How to Choose the Best Biochemical Filter Cotton - 2022 Manufacturer Reviews

An excellent biochemical filter cotton can achieve the effect of filtration through parasitic cultivation of nitrifying bacteria, and the quality is not easy to be damaged, improve water quality, and ensure the health of fish

Table of contents

1.The role of biochemical filter cotton

2.The difference between biochemical cotton and filter cotton

3.Biochemical filter cotton cleaning time

4.How to put filter cotton in fish tank

5.How to choose the best biochemical filter cotton

6.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. The role of biochemical filter cotton

Biochemical cotton is also a widely used filter material, mainly for biochemical filtration. Compared with filter cotton, biochemical cotton has a higher density, is not easy to be damaged, and is much thicker than filter cotton, so there is enough space for parasitic cultivation of nitrifying bacteria.

Because biochemical cotton has both the function of biochemical filtration and physical filtration, it will also filter out some large foreign bodies, but generally the top of biochemical cotton is filter

cotton, the effect of physical filtration is limited, and it plays the first biochemical role in the entire filtration system. The role of filtering. Biochemical cotton is generally used in upper filtration and external. in the inner filter.

二. The difference between biochemical cotton and filter cotton

1. Use environment

Biochemical cotton is used in fish tanks to cultivate nitrifying bacteria to decompose toxic and harmful substances in water.

Filter cotton can be used for air filtration and fish tank filtration, and the air can be filtered by intercepting impurities and particles in the water.

2. Filtering principle

Biochemical cotton belongs to biochemical filtration, which uses nitrifying bacteria to decompose toxic and harmful substances to produce non-toxic and harmless substances. It can improve water quality and increase the survival rate of fish.

Filter cotton belongs to physical filtration, and relies on the principles of physical inertia and diffusion to intercept and absorb particles in the air and water.

3. Production principle

Biochemical cotton is made of polyurethane foam. It has the characteristics of repeated cleaning and never changing shape. It is the most suitable breeding ground for cultivating excellent nitrifying bacteria after analysis by experts.

The filter cotton is made of polyester synthetic fiber as filter material, which is made through material selection, screening, separation, drying, synthesis and shaping.

三. Biochemical filter cotton cleaning time

Many friends who keep fish should want to know how often the biochemical filter cotton is washed. Biochemical filter cotton is a place for culturing nitrifying bacteria, so it cannot be cleaned frequently, and it is best to clean it every 7 days.

When cleaning the biochemical filter cotton, it is best to use the water in the fish tank instead of tap water, and the biochemical filter cotton is best replaced once a month or so, and the polyester foam filter cotton can be replaced every 3 months. 

But when we clean the filter cotton, we can observe whether it is getting thinner and thinner and whether the filtered water is getting worse. If this happens, we need to clean the biochemical filter cotton immediately or replace the biochemical filter cotton.

四. How to put filter cotton in fish tank

When using filter cotton, you need to pay attention to the order of placement. The filter layer contains many types, such as physical filter cotton, biochemical cotton, ceramic ring and so on. When they are placed, their positions are different. You can place them according to the following steps:

1. The top layer: the most common physical filter cotton is best placed on the top layer. They are used to filter some of the larger impurities in the fish tank. It is recommended that this filter cotton be placed twice, so that it can be cleaned in a cycle, or separately, and the other layer can be used when cleaning one layer. However, there will also be some nitrifying bacteria on it, so you need to pay a little attention in the cleaning process.

2. Biochemical cotton: Biochemical cotton can be placed on the lower layer. Generally speaking, they are not particularly dirty, so they do not need to be cleaned frequently.

3. Ceramic ring: The ceramic ring can be placed on the third layer. You can put some more, and their effect on improving water quality is still relatively large, which can make them account for 3%-5% of the entire water body.

4. Activated carbon: There is also a special type of activated carbon. It is not necessary to use this type. If there is a fishy smell and odor in the water, it can be considered to be used. In other cases, it is also possible not to use it.

五. How to choose the best biochemical filter cotton

Different fish and different aquarium aquatic environment, the choice of biochemical filter cotton is different, you can choose the most suitable biochemical filter cotton according to your personal preference and the aquatic environment of the fish tank, the following products have different introduction information for you Reference selection

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