Best Round Air Stones - Best Maker Picks of 2022

Good for breathing, maintain water quality, and promote growth

Table of contents

1.Round air stone effect

2.How the round air stone works

3.How to clean the circular bubble stone when it is blocked

4.The round air stone should be placed at the bottom of the water

5.How often to change the air stone

6.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. Round air stone effect

The scientific name is pumice. When a volcano erupts, a large amount of volcanic gas separated from the magma forms foam, and then the foam cools, and the gas is "frozen" in the pumice. Volcanic glass and minerals, which can float on the water, are called pumice.

In the chemical industry, it is used as a filter, a desiccant, a catalyst, a filler, a carrier for agricultural pesticides and a control agent for fertilizers. It can be used as a cement admixture or to prepare clinker-free cement, and can also be used directly as a building material. Can also be used as traditional Chinese medicine. There is a kind of rock called expanded perlite, which expands into a hollow-bubble honeycomb shape after being burned at high temperature, that is, air stone, which floats on the water when thrown in water.

This article mainly introduces some introductions to you based on how to eliminate the problem of air stone noise. During the process of raising fish, we will find that there will be some noise in the air bubbles in the fish tank. It affects our rest, so once this happens, just follow the method given in the article to solve this matter, and at the same time, we also know the function of air stone.

二. How the round air stone works

There are many micropores on the air stone. The air stone is put into the water body, and the air pump or blower is used to blow air. The gas enters the air stone through the ventilation hose, and generates microporous bubbles in the water. purpose of oxygen.

三. How to clean the circular bubble stone when it is blocked

1. Take out the air stone, wash it with clean water, wash off the moss and impurities attached to it, rinse it and put it in the sun to dry;

First, take out the air stone, brush it with a fish tank brush, remove the dirt stuck on it, rinse it several times until the air stone is clean, and then put it in the sun to dry.

2. Change the water in the fish tank, remove the moss, algae and impurities in the fish tank, and prevent the air stone from being blocked again;

If the air stone of the fish tank is blocked, it means that the water quality is not clean enough and there are many impurities in the water. You should change the water as soon as possible to clean up the dregs at the bottom of the fish tank.

3. Put the cleaned and dried air stone back in place and put it into use again.

After the fish tank is replaced with new water and the air stone is washed, it can be put in place again. The air stone can be used repeatedly. As long as it is not yellowed or damaged, it does not need to be replaced temporarily.

四. Should the oxygen-enhancing stone be placed underwater?

There are no special regulations for the aquarium oxygenation air stone, and it can be placed anywhere in the fish tank. In the process of raising ornamental fish, in order to oxygenate the ornamental fish, we usually use oxygen-enhancing air stones. And there is no special regulation when the bubbles can be placed in the appropriate position of the fish tank. Some fish farmers who use bottom filter fish tanks to raise ornamental fish can also put air stones in the bottom filter.

五. How often to change the air stone

1. The fish tank round air stone is an electrical device that provides oxygen for the goldfish raised. It has various models and is generally purchased according to the size of the fish tank. Of course, there are many better and larger fish tanks in the society today. Generally, it is equipped with a round air stone in the fish tank, which can be used by directly putting the goldfish in the water and then opening the round air stone in the fish tank. It is relatively simple to understand and easy to operate.

2. The diameter of the fish tank and the number of goldfish require different round bubble stones. For example, parrot fish is a type of goldfish with high oxygen consumption. Low oxygen will lead to hypoxia, and parrot fish will easily get sick if the oxygen supply is often insufficient. Therefore, the round air stone of the fish tank needs to be kept open.

3. When the round air stone is opened, it will make some noise. The opening time of the round bubble stone in the fish tank is generally judged according to the hypoxia state of the goldfish you raise. Normally open is the best. If you are afraid that the fish is tired, you can stop for a while and then open it again. If you feel the noise is loud at night, the round bubble stone is It can be closed, but remember that no matter how long it is open, the most important thing is to ensure that the fish tank is not devoid of oxygen, and there is no fixed time limit.

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