Best Bottom Suction Submersible Pumps - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

Multifunctional bottom suction submersible pump, the pump runs smoothly, with low noise, long service life, large flow, and the best multifunctional bottom suction pump.

Table of contents

1.Advantages of bottom suction submersible pump

2.How to use bottom suction submersible pump

3.Precautions for bottom suction submersible pump

4.Does the bottom suction submersible pump need to be always on?

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. Advantages of bottom suction submersible pump

1.Compact structure: beautiful appearance, good stability and easy installation.

2. Smooth operation: the optimally designed double-suction impeller reduces the axial force to a minimum, and the blade shape with excellent hydraulic performance has been precision cast, and the inner surface of the pump casing and the surface of the impeller are extremely smooth and have significant cavitation resistance. performance and high efficiency.

3. Shaft seal: low noise and long service life.

Because the bottom suction pump used in the bottom filter tank can absorb the impurities in the tank and can absorb the residue of fish manure and fish food as well as the bottom residue, the water in the tank can be relatively clean, and the bottom suction function of the bottom suction pump can indeed Suck the garbage away. 

These garbage are sucked into the fish tank, go through the filter cycle, and then return to the filter to filter your filter cotton. The bottom suction pump can suck feces 360 degrees, which is definitely larger than the bottom suction pump modified from the

side suction pump and the bottom suction kit, because the original design side suction pump has a pump seat, which will basically affect the water flow in one direction. Stool situation. It is like putting stones in a jar, and garbage will be collected under the stones.

二.How to use bottom suction submersible pump

1. Install the purchased submersible pump according to the instructions.

2. Install filters and rain showers. Then install the suction cups and move the entire device to the edge of the tank.

3. There is a small branch pipe above the water outlet of the fish tank submersible pump, which is 90° from the water outlet, which is the water inlet. We will use a plastic hose to pass it above the

water surface for ventilation, and there is an adjustable knob on the other end of the hose to adjust the size of the air intake. After the installation is complete, it is necessary to check whether the hose is installed and whether the knob is turned on.

4. Connect the upper and lower ends of the trachea, install it, and plug in the power supply to test the effect. If water comes out, it means success.

5. It is necessary to descale the fish tank and the fish tank submersible pump frequently, and then replace it with new water. Although the fish tank submersible pump can guarantee the oxygen in the water, it is still necessary to protect and replace the fish tank and equipment accordingly.

三. Precautions for bottom suction submersible pump

1. The fish tank submersible pump must be completely put into the water and cannot be exposed, otherwise it will burn out.

Second, the pump water pipe installation. Generally speaking, there is a small branch pipe above the water outlet of the pump, which is the air inlet. As long as it is connected with the hose (accompanying accessories), the other end of the plastic pipe is connected to the water surface for air intake. . This end of the pipe has an adjustment knob (or other means), which can adjust the size of the intake air, as long as it is turned on, the air can be fed from the outlet pipe to the water at the same time as the pump is turned on. Check to see if it is installed, or if it is installed but closed The water pump is the heart of an aquarium. In order to make this "heart" work properly, we must learn to maintain it. Otherwise, if the "heart" stops due to carelessness, it will be a disaster for the aquarium.

First of all, the water pump needs to be disassembled and cleaned regularly. There is a lot of filth in the aquarium, such as fish feces, rotten aquatic plants, and residual feed, which may be pumped into the pump. Due to the direction of internal rotation of the pump and the nature of impurities, a small part will remain in the pump, and impurities are most likely to be trapped between the turbine

chamber and the rotor stator. These dirty things will reduce the water flow of the pump, increase the working temperature, and increase the noise. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the water pump once a month, open the protective cover of the water pump, remove the turbine, rotor and central shaft, thoroughly clean the inside of the water pump, and use a waste toothbrush to clean the

surface or dead corners. When cleaning, be sure to pay attention to the small internal parts, it will be troublesome if lost. Secondly, the water pump cannot be installed too close to the sand, and the submersible pump cannot be used away from the water. Some people like to install the pump close to the bottom of the fish tank, thinking that the dirt will be completely pumped, but it is

meaningless. As long as the pump is circulating, the dirt will be pumped into the filter along with the water flow. Installing the pump too low may suck the grit from the bottom of the aquarium into the pump, which can seriously affect the life of the pump as it rotates. Also, do not let the water outlet of the pump face obstacles that are too close, and do not intentionally block the water outlet or half, these practices will shorten the service life of the pump.

Finally, pay attention to the wires and rubber suction cups of the pump. Rubber suction cups are low-quality consumables and should be replaced after about a year of use, otherwise it will not be able to fix the function of the water pump well. The wire used by the water pump is also very important, because it is soaked in water half the time, even salt water, and prolonged soaking can make the wire stiff and even broken. In about 5-7 years, the wires of the water pump can be

eliminated. Some fish with sharp teeth will bite the wires and cause short circuits. Freshwater fishes have such habits, such as toothfish, piranhas, large cichlids, etc., and seawater fishes have shells, angelfish and sharks. When raising these fish, wire To add a protective tube.

四.Does the bottom suction submersible pump need to be always on?

It mainly depends on how many fish you want to keep. If you keep a lot of fish, you can keep it open. But if you keep a small number, you don't need to keep it on all the time. You can judge by observing the fish. If the fish come out for ventilation, it means that there is a lack of oxygen at this time, and you need to turn on the pump.

But if conditions permit, it can be left on all the time, which can better filter bacteria. For submersible pumps, it is generally five watts to ten watts. If calculated on a daily basis, it has to use 0.12-0.24 degrees of electricity.

五. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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