How to Choose the Best Turtle Tank - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

The Turtle Tank can make your turtle grow healthily, avoid getting lost, lack of water, etc., and can create a comfortable living environment for the turtle

Table of contents

1.Why should you keep turtles in a turtle tank?

2.What do you need to prepare for a turtle

3.How to choose the heating equipment for raising turtles

4.How to choose the best turtle tank

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一.Why should you keep turtles in a turtle tank?

Keeping it in the box can keep you warm and moisturizing on the other! For tortoises, temperature and humidity are very important! If the turtle is raised in a box, the temperature and humidity are easy to control, and the other is UVB and UVA! Generally, professional turtle breeding boxes will place lamp heads to facilitate the equipment of various lamps! Of course, the turtle did not say that it must be raised in a box! Occasionally free-ranging is also beneficial.

二. What do you need to prepare for a turtle

1. Selection of the breeding box: We better choose a wooden breeding box for raising turtles, but not the kind of plywood. Now there are many finished products on the market. The sauna board is very suitable. The size should be determined according to the size of the turtle, but no If it is too

 small, because the equipment needs to be placed inside, generally choose 60*40*40, or 100*50*50 long. The front is a glass sliding door, and there are screen windows on both sides, which is more conducive to ventilation. Check whether the lamp socket is reserved so that you can install the heating lamp yourself in the future.

2. Selection of mat material: The bark mat material is the most commonly used, with a good moisturizing effect, suitable for rainforest tortoises, there are also many brands in the market, with particles of different sizes, you can choose according to your own needs. Desert tortoises can use

 professional reptile sand. In addition, many friends place tiles at one end of the breeding box, and the back is facing up, that is, the rough side, which is beneficial for the tortoise to sharpen its claws and has a good effect.

3. Heating equipment: Heating equipment generally includes heating bulbs, ceramic heaters, and heating pads. Ceramic heaters have a long service life. For a box as large as 100*50*50, You can choose 100W, and the effect is better when used with a heating pad. The heating pad should be placed on the bottom of the pad material. The heat is not high and will not harm the turtle. Bottom heating promotes digestion and absorption. In addition, installing fluorescent bulbs can increase the viewing effect.

4. Installation of UVB lamp: UVB lamp is an indispensable equipment in the breeding box, mainly to help turtles synthesize vitamin D3 and better absorb calcium. There are different models on the market, such as 2.0, 5.0, 10.0, which indicate the percentage of UVB spectrum in the light, and the selection of the model depends on the species of turtles raised.

5. Placement of water basin and food basin: Place a water basin for your turtle to drink water. The water basin should not be too deep, and the water should be changed every day. The food bowl can be re-placed while feeding, giving them more room to move around.

6. Decoration of the background board: The background board is sold in the flower, bird, fish and insect market. Choose it according to your own preferences and paste it on the back wall of the rearing box, mainly to increase the viewing effect and be closer to the natural environment.

三. How to choose the heating equipment for raising turtles

1. Heating lamp: It is generally used the most widely. When installing, try to install it in the corner of the rearing box. Doing so will not increase the temperature in the opposite corner, thereby creating a hot and cold area. Heat lamps do not have thermostats, so the adjustment of heat requires us to

adjust the wattage, irradiation time and installation location. In general, we will put a flat stone or wood on the irradiation surface of the heating lamp as a heating area, so that the temperature of

the surface of the heating area will increase due to the irradiation of the heating lamp. The belly is warm, and the bottom heating is more useful to promote digestion.

2. Heating pad: Heating pads are generally used with heating bulbs and heaters, because they are cheap, low in wattage, low in power consumption, and do not generate much heat, so in winter,when the heating lamp is turned off at night, the hot heating pad can then work with the heater. There are two kinds of products generally sold in the market. One is relatively cheap bulk, which can be used with a plug. The other is the brand name that is much more expensive. This should be

selected according to the situation of the breeder. The cheap service life is relatively Short, but can also be used for a winter, just buy a new one every year.

3. Ceramic heater: The heating effect of the ceramic heater is the best, and the service life is relatively long. Generally, it is like a one-meter-long breeding box. You can choose a 100W one. It is also better to use with a heating pad. , Because the heating principle is different, the heater does not emit light, so it is more suitable for use at night. The heating lamps and ceramic heaters should not be turned on for 24 hours. Each time they are turned on for 2 to 3 hours, they can adjust the

length of time according to the display of the thermometer, so as to avoid the high temperature in the box, which will lead to the rapid metabolism of the turtles and the consumption of excessive heat. physical strength.

四. How to choose the best turtle tank

The space of the rearing box is large, and different areas can naturally be created, such as high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, low humidity, sunny, and shady, so that the turtle will choose a more suitable area for itself in the living environment, especially in rearing When a desert tortoise is raised, if the temperature, food, and nutrition are suitable for normal feeding, but there

 will also be problems such as loss of appetite, it is necessary to consider the size of the breeding box and whether to provide it with sufficient activity area. On the contrary, if the breeding box is too small, the heating equipment will easily increase the overall temperature in the box, so that it is difficult to create hot and cold areas, which is very detrimental to the growth of the turtle.

In addition, for desert tortoises, there will be a problem of excessive moisture in summer. Excessive humidity and poor ventilation can cause rhinitis or colds. Compared with temperature differences, sometimes, excessive humidity is harmful to desert tortoises. The danger is even greater, because

 the temperature difference between morning and evening in the natural desert sometimes even exceeds 20 degrees. Of course, it is impossible to create such a large temperature difference in artificial breeding, and the physique of artificial individuals is much worse than that of wild individuals. So ventilation is also very important for the rearing box. Generally speaking, boxes with screens on both sides are more conducive to ventilation.

五. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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