How to Choose the Best Nanoquartz Balls - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

Nano-quartz balls cultivate nitrifying bacteria to decompose harmful substances in water, have good acid resistance, and are more suitable for your aquarium filter material

Table of contents

1.What is the best filter for koi ponds?

2.Advantages of Nano Quartz Balls

3.How to Choose the Best Nano Quartz Balls

4.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. What is the best filter for koi ponds?

There are the following types of koi pond filter materials: filter cotton, nano-quartz balls, rattan cotton, coral sand, and biochemical balls. Personally suggest to choose nano quartz ball or biochemical ball.

Filter cotton is a filter material with a relatively high usage rate. The filter cotton has good air permeability and high mechanical strength, its flow resistance is small, and the filtering efficiency is high. In the aquarium filtration system, it is mainly used for koi fish tank or fish pond filtration to filter out a large amount of waste such as fish excrement and food residues in the water quality, so that the latter filter material can exert greater efficiency.

Nano-quartz balls can eliminate toxic ammonia nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen, and the huge surface area can be adsorbed by nitrifying bacteria, which is easy to clean and reuse. Nano-quartz ball is a hard, wear-resistant and chemically stable silicate mineral. The color of nano-quartz ball is milky white, colorless or translucent. It is used to cultivate nitrifying bacteria to decompose harmful

substances in water quality. Nano quartz ball has good acid resistance, and its stability is equivalent to 30 times that of acid-resistant ceramics, and will not be corroded by other acidic substances.

Rattan cotton has the characteristics of drug resistance, water resistance, light resistance, flame resistance, water permeability and air permeability. It can be washed many times and recycled. It also has a long lifespan and can stay for more than 5 years without loosening. Its role in the

aquarium: dense and many voids and softness, especially suitable for the cultivation of nitrifying bacteria, it can also filter fish excrement and feed residues to improve water quality. Can also be used when fish are spawning.

Coral sand is mainly coral or shell fragments. It can continuously release calcium carbonate. Coral sand contains alkaline substances. When water flows through the filter material, coral sand will make the pH value of the water generally 7.0-8.5, because he It will continuously release calcium ions and magnesium ions to provide high hardness and stable pH for the water quality of koi aquaculture.

Coral sand varies in particle size and specification, and it is rich in micropores. A large number of nitrifying bacteria can survive. Generally, it needs to be replaced after 8-16 months of use. It is generally used to lay the filter material in the lower (inner) layer.

Biochemical balls are generally made of plastic, and the shapes are not uniform. There are round, square, irregular, and black objects. Biochemical ball is a widely used biochemical filter material. Most of them are used in the overflow area of ​​the main tank for large-scale trickle filtration and

lower tank filtration, which will play the role of heat preservation, noise reduction and oxygenation. However, its scope of use is limited, because its special structure makes many filtering methods inapplicable, and it is not suitable for use in external, built-in, and upper filters. When using it, try not to soak all the biochemical balls in the water, but let the water flow down from the top, so that

more oxygen can be brought into the water and more nitrifying bacteria can be parasitized, but a certain number of biochemical balls can be used. In the purchase of biochemical balls, pay attention to materials and workmanship. Replacing the biochemical balls can also be replaced regularly, and the entire biochemical ball area does not need to be replaced.

二. Advantages of Nano Quartz Balls

Although the nano-quartz ball is a little more expensive, the nano-quartz ball is basically not damaged, just wash it and re-install it and then use it. Nano-quartz balls have good acid resistance, and can be used for a long time with a long life.

Nano quartz ball is a hard, wear-resistant and chemically stable silicate mineral. It can be used when the water quality of the fish tank is turbid, the fish cannot be kept alive or the fish tank is smelly. The inside of the nano-quartz ball is a hollow structure, forming a special low-oxygen environment,

which can "inhabit" a large number of nitrifying bacteria. Nano-quartz balls can eliminate toxic ammonia nitrogen and nitrite nitrogen, and the huge surface area can be adsorbed by nitrifying bacteria, which is easy to clean and reuse.

三.How to Choose the Best Nano Quartz Balls

Different fish and different aquarium aquatic environments, the choice of nano-quartz balls are different, you can choose the most suitable nano-quartz balls according to your personal preferences and the aquatic environment of the aquarium, the following products have different introduction information for you Reference selection

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