How to Choose the Best Oil Removal Membrane Filter - 2022 Manufacturer Reviews

A good degreasing membrane filter can efficiently remove oil slicks in the fish tank, protect the health of water quality and protect the fish

Table of contents

1.Several methods of filtering and removing oil film from fish tank

2.How is the oil film produced?

3.The effect of oil film

4.Advantages of fish tank degreasing membrane filter

5.How to Choose the Best Oil Removal Membrane Filter

6.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. Several methods of filtering and removing oil film from fish tank

1. Strengthen the filtration to remove the oil film. At the same time, we also need to clean and replace our physical filter material. When the filter material is not cleaned for a long time, too much dirt accumulates in it, which will hinder the work of filter cotton and nitrifying bacteria.

2. Manually remove the oil film. This method is relatively primitive, that is, we find a small cup to manually scoop up the oil film in the fish tank, and then pour it out, or find a piece of oil-absorbing paper, and use the oil-absorbing paper to suck out the oil film in the build-up area of ​​the oil film.

3. Use plants to remove oil film. Add a aquatic plant similar to duckweed in the fish tank, and these aquatic plants have the function of removing the oil film on the water surface.

4. Use biology to remove the oil film on the water surface. Raise a few omnivorous fish. For example, we can put a few guppies, teapot fish, etc. in the fish tank. These fish prefer to eat protein-rich oil films.

二. How is the oil film produced?

1. The organic matter containing a small amount of impurities in the tap water, after being in the water tank for a period of time, the grease of the organic matter will dissolve in the water and then surface.

2. Eighty percent of algae's tissues are "oil and lipids". After the algae die and decay, the oil dissolves in the water and then rises to the surface. When new water is injected, the grease attached to the aquatic plants, tank walls, etc. will be flushed out, and then surfaced, resulting in the phenomenon of oil film on the water surface.

3. Remains of microorganisms or grease produced by old waste, bait, organic matter, etc. The oil film is most serious when there is no flow on the water surface.

4. The filter material in the filter is too dirty, so grease overflows.

三. The effect of oil film

1. Obstruct the escape of exhaust gas or water temperature in the water, make the water quality deteriorate earlier, and increase the number of water changes.

2. Prevent the light source from entering the water and affect the photosynthesis of aquatic plants.

3. The living environment of the fish is affected, which is extremely unfavorable for the healthy growth of the fish, and even leads to the death of the fish with a high probability.

4. The appearance of oil film will also affect the appearance of fish tanks, aquariums, etc.

四. Advantages of fish tank degreasing membrane filter

1. Intelligent oil removal film, efficient water purification, remove oil film on water surface, and protect water quality and health

2. Small size, great effect, using floating design, automatic adjustment, more convenient to disassemble and wash

3. The function is more powerful, and it can effectively remove a series of difficult-to-remove oil films

4. Strong power, durable, quickly remove oil film, to achieve the effect of efficient oxygenation

5. Safety filter design, there is a grille on the floating platform to prevent small fish from inhaling, so that the fish can rest assured

6. The design of automatic floating platform and the design of retractable floating parts can continuously work to remove oil floating on the water surface within the range of 35mm of water level fluctuation.

五. How to Choose the Best Oil Removal Membrane Filter

Different fish and different aquatic environment of fish tank, the choice of degreasing membrane filter is different, you can choose the most suitable degreasing membrane filter according to your personal preference and the aquatic environment of fish tank. The following products have different introduction information and so on. your reference choice

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