How to Choose the Best Pond Filter - 2022 Manufacturer Reviews

Pond filters can remove feces and other contaminants in the water, keep the water clear, with sufficient oxygen, no harmful substances, and no pollution, providing an environment suitable for fish growth

Table of contents

1.What a pond filter does

2.The principle of a pond filter

3.How to properly install a pond filter

4.How to Pick the Best Pond Filter

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. What a pond filter does

The pond filter is a device used to purify water and supplement oxygen in the pond. Its purpose is to remove feces and other contaminants in the water, keep the water clear, with sufficient oxygen, no harmful substances, and no pollution, which is suitable for the growth of fish. With a good filter in the pond, you can keep good fish and change the water less

The filter is an important part of the aquarium. Its function is to remove impurities in the water, fish excrement, fish secretion, residual bait, rotten branches and leaves of aquatic plants and water through the filter material in the filter. The organic matter is filtered out to adjust the various

indicators of the water, the water quality in the Wei Tuan is stable, and the water quality in the pond is kept fresh and clear permanently, so that the aquatic plants and tropical fish live in the aquarium as in the wild ecological environment.

The filter consists of a filter tank, a suction pump and a filter material. Its working principle is that the water in the aquarium is sucked into the filter tank by the pump, and filtered by the filter material in the filter tank. The filter material keeps the harmful substances or impurities in the water in the filter tank, and the filtered water Back in the pond again.

二. The principle of a pond filter

Physical filtration: Physical filtration is a relatively superficial cleaning method. The fish tank filter is to use a mechanical method to remove large impurities in the fish tank, such as: private chats left by fish, bones of dead fish, excrement and secretions of fish. Harmful impurities such as vomit, body mucus, etc. Physical properties of fish tank filters are generally sponge, spray cotton, fine mesh nylon mesh, palm leaf fiber, etc. It is usually placed in front of the bathtub filter.

Chemical filtration: Chemical filters use some chemicals to clean the water in the fish tank. The formulations used include water stabilizers, flocculants, algaecides, protein decomposers, deodorants and the like. The chemical nature of the fish tank filter is to purify the water itself, not to remove large particulate matter in the water.

Biological filtration: This is a very scientific filtration method that requires professional personnel to operate, and is generally used in large aquariums. Biological fish tank filters can increase the nutrients in the water and promote the growth of fish by cultivating bacteria and so on. Commonly used filter materials are: biochemical balls, ceramic rings, glass rings, coral sand and so on.

Adsorption and filtration: The fish tank filter with adsorption properties uses coal, dry wood, fruit shells, animal bones and other substances with extremely high carbon content to absorb protein, trace elements, decolorization, deodorization, and even ozone molecules in seawater. absorbed by it. It also absorbs fish urine, microalgae and medicines in the water. Just like the water dispenser at home, placing the purifier in the water can remove impurities and odors from the water.

三. How to properly install a pond filter

basic method

1. The pond filter is properly installed - forming a cycle, leaving no feces is the best test.

2. The wattage of the pond filter is a little larger than the conventional one - large water absorption, accelerated circulation,

3. The filter cotton is a little thicker - it acts as both a filter and a nitrifying bacteria bed to achieve biological circulation. I've seen a lot of pond pumps with too high suction. In addition, I have encountered white fog in the new tank, and I have also tried changing the water and adding

medicine. It is better to adjust the pump and add a little Water Purifier, and this kind of thing will not happen again. However, if you add the water purification king, you must look at the filter material. If the water overflows, you must wash it in time.

The beauty of the pond

Also, many people use submersible pumps (filters) for fish farming. After buying it back, and its set of water outlet hoses, it should be connected to the water surface from the outlet at the bottom of the pond, and then filtered from the filter and then flowed into the water to complete the water

cycle. This hose is ugly in water, and because it's soft and threaded, it's hard to wash when dirty. I have a solution: take the electrician's plastic sheathed wire pipe (hard, straight) (available in building materials stores) and cut it off according to the distance between the pump and the water surface,

and use the sheathed wire elbow to connect the water outlet at a right angle. In this way, the tube occupies less space in the water, has a welt, beautiful appearance, and is easy to scrub. Give it a try. If there is a surf port, use a tee to connect the two outlets and one to the filter unit.

四. How to Pick the Best Pond Filter

A pond filter is undoubtedly a culture of filtering fish feces, residues, impurities and nitrification systems. Whatever filtering is chosen is for this purpose. Whether the effect is strong or not depends on the filter volume, filter material and pump power. The three are interdependent and

indispensable. Therefore, when choosing filtration, you need to consider the three at the same time. You cannot blindly pursue large space and good filter material. The matching water flow is also a point that cannot be ignored. You can choose the most suitable pond filter according to the product introduction parameters and so on. device.

五. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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