection and voltage level of the control circuit in the inverter cabinet meet the application requirements of the inverter cabinet. Whether the connection of each

connecting line is firm, whether the insulating layer is damaged, and whether the connection plug of each circuit board is firmly connected.

3. Clean up the sundries inside the inverter cabinet, and reconfirm whether the connection of the main power supply line, control circuit line, grounding line, and neutral line is inappropriate. Keep

the environment around the inverter clean and dry, and it is strictly forbidden to place sundries near the inverter. thing. Carefully check for missing screws and wires, etc., to prevent short-circuit accidents of the inverter caused by small metal objects.

1.2. Consult the user's system control requirements and control pressure setting requirements, and record them.

1.3. If the frequency conversion cabinet controls a submersible pump, consult the user to clarify the motor-related parameters of the submersible pump: rated power, rated speed, rated current, etc., and record them after confirmation. If the centrifugal pump or fan is controlled, record the parameters on the motor nameplate, so that the motor parameters can be input accurately when the inverter program is set, so as to realize the accurate protection and control of the inverter.

1.4. Check whether the installation and connection of the user's pipes conform to our installation drawings. If the user does not install and construct according to our drawings, special attention should be paid to the installation position of the check valve and the testing instrument. We want to make the user understand the stakes of improper installation.

二. What are the advantages and characteristics of intelligent variable frequency water pumps

The fish tank frequency conversion pump has two modes: constant current speed regulation mode, feeding mode, the maximum power can reach 85W, the maximum water volume is 8000L/H, and the power can be adjusted in multiple gears to make it suitable for various sizes of fish tanks;

Real low-voltage brushless DC variable frequency control technology, using the most advanced 6-level sensorless three-phase intelligent drive, by adjusting the duty cycle (PWM) to change the speed and power of the water pump, soft start, safe and reliable, long life, low noise ;

The ceramic shaft core and carbon fiber shaft sleeve ensure the long service life of the water pump; the water pump is low-voltage DC 24V, which is safe and reliable, with high efficiency and small size; A variety of power grids, and can avoid the impact of voltage fluctuations on wave making; suitable for fresh and sea water.

1. Power on without water: When the water pump is in the water-free state, turn on the power supply, and the pump will immediately detect and enter the low-speed rotation state after speeding up to the maximum speed, that is, the water-free protection state set by our company. In this case,

after running in a water environment, if the water shortage is detected, the pump will also be transferred from the load to the no-water protection state, that is, the low-speed rotation state!

2. Power on with water: When the water pump is in the state of water, turn on the power supply, and the pump will be in the state of maximum speed. At this time, you need to use the acceleration and deceleration function keys to adjust to the required optimal flow and lift.

3. Power failure memory function setting: After adjusting to the required optimal flow and head according to step 2, such as 5th gear, press the button, and wait until all the indicator lights are off, then restart the

Press the key to start the water pump, and the water pump will enter the memory state. At this time, if there is a power failure during use, when the electric water pump starts to run, it will directly run to the adjusted gear (gear 5).

4. Feeding function setting: when feeding, press

Press the key, the water pump immediately enters the low-speed operation state, and after 15 minutes, the water pump returns to the set normal working state by itself.

三. The working principle of intelligent variable frequency water pump

The academic of the variable frequency water pump is the variable frequency booster pump, which is a complete set of water supply equipment that controls the drive of the water pump through the variable frequency controller, and then adjusts the running speed at all times to achieve constant

pressure water supply. Described in the most simple and easy-to-understand words is to change the speed of the motor through the frequency converter to change the water volume and water

pressure, and then combine with the closed-loop control system to achieve constant pressure water supply. The reason why the variable frequency water pump can achieve constant pressure water supply is because of the coordination of the frequency converter and the closed-loop control

technology. If you want to know clearly how the whole variable frequency water pump works, then you must understand the related theoretical concepts of frequency converter and closed-loop control technology.

The work of variable frequency water pumps is as follows: variable frequency control is based on the concept of closed-loop control, and closed-loop control is a method of adjusting and controlling

according to the feedback of the output of the control object. It mainly measures the actual output and planned output. difference between them. The control signal is taken from the output actual

quantity as a reference value and fed back to the input port to control the input actual quantity. In most cases, the feedback quantity is opposite to the output quantity, we usually call this negative feedback control. The industrial automatic control starts from the closed-loop control commemoration.

Aside from the complex electromechanical principles and mathematical formulas, the working principle of the variable frequency water pump is simple and popular. approaching zero. Through

countless comparisons and repeated work, constant pressure water supply is finally achieved. When the water pump is working normally, when the actual water supply pressure drops faster, the frequency converter will speed up to adjust the difference between the two.

