Best Ultra Short Quartz Glass Heaters for Aquariums - Best Maker Picks for 2022

Easy installation, simple wiring, beautiful and economical, high efficiency

Table of contents

1.The role of the heating rod.

2.How the heating rod works

3.How to choose a heating rod

4.Quartz heating rod life

5.Do glass heating rods explode?

6.Precautions for heating rods

7.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. The role of the heating rod

Heating rods are the most common heating tool in an aquarium. In addition to ensuring that the fish can live in a suitable temperature, it is often used to treat sick fish or provide higher water temperature for some fish to promote their reproduction. The heating rod is to use the principle of electric heating, connect a wire at the back, and a bare pin-shaped metal rod in the front. After the power is turned on, the metal rod is quickly heated up by powerful electric energy to achieve the purpose of heating water. Generally speaking, the safety of the

heating rod has been criticized by people. Because of the simple production, it is not very good in preventing leakage. Therefore, when using the heating rod, you must remember not to put your hand into the water when heating to avoid electric shock.

二. How the heating rod works

Its working principle is also very simple, that is, a bimetallic sheet is placed inside the heating rod as a switch, because the materials used on both sides of the bimetallic sheet are different, and the expansion coefficients are different when the temperature changes, so that the metal sheet can swing according to the temperature change. The power can be automatically cut off when the set temperature is reached. The advantages are easy installation, simple wiring, beautiful and economical, and high efficiency. The disadvantage is that due

to the close distance between the bimetal switch and the heating rod, the internal temperature of the heating rod often reaches the set temperature. In fact, the heating is turned off before the water temperature in the fish tank reaches the set temperature.

三. How to choose a heating rod

First, choose the heating rod with the corresponding power according to the size of the water body in the fish tank. When choosing a heating rod, consider the size of your fish tank. For example, if you have a one-meter-two fish tank, if you choose a 30-watt heating rod, it is not suitable.

Second, choose the heating rod according to the type of fish tank. For freshwater fish tanks, you can choose any of the above heating rods. It is best to choose quartz heating rods or glass heating rods for seawater tanks. Glass heating rods must be of good quality and explosion-proof with a protective cover. Some people play with water and land tanks. It is not suitable to choose glass heating rods and quartz heating rods for water and land tanks. PTC heating rods should be used.

Third, choose the heating rod according to the characteristics of the ornamental fish in the fish tank. If your aquarium fish is a large fish with a relatively fast swimming speed, then I suggest that you should not choose glass heating rods and quartz heating rods. Ornamental fish that swim fast will often break the heating rod.

Fourth, select the corresponding heating rod according to the temperature requirement range of the fish tank. If your ornamental fish is very sensitive to temperature changes, it is recommended to choose PTC heating rods and heating rods with variable frequency. Although such a heating rod is expensive, it is characterized by precise temperature control and little impact on the fish.

Fifth, it is better to choose high power than low power. Many people have a misunderstanding when choosing a heating rod, thinking that a heating rod with high power costs electricity, but it is not. The heating rod with high power has good heating effect and keeps the temperature stable. Because it heats up quickly, it loses less heat. The heating rod with low power heats up slowly, loses more heat, and wastes more energy. So it's right to choose a more powerful one according to your fish tank.

Sixth, if you have a frequency conversion, you should choose a frequency conversion, and you would rather spend more money than buy a cheap one. Frequency conversion saves electricity and precise temperature control. Inexpensive heating rods are both power-intensive and ineffective, and the key is not safe. Therefore, the heating rod must be selected with quality assurance, a big brand, and a good reputation.

四. Quartz heating rod life

The service life of the quartz heating rod is about three years. The heating rod should be adjusted to 25~28 degrees for tropical fish during use, and it is not necessary to use a heating rod for cold water fish.

Social and economic development is getting faster and faster, and people's living standards are constantly improving. In order to better beautify their home environment, many people choose to use a fish tank for decoration. As for how many degrees to turn on the heating rod of the fish tank in winter, it is actually a matter of opinion, and the wise see wisdom. Tropical fish are suitable for water temperature between 25 and 28 degrees, but this is also a wide range, and different species are adapted to different temperatures, so it is best to consult the merchant before buying fish.

五. Do glass heating rods explode?

Glass heating rods are generally made of cooked glass and will not explode. If it is raw glass, it is easy to explode if there is uneven heating and cooling. You should be optimistic about whether it is raw glass or cooked glass when you buy it. Or ask the businessman so that you can feel at ease. Regarding whether this heating rod is prone to leakage. It depends on his quality. Other types of heating rods will not work if the quality is not good enough.

六.Precautions for heating rods

1. Be sure to put the heater in the water and do not dry it.

2. When changing the water, pay attention to the same temperature of the new water and the old water to prevent the glass heater from bursting due to the excessive water temperature difference.

3. Turn off the power first when changing the water.

4. It is best to circulate the water in the tank to prevent the pipe from bursting due to uneven temperature.

5. If a pipe burst occurs, it must be powered off first and then dealt with to prevent electric shock.

六. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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