Best Submersible Pump Aquariums - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

The submersible pump aquarium has good sealing performance, energy saving, stable operation, high lift and large flow. Can be used for water circulation in fish tanks and rockeries.

Table of contents

1.Features of submersible pumps aquariumaquarium

2.Direction of use of submersible pumps aquarium

3.Precautions for submersible pumps aquarium

4.How to clean and maintain the submersible pumps aquarium

5.The basic principle of submersible pumps aquarium

6.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. Features of submersible pumps aquariumaquarium

1. It has good sealing performance, energy saving, stable operation, high lift and large flow. It is used in the water circulation of fish tanks and rockeries.

2. The user must check whether the rated voltage of the pump is consistent with the actual voltage before use.

3. When installing or removing and cleaning the water pump, you must first unplug the power plug and cut off the power supply to ensure safety. It is necessary to clean the filter basket and filter cotton frequently to ensure normal water intake and good filtering effect.

4. The key to keeping fish well is filtration, and filtration is mainly to filter fish waste, and the toxins in the water are produced by fish waste. The current general aquarium filtration systems are mainly upper filtration, drip-flow confluence, bottom filtration, filter bucket, side filtration, and back filtration. These filtration systems are different in form, but are essentially the same. 

They all cultivate nitrifying bacteria outside the tank. filtration system. That is to say, the fish must be extracted into those filter bodies before nitrification can be carried out, and the ammonia in the fish can be removed.

5. These filtration systems need to pass the water flow in the tank to draw most of the fish into the filter body. Usually, they need to be used with the wave pump. When the wave pump is working, the fish will float in the entire fish tank. It takes time. During this time, the fish will be partially dissolved in the water, polluting the water body to increase the ammonia content, and the fish will be prone to disease. Therefore, it is often necessary to use a straw to suck out the fish in time and change the water frequently to reduce the burden of filtration, which increases the difficulty and workload of maintenance.

Through the above analysis, we can understand that the main feature of the fish tank submersible pump is the submersible pump equipment with high lift and large flow. Its function is mainly for the water circulation of water resources such as fish tank and rockery, because it is a device that works in water. There are many points that need to be paid attention to at work, and they must be paid attention to, which can not only improve the efficiency of product use, but also increase the quality of life.

二. Direction of use of submersible pumps aquarium

A submersible pump aquarium is a very versatile water treatment tool. Submersible pumps and ordinary pumps work underwater. 

The working principle of the submersible pump: Before the submersible pump is turned on, the suction pipe and the pump must be filled with liquid. After the pump is turned on, the impeller rotates at a high speed, and the liquid in the submersible pump rotates with the blades. Under the action of centrifugal force, it flies away from the impeller and is ejected outward. From

the pump outlet, the discharge tube flows out. At this time, a vacuum low pressure area with neither air nor liquid is formed at the center of the blade due to the liquid being thrown around. The liquid in the liquid pool flows into the submersible pump through the suction pipe under the action of the atmospheric pressure on the pool surface, and the liquid is like this It is continuously sucked up

from the liquid pool and continuously flows out of the discharge pipe. Basic parameters of submersible pumps: including flow, head, pump speed, supporting power, rated current, efficiency, pipe diameter, etc. Main uses and scope of application of submersible pumps: including construction and construction drainage, water and agricultural irrigation and drainage, industrial water circulation, urban and rural residents reference Water supply, even rescue and disaster relief, etc.

三. Precautions for submersible pumps aquarium

The water pump is small and light, and plays an important role in rural production and life. The following points should be noted in the application:

(1) When purchasing a submersible pump, pay attention to its model, flow rate and head. If the selected specifications are not appropriate, sufficient water output will not be obtained and the efficiency of the unit will not be exerted. In addition, the rotation direction of the motor should also be clarified. 

Some types of submersible pumps can emit water during forward and reverse rotation, but the water output during reverse rotation is small and the current is large, and the reverse rotation will damage the motor windings. In order to prevent electric shock accidents caused by electric leakage when the submersible pump is working underwater, a leakage protection switch should be installed.

