How to Choose the Best Fish Tank Bioball - 2022 Maker Reviews

A good fish tank biosphere can purify the water by cultivating nitrifying bacteria, and can also increase the oxygen content in the water, creating a better living environment for the fish

Table of contents

1.The role of fish tank bioball

2.Can the biosphere be placed directly in the fish tank?

3.How to place the fish tank bioball

4.How to Choose the Best Fish Tank Bio Ball

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. The role of fish tank bioball

Bioball is a common fish tank ecological filter material. It is often used in trickle filter boxes or in the overflow area of ​​the main tank for lower tank filtration to function as heat preservation, noise reduction, and oxygenation. It is a good place for nitrifying bacteria to inhabit. Biosphere has the

function of making up for the lack of filter space, and is a favorable tool for effectively realizing nitridation, significantly reducing nitric acid, and basically completing water quality reduction! With the emergence of many new filter materials, few people now talk about the role of biospheres. And in the aquarium community, in general, the function of the biosphere is aeration, which is the perception of many people, which of course is true.

Aeration is known to everyone, of course I don’t need to say more about it, but although the biosphere has the function of increasing the dissolved oxygen in the water during the aeration process, the temperature that affects the dissolved oxygen in the water is the air pump! However, the function of biospheres to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in water should not be taken seriously. So it's useless? Of course not. Like the ceramic ring, it also plays an extremely important role in nitrification.

The biosphere can disperse the filtered water during the working process and distribute the filtered water in its inner tortuous space. It can be seen that this kind of filtration undoubtedly enlarges the filtering space, and shows it in the process of prolonging the water flow time. The uniqueness and importance of it is the amplifier of the filter system.

二. Can the biosphere be placed directly in the fish tank?

It is theoretically possible, but the effect of different methods is not the same. The function of the biosphere is to cultivate nitrifying bacteria. The function of nitrifying bacteria is not to decompose feces, but to biofilter invisible harmful substances such as toxic ammonia produced by feces and

food residues in the water, so as to reduce the toxins in the water quality. It has nothing to do with the unclear water quality, and it does not have the ability to say that after the establishment of a nitrifying bacteria system, the fecal food residues can be naturally decomposed

The cultivation of nitrifying bacteria in the biosphere requires two basic conditions. The first is slow-flowing water, because the nitrifying bacteria filter, it is impossible to filter the water without flowing, and the second is the need for sufficient oxygen for the reproduction and survival of

nitrifying bacteria. A large amount of oxygen, when the oxygen is insufficient, the nitrifying bacteria will instead perform anaerobic respiration, so the consequences are more serious.

So, your bio ball is placed at the bottom of the aquarium. If the water in your tank is in a flowing state and the first condition is met, then you need to add an oxygen pump to pump oxygen in order to establish a nitrification system.

The biggest problem with this is that as mentioned above, feces and food residues cannot be processed, they will accumulate around the biosphere at the bottom, and the water will float as soon as it flows. So you also need an upper filter system and a water pump to filter these things out of the water.

三. How to place the fish tank bioball

Biospheres are generally made of plastic, most of which are spherical, square, or irregular in shape, with many protrusions and black. Biosphere is also a widely used biochemical filter material, but the scope of use is limited. Its special structure makes it inapplicable in many filtration methods and

cannot exert high efficiency. It is not suitable for use. It will greatly reduce the biochemical effect. Generally, the most suitable is the drip filter. When using it, try not to soak all the biospheres in water, but let the water flow through it, which will bring more Oxygen, more nitrifying bacteria can be parasitized, so as to achieve better biochemical effects, but there must be a certain number of biospheres.

四. How to Choose the Best Fish Tank Bio Ball

Different fish and different aquarium aquatic environments, the selected fish tank bio balls, you can choose the most suitable fish tank bio balls according to your personal preferences and the fish tank aquatic environment, the following products have different introduction information for your reference and selection

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