How to Pick the Best Wall Mounted Aquarium Filter - 2022 Manufacturer Reviews

A good wall-mounted fish tank filter can make your tank cleaner and brighter, keeping the water clear, oxygenated, and free of harmful substances

Table of contents

1.How do wall-mounted fish tank filtration systems work

2.How to use a wall-mounted filter for cleaner filtration

3.Wall - mounted filter and common filter layout method

4.Precautions for the use of wall mounted filters

5.We are an aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. How do wall-mounted fish tank filtration systems work

1 meter long, 30 wide, 50 high cylinder, filtration can be done in two ways.

Filtration on the cylinder: a filter groove is made above the cylinder, and a pump is used below. The filter tank is made of three layers.

In-cylinder filtration: add a piece of glass to the inner corner of the cylinder to make one corner of the cylinder into a closed triangle (side length 10cm). Pump pump water from the above water, the triangle below the hole outlet. This kind of filtration does not control the flow of water well, and several more holes can be opened to control the flow of water. The pump uses a 3 in 1 that creates water flow.

二. How to use a wall-mounted filter for cleaner filtration

Fish tank filtration method: filter through the filtration system. Although there is a filtration system, the fish tank should be changed regularly every 7-10 days to ensure clean water quality. Water quality here refers to the pH value of water, hardness, chloride ion content, oxygen content and other factors.

It is critical to keep these values stable. Poor water quality is easy to get sick fish, such as fish white spot problem is mostly due to the impact of water quality. Beginners can use water stabilizer. The problem of rotten tail is generally caused by bacteria. Gentamicin and potassium permanganate can be used to disinfect fish tanks.

三. Wall - mounted filter and common filter layout method

1.Wall multi-functional aquarium: free in water tank biological purification treatment device increases oxygen and filtering device, the water filtering increases oxygen tank, the bottom gate, circulating pump and pipeline, filtering aerobic tank located in above water bodies, groove bottom hole has a number of water type leakage, bottom gate is located in the bottom of the cylinder body,

2.corresponding bottom gate side of the cylinder to the filter increases oxygen tank are connected by a circulating pump and pipeline. 2. Biochemical filtration system outside the tank: it can be installed according to the size of the tank. Various filter materials and multi-channel filter buckets are used to fully filter the water, which is more suitable for super large tank.

The filter bucket can be bought ready-made, and can be designed according to the area and position of the fish tank around the corresponding filter bucket or filter cylinder. Many friends who like DIY use this filter system.

3. Dissolved oxygen biofilter: need to cooperate with air pump, with air pump as the power, does not occupy the space of fish tank. Can be used as a biofilter for small fish. It can also be used as an auxiliary filter for medium and large fish tanks, help stabilize water quality and increase dissolved

oxygen. Can produce fine bubbles, can replace the bubble stone, both oxygenation and filtration of the dual effect of unity, completely intercommunicate pores, filtration cotton contact area is large, has excellent biological filtration effect, for a large number of nitrifying bacteria growth. Most suitable for breeding and hatching larval fish.

4. Biochemical filter hanging outside the cylinder: the principle is the same as the biochemical filter outside the cylinder, but the volume of the filter barrel is small and can be hung outside the cylinder.

四. Precautions for the use of wall-mounted filters

1. Reserve the power supply. According to the size of the location, choose the appropriate size of the aquarium. We also need to reserve sockets for its various devices. Lights, filter systems, oxygen pumps, etc. must be connected to the power supply. It is best to prepare a row of five or six jacks.

2. Place it away from direct sunlight. The placement of the wall-mounted filter and the fish tank should not be placed in a place where the sun can be directly exposed, otherwise the temperature difference between day and night will be large, which is not conducive to the growth of fish. The light depends on the light. The fish tank should not be placed near the kitchen, and the fish tank should be kept away from oil fumes, detergents, etc.

五. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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