How to Choose the Best Ceramic Ring Filter Material - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

Ceramic ring filter material is suitable for nitrifying bacteria reproduction, long life, corrosion resistance, keep fish and plants healthy.

Table of contents

1.What is the main role of filter material ceramic ring

2.Can all the filter materials of bottom filter fish tank be put ceramic rings

3.Are the glass and ceramic rings used to filter fish tanks the same

4.How to choose the best ceramic ring filter material

5.Notes on the use of ceramic ring filter materials

6.We are an aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. What is the main role of filter material ceramic ring

The surface of the ceramic ring is covered with tiny pores, which are particularly suitable for the growth of nitrifying bacteria. Mainly on the water quality of koi breeding purification. Because the effect of ceramic ring is gradually replaced by glass ring, and does not have the function of physical filtering, so it is generally placed behind the filter material of filter cotton.

Ceramic rings can be very efficient in small filters because they can be large or small and can be selected according to the size of the container. The ceramic ring has a long life and is resistant to corrosion. Using ceramic rings can also see how often the tank changes water, keeping fish and plants healthy.

The role of ceramic ring is mainly as follows:

1, ultra-high purity and ultra-dense bioglass medium active ceramic ring, effectively protect the ecological balance of fish tank, stable water quality.

2, non-toxic, not to change the water PH and KH value!

3, practice has proved that it is the best filter material for the decomposition of nitrite and ammonia, and will not cause any harm to the feeding water body.

4, will not have chemical action with any agents, for the best culture of benign microorganisms.

5, adsorption capacity is very strong, any fresh sea ornamental fish can be applied.

二. Can all the filter materials of bottom filter fish tank be put ceramic rings

Can't. Bottom filtration is an advanced filtration method, but in order to obtain good filtration effect, it is necessary to carry out hierarchical treatment of the sewage in the fish tank.

The first compartment is a physical filtration area: coarse filter cotton, fine filter cotton, biochemical cotton or rattan cotton, arranged from top to bottom;

Second, you can choose biochemical filter materials on the market, such as ceramic ring, glass ring, bacteria house, etc.

Third grid: generally when the pump room, place the pump, heating rod. There is free space to put a certain number of medical stone, medical stone can increase the minerals in the water, the need to see their own can not add.

Finally, to consider their own fish species, if the metabolism is not strong small fish, can be appropriate to reduce the filter material.

三. Are the glass and ceramic rings used to filter fish tanks the same

The glass ring used to filter fish tanks is the same as the ceramic ring.

Because it is made of natural silicate raw materials sintered at 1200℃, the production process is close to the appearance of finished products and ceramics, so it is called ceramic ring.

Because the main chemical composition is quartz, and glass close, so called glass ring, also called it magnetic ring. Its role is to cultivate nitrifying bacteria, rapid decomposition of ammonia, nitrite and other harmful chemicals, to create a good clear water quality.

Glass ring, also called biological ring or bacterial house, is the most economical and efficient filter material, generally made of talc powder, porous, large surface area, suitable for a large number of nitrifying bacteria to live. It is an indispensable filter material for fish farming.

The glass ring is used to keep bacteria, so it does not need to be replaced often. Basically, it does not need to be ignored when it is put down. If the pore is blocked badly for too long, it can be cleaned with water and continue to use.

四. How to choose the best ceramic ring filter material

Different fish and different aquarium aquatic environment, the selection of ceramic rings are different, you can choose the most suitable ceramic ring according to your personal preference and the aquarium aquatic environment, the following products have different introduction information for your reference selection

五. Precautions for the use of ceramic ring filter materials

The ceramic ring is the place for the beneficial bacteria in the aquarium to multiply and grow, so the point of using the ceramic ring is that once you put it in the filter tank, try not to flip it, and when cleaning the fish tank, these ceramic rings are generally not. will wash. Using the ceramic ring

method, I generally recommend that novices buy a bottle of nitrifying bacteria concentrate and add it when you are raising fish. This can increase the concentration of nitrifying bacteria in your fish tank in a short period of time and enhance ecological filtration. Don't add some more drugs, it will cause the nitrifying bacteria to die, which is often said to open the tank.

六. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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