(2) When installing the submersible pump, the cable should be overhead, and the power cable should not be too long. Do not apply force to the cable when the unit is launched, so as not to cause the power cord to break. Do not sink into the mud when the submersible pump is working, otherwise it will cause poor heat dissipation of the motor and burn the motor windings

(3) Try to avoid starting the machine at low pressure. The difference between the power supply voltage and the rated voltage should not be 10%. If the voltage is too high, the motor will be overheated and the winding will be burned. If the voltage is too low, the motor speed will drop. Time to energize and heat up and even burn out windings and capacitors. 

Do not switch the motor on and off frequently, this is because the backflow will occur when the electric pump is stopped. If it is turned on immediately, the motor load will start, resulting in excessive starting current and burning out the windings.

(4) Do not allow the electric pump to run overloaded for a long time, do not pump water with a large amount of sand, and the dehydration operation of the electric pump should not be too long to avoid overheating and burning of the motor. During the operation of the unit, the operator must observe whether the working voltage and current are within the values ​​specified on the nameplate at any time.

(5) Check the motor more often. If there are cracks in the lower cover, damage or failure of the rubber sealing ring, etc., it should be replaced or repaired in time to prevent water from infiltrating the machine.

四. How to clean and maintain the submersible pumps aquarium

the cleaning method:

1. thesubmersible pumps aquarium must be completely put into the water and cannot be exposed, otherwise it will burn out.

2.the water pipe installation of the pump. Generally speaking, there is a small branch pipe above the water outlet of the pump, which is 90 degrees from the water outlet. This is the air inlet. Just connect it with the hose (accompanying accessories), and the other end of the plastic pipe leads to the water surface for supply. For air intake.

3. this end of the pipe has an adjustment knob (or other means), which can adjust the size of the air intake. As long as it is turned on, the air can be supplied to the water from the water outlet pipe while the pump is started. Check whether it is installed, or whether it is installed but closed.


1. Select the water pump, look at the label parameters, and try to choose the energy-saving one. The fish tank is enough, don't choose too big.

2. Look at the packaging box to see if there is a sign of "pure copper wire", etc. The quality of pure copper wire is good. Some manufacturers use copper-clad aluminum wire to save money. Long-term operation will cause the generator to heat up and shorten the product life. Product quality is not guaranteed.

3. Listen to the sound, put it in the water after power on, block the water outlet to see if there is any noise. After the noise, the noise must be getting louder and louder.

4. Maintenance, regularly clean the rotor hole garbage, the garbage on the pump head, and add a small amount of lubricating oil to the shaft.

五. The basic principle of submersible pumps aquarium

A submersible pump is generally composed of a pump body, a lifting pipe, a pump base, a submersible motor and a starting protection device. In layman's terms, it is a machine that transports liquids with a combination of a pump and a motor. It has a simple structure and is easy to use.

According to the relative position of the pump and the motor, the submersible pump can be divided into the upper pump type and the lower pump type. The upper pump type submersible pump has the pump on the top and the motor on the bottom. This structure greatly reduces the radial size of the pump, so it is mostly used in submersible electric pumps for wells and small operation submersible electric pumps. The lower pump type submersible pump has the motor on the top and the pump on the bottom. It is divided into two types: built-in type and external-mounted type.

The liquid delivered by the built-in submersible electric pump first passes through the annular flow channel surrounding the motor to cool the motor and then flows out of the pump outlet. This kind of pump does not have to worry about the motor heating up even when it is close to draining the suction pool, so the application range is expanding day by day. The external submersible pump directly discharges the liquid from the pressurized water chamber behind the impeller or the outlet of the guide vane, and the motor is also cooled by the pumped liquid.

Since the pump-down structure can work in shallow liquids, it is often used in submersible electric pumps on working surfaces, especially it is the main structural type of large-diameter submersible electric pumps. The mechanical seal of the submersible electric pump is located in the high-pressure area of ​​the outlet water flow. The higher the lift, the higher the water pressure here, so the performance of the mechanical seal is controlled by the lift.

六. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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