A balance point between the two can be achieved, so that constant pressure water supply can be achieved. Therefore, the normal operation of the variable frequency pump is inseparable from the

frequency converter and the closed-loop control system. As long as the two can be closely linked, we can better understand Good variable frequency water pump. In summary, it is the simple working principle of the variable frequency water pump.

四. Precautions for intelligent frequency conversion water tank

Inverter pumps are generally wide-voltage voltage, which can be used when the voltage is greater than or less than 15% of the normal voltage. Please clean the rotor and impeller regularly. The user

must check whether the rated voltage of the pump is consistent with the actual voltage before use. When installing or removing and cleaning the water pump, you must first unplug the power plug and cut off the power supply to ensure safety.

It is necessary to clean the filter basket and filter cotton frequently to ensure normal water intake and good filtering effect. To protect the pump body, if it breaks, please stop using it immediately.

The water pump should be immersed in water no less than 0.4 meters. The wire used by the water pump is also very important, because it is immersed in water for half of the time, even in salt water,

and the long-term immersion will make the wire stiff and even broken. In about 5-7 years, the wires above the water pump can be eliminated, and new wires should be replaced.

五. How to maintain the pump

1. The water pump needs to be disassembled and cleaned regularly.

There is a lot of filth in the aquarium, such as fish feces, rotten aquatic plants, and residual feed, which may be sucked into the pump. Due to the direction of internal rotation of the pump and the nature of impurities, a small part will remain in the pump, and impurities are most likely to be

trapped between the turbine chamber and the rotor stator. These dirty things will reduce the water flow of the pump, increase the working temperature, and increase the noise.

Therefore, it is recommended to clean the water pump once a month, open the protective cover of the water pump, remove the turbine, rotor and shaft, thoroughly clean the inside of the water pump, and use a waste toothbrush to clean the surface or dead corners. When cleaning, be sure to pay attention to the small internal parts, it will be troublesome if lost

2. Do not install the pump too close to the sand.

Some people like to install the pump close to the bottom of the fish tank, thinking that the dirt will be completely pumped, but it is meaningless. As long as the pump is circulating, the dirt will be pumped into the filter along with the water flow. Installing the pump too low may suck the grit from the bottom of the aquarium into the pump, which can seriously affect the life of the pump as it rotates.

3. Pay attention to the wires of the pump.

The wire used by the water pump is also very important, because it is soaked in water half the time, even salt water, and prolonged soaking can make the wire stiff and even broken. In about 5-7 years, the wires above the water pump can be eliminated, and new wires should be replaced.

六.The benefits of keeping the pump in working condition

First, one-button feeding function

With a feeding function, you are no longer afraid of the fish food being blown away. In feeding mode, the pump stops working and starts automatically after 10 minutes.

Second, provide spray for the fish in the tank

It can create waves, activate the water body, make the fish full of vitality, create different water currents for the fish, stimulate the vitality of the fish, and make the fish healthier. In addition, the water in the tank should be changed frequently to keep the tank clean. , so as to avoid too much dirt in the water, causing fish death.

Third, maintain the state of live water in the tank

Some people may worry that turning on the pump continuously may consume a lot of power, so they don't really want to keep the pump on all the time. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Normally running the water pump will not cause waste of electricity, and there is no electricity per kilowatt for 24 hours of continuous use, so you can use it with confidence.

The pump can keep the water in the tank alive through vibration, and play a certain role in maintaining the water quality of the fish tank, so that the water quality of the entire fish tank can reach an ecological balance, which is more conducive to the life of the fish. And it is best to have

two or three oxygenation pumps turned on in turn, which can help the water pump work normally and reduce the operating pressure of the water pump. If the pump motor runs for a long time, it will cause excessive heat and damage the life of the pump. Especially in the case of hot weather, it is more likely to heat up.

六. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

Haohai Aquatic Equipment Products Factory was established in 2012 and is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, with an advantageous geographical location. It is a manufacturer with rich experience in aquarium accessories and equipment manufacturing. It is a production-oriented manufacturer integrating production, sales, cross-border trade and design.

Mainly produces all kinds of air stones, magnetic brushes, diffusers, thermometers, filters, air conditioner switches, fish tank cleaning tools, aquarium pet equipment, oxygen generators, fish tank check valves, ultra-quiet air pumps, aquarium oxygen-enhancing stones, plastics, resins Crafts and other products.

The plant covers an area of ​​3000 square meters+. The company also supports processing with supplied materials, sample processing, OEM processing, OEM processing, drawing processing, manual processing, etc. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system.

The company always adheres to the tenet of "honesty, quality cornerstone, high-quality service, and abide by the contract". With high-quality products, good reputation and high-quality services, the products sell well in nearly 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. Wholeheartedly cooperate with domestic and foreign merchants for win-win cooperation, common development, and create brilliance together.