Best Stainless Steel Tube High Flow Pumps for Fish Ponds - Best Manufacturer Picks of 2022

Smooth operation, low noise, long service life, large flow, power saving

Table of contents

1.Advantages of large-flow water pump with stainless steel tube in fish pond

2.The scope of application of large-flow water pump for fish tank stainless steel pipe

3.The working principle of the large flow pump of stainless steel pipe in fish pond

4.Daily repair and maintenance of large-flow water pumps with stainless steel pipes in fish ponds

5.Troubleshooting common faults of large-flow water pumps with stainless steel pipes in fish ponds

6.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. Advantages of large flow water pump with stainless steel tube in fish pond

With small outer diameter, large flow and high lift, it is suitable for small-diameter deep wells and can significantly reduce drilling costs. Smooth appearance, beautiful appearance, noble quality, sand and wear resistance, long service life, high pumping efficiency, power saving, easy maintenance, 316L material with high hardness, good wear resistance, long service life, equipped with temperature controller or motor overload protection It can effectively prevent the motor from being burned when the motor is abnormally overloaded. The stainless steel

open impeller and shaft are wear-resistant and durable. Due to the special structure and mechanical position design of the impeller, the solid particles and long fibers can be thrown out of the pump cavity at high speed without jamming the impeller, and the anti-clogging performance is excellent. Equipped with overload protector, when the temperature is too high due to voltage drop, impeller blockage, water level drop below the ideal liquid level, etc., it will automatically cut off the power supply and stop the pump. Adopt double-channel serial

mechanical seal, mechanical seal surface: alloy to silicon carbide, mechanical seal rubber parts: nitrile rubber, mechanical seal spring: stainless steel; durable and wear-resistant. Leak-proof cable, even if it is damaged, it will not cause water to enter the motor.

二. The scope of application of large-flow water pump for fish tank stainless steel pipe

It is especially suitable for industrial and mining, agriculture, construction, aquaculture, food and beverage industry and household (or high-rise water supply) use. It is suitable for ponds, fish ponds, water towers, deep wells and high-rise water supply, fountains, and corrosive waste liquids.

三. The working principle of the large flow pump of stainless steel pipe in fish pond

Before the stainless steel submersible pump starts, the suction port of the pump and the pump chamber are filled with liquid, that is, the pump is filled. After starting, the motor drives the impeller to tell the operation, and the medium rotates together with the high-speed rotating impeller to generate centrifugal force. It is discharged from the pump outlet and enters the pipeline. At this time, the center of the impeller is in the vacuum low pressure area, there is no gas and no medium, and the water surface still has the effect of atmospheric pressure. The water surface pressure is high, and the pump inlet pressure is low. In the pump chamber, it is discharged under the action of centrifugal force, and the water is discharged by reciprocating continuous work.

Stainless steel submersible pump is a kind of submersible pump, because many submersible pumps are made of cast iron or plastic. If only submersible pumps made of these materials are used, it is difficult to meet the needs of customers. If there are many corrosive media It cannot be discharged, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, etc.; this is one of its characteristics. Another feature is that in addition to not rusting, but also high temperature. Therefore, many manufacturers have produced high temperature resistant stainless steel submersible pumps. Although it is stainless steel, there are many auxiliary materials that cannot withstand much high temperature. Generally, there is no problem within 120 °. For example, some chemical plants need to use centrifugal pumps for high temperature resistance of more than 200 degrees.

Before starting the pump, the suction line and the pump must be filled with liquid. After the pump is turned on, the impeller rotates at a high speed, and the liquid in it rotates with the blades. Under the action of centrifugal force, it flies away from the impeller and is ejected outward. The ejected liquid gradually slows down in the diffusion chamber of the pump casing, and the pressure gradually increases. outlet, the discharge pipe flows out. At this time, a vacuum low-pressure area with neither air nor liquid is formed at the center of the blade due to

the liquid being thrown around. The liquid in the liquid pool flows into the pump through the suction pipe under the action of the atmospheric pressure on the pool surface, and the liquid is thus continuous. It is continuously sucked up from the liquid pool and continuously flows out of the discharge pipe.

