Best Single-Headed Double-Headed Wave Pumps - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is greatly increased, and the microorganisms in the water are fully communicated, which is beneficial to the growth and development of fish.

Table of contents

1.Features of fish tank wave pump

2.Selection and placement of the fish tank wave pump

3.What are the benefits of a wave pump

4.Can a wave pump remove fish poop?

5.Can a wave pump provide oxygen?

6.Should the fish tank wave pump be turned on all the time?

7.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. Features of fish tank wave pump

With the improvement of modern living standards, the fish tank has become a beautiful landscape at home. If you really want to keep good fish, the key is to filter, mainly to filter out fish waste, otherwise it will produce toxins, which will lead to deterioration of water quality and cause dragon fish disease. Commonly used filtration systems are upper filtration, bottom filtration, side filtration,

trickle filtration, etc. Although there are differences in form, the essence is to pump fish waste into the filter material for nitrification treatment, which requires the cooperation of the wave pump. .

Many aquarists are relatively unfamiliar with the aquarium wave pump. In fact, the wave pump is a very practical equipment in the fish tank. The wave pump can create artificial water flow, waves, and allow fish to grow in a river-like environment. Move against the current and sway your swimming

posture. The wave pump can greatly increase the dissolved oxygen in the water, allow the microorganisms in the water to fully communicate, and benefit the growth and development of the fish. The correct use of the wave pump has many benefits for the fish.

The wave pump is generally widely used in the breeding of large fish, such as: golden dragon, parrot, koi, lucky, map, Luohan, etc. These fish are likely to be short, stubby and obese in the calm aquarium environment, which is not conducive to maintaining good looks. The body shape of the

fish, then, the artificial water flow and waves can be created by the wave pump, so that the fish can grow in a river-like environment. physical fitness and reduce the incidence of disease. The circulating water flow formed by the wave-making pump can assist in accelerating the flow of fish to the

suction port of the pump, and play the role of suction. Large fish usually have strong territorial awareness, and polyculture inevitably fights with each other, which makes people very headache. It can effectively reduce the fighting of the fish and avoid the infection of the fish due to fighting with each other.

二. Selection and placement of the fish tank wave pump

If the surfing pump is only used for water circulation, the placement position of the aquarium wave pump can be selected to flow along the water body at a lower position, without filtering, just wrap a layer of gauze at the suction port. This can speed up the flow rate of the water in the aquarium, but it is not recommended to open it for a long time, which will cause the arowana to be active.

Arowana is an upper-level fish, and it likes to swim in the middle and upper position. The effect of placing the wave pump in the upper part of the aquarium will be better.

三. What are the benefits of a wave pump

The fish tank wave pump can create a small wave on the water surface that imitates the wild environment. The fish like it very much. Fishing enthusiasts know that the weather with the breeze is good for the fish. You can inquire about it. Strengthen the circulation in the fish tank without

generating turbulent flow. At night, the fish sink to the bottom of the water to rest, and they like a place with a little water flow. At this time, the bottom of the fish tank is an ideal place. After feeding, the fish food will be concentrated together, mobilizing the fish to grab food positivity. After the light is turned on, the light reflects into the water through the small waves of water, which increases the

sense of movement and improves the viewing experience. There is a small water flow in the whole tank, which effectively hinders the spread of external parasites in the fish. The fish has the habit of swimming against the current. The direction of the water flow in the upper and lower layers of the fish tank is different.

四. Can a wave pump remove fish poop?


The way we deal with dirty things is to use a wave pump to impact the feces and dirty things of the fish. This method is similar to the second method mentioned in the previous issue, except that a wave pump needs to be installed. Through the work of the wave pump, the fish and dirt are

scattered and broken, and then the dirt is driven to the position of the pump. Compared with the previous method, the advantage of this method is that the wave pump can be turned off at any time, which is more flexible and changeable, so that the fish can be cleaned up. An hour is enough, so

that it will not affect the rest of the fish, because you can turn off the wave pump when you are not using it, but this method is still suitable for bare tanks and grass tanks, but there are thinner ones. Bottom sand tanks are not suitable.

五. Can a wave pump provide oxygen?


The role of the fish tank wave pump:

1. Main role

The reason why the wave pump is used in the fish tank of ornamental fish is of course not to create waves. Although the fish tank of ornamental fish is not a still water environment, most ornamental fish do not like the relatively strong water flow in the fish tank.

It is mainly to push the fish excrement and impurities at the bottom of the fish tank into the water of the lower filter fish tank and the upper water of the upper filter fish tank. No need to place.

2. Secondary role

The secondary function of the wave pump is to make the water temperature in the fish tank more quickly balanced, especially in large tropical fish tanks, if we only place a heating pipe, it may cause the local water temperature of the heating pipe to be too high. The water temperature will not spread quickly, and the existence of the wave pump can make the water temperature quickly equalize.

六.Should the fish tank wave pump be turned on all the time?

Need not

"The wave pump of the fish tank does not need to be turned on all the time, because the main function of the wave pump is to create water flow, which can simulate the flow of the wild waters and make the fish active. However, most fish will enter a resting state at night. If the wave pump is turned on, then they can't rest well. So the wave pump in the fish tank can only be turned on for 2-3 hours during the day, and it needs to be turned off at night, so that the fish can be better grow."

六. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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