四. Daily repair and maintenance of large-flow water pumps with stainless steel pipes in fish ponds

1. If it is not used for a long time, the pump can be lifted out of the water, the pipelines are removed, the parts are put away, the electric pump is cleaned, and the necessary anti-rust treatment is done, such as paint, anti-rust oil, etc., and it is properly maintained and placed. Pay special attention to keeping the motor windings away from moisture and high temperature to ensure normal operation when working again.

2. The bearing grease must be replaced every 2000 hours of operation of the water pump. Regularly check the axial clearance of the pump impeller. As the use time increases, the axial clearance of the impeller and the matching position increases due to wear. For this reason, the impeller is adjusted to a suitable position by adding or removing the shim on the shaft, so as to restore the technical state and avoid jamming.

3. Always pay attention to cleaning the inlet and outlet holes of the motor and the water inlet cover of the water pump to prevent clogging during use.

4. Regularly check whether the power supply and the starter protector of the water pump are damaged; whether the screws and nuts are loose.

5. Before long-term placement or long-term deactivation of the pump, the pump casing should be disassembled to move the impeller to make it rotate flexibly. Prevent the surface from being damaged in use, and the anti-rust coating will cause the parts to rust and fail to work normally and burn out the motor.

6. Pay attention to the quality of repair. When the water pump has a major failure, it should be repaired in a professional manufacturer or the manufacturer's maintenance department. Ensure the quality and performance of pump repairs.

五. Troubleshooting common faults of large-flow water pumps with stainless steel pipes in fish ponds

(1) The water pump cannot be started

In one case, after closing, the motor does not rotate and there is no sound. This means that the circuit is not working. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the power circuit is open and whether the fuse is blown. If there is no abnormality, the stator winding of the motor may be burned out, and it should be removed and replaced. Another situation is that the motor does not turn and is accompanied by a "humming" sound after closing. In this case, stop immediately for inspection. The reasons are:

The power line or stator winding has a phase failure, but the phase runs.

Voltage is too low. The reason may be that the power supply voltage is too low, the cable is too long and the cross section is too small, and the transformer capacity is too small, which should be checked one by one.

There are foreign objects in the pump body, the bearing is damaged and stuck, and the phenomenon of "wrapped shaft" and "bite" occurs. At this time, the pump should be checked and cleaned.

(2) After the pump is started, there is no water, little or indirect water.

The reasons for the failure are:

The overcurrent parts such as water filters, water pipes, diversion casings and other components are seriously blocked or the water pipes are broken. At this time, the ammeter reading often increases and the pointer swings violently. It should be stopped immediately for inspection and cleaning.

The motor is running normally but the water output is low. The reason is that the configuration of the pump is unreasonable, and the actual head is too much higher than the rated head of the pump, so it is necessary to replace the pump with a higher head. It is also possible that the water pump is reversed, just switch any two phases of the lead wires. If the sealing ring or impeller is excessively worn, it should be removed and replaced in time.

The motor is running normally but no water is produced. The main reason is that the moving water level drops too much during the pumping process. The valves of the water pipe can be adjusted down or the water pump can be placed half a meter below the moving water surface.

(3) The unit rotates with severe vibration and noise

The reasons are:

The guide bearing of the water pump is worn, the shaft swings in the bearing, or the eccentric wear is caused by the bending of the shaft. At this time, the degree of the ammeter increases, the pointer swings violently, and the unit vibrates. Stop immediately to replace the guide bearing or straighten the shaft.

The impeller fastening bolts are loose, and the impeller collides and rubs with the guide casing, causing the pump body to vibrate. The pump should be lifted out and the bolts should be fastened.

The wear of the thrust bearing causes friction between the front baffle of the impeller and the guide tube, and the pointer of the ammeter swings violently. If there is obvious friction sound, the thrust bearing should be replaced immediately, and the impeller should also be replaced when the impeller is seriously worn.

The balance between the rotor of the motor and the rotating part of the pump itself is unqualified, causing the unit to vibrate when rotating. The rotor of the motor and the impeller of the water pump should be taken out for dynamic and static balance tests to make them reach a balanced state


Reasonable design and excellent manufacturing are important prerequisites for the service life of the pump. Reasonable use and timely and appropriate maintenance are also important means to exert the potential of the product and prolong the expected service life. Only by making the pump run without faults, finding faults and eliminating them in time, avoiding expansion, and reducing maintenance times and costs, can the high efficiency of the pump be brought into play.

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