Best Oxygen Refiner - Best Manufacturer's Pick of 2022

Good for breathing, water quality and growth


Table of contents

1.Advantages of Oxygen Refiner

2.How Oxygen Refiner Works

3.Does the oxygen refiner need to be on all the time?

4.Do fish need oxygen?

5.Precautions for Oxygen Refiners

6.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. Advantages of Oxygen Refiner

1. It is good for breathing: the first benefit of using oxygen is that it is good for the breathing of the fish, because the fish lives in the water and needs a certain amount of oxygen. So oxygenation is still necessary.

2. Maintain water quality: sufficient oxygen in the water body is helpful to maintain water quality. On the one hand, it can promote the reproduction of nitrifying bacteria, so as to better convert ammonia nitrogen and prevent fish from being poisoned. On the other hand, it can also inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria, which also has a certain purification effect on the water body.

3. Promote growth: Oxygen can promote metabolism, so in the case of sufficient dissolved oxygen, the growth rate of fish will also be accelerated. Moreover, fish also need more oxygen in the process of digestion, plus some daily consumption, the benefits of oxygen supply are also many.

二. How Oxygen Refiner Works

The principle of the oxygen refiner is to press the air into the water, so that the oxygen in the air is fully contacted with the water body, so that the oxygen is integrated into the water, thereby increasing the dissolved oxygen in the water body to ensure the growth needs of oxygen-consuming organisms. Oxygen refiners are widely used in modern fish farming due to their convenient use, high efficiency and low cost.

The oxygen needed for fish survival is obtained by absorbing the dissolved oxygen in the water through the microvessels of the fish gills, and then brought to and lifted by the blood circulatory system, and the carbon dioxide discharged is also carried out through the microvessels of the gills. The amount of dissolved oxygen in the water directly affects the growth of fish, so it is necessary to ensure that there is enough dissolved oxygen in the water. Dissolved oxygen in water can be obtained not only by adding water and changing water, but also by photosynthesis of aquatic plants in water to generate oxygen.

Theoretically, each liter of water can support 1cm of fish, which does not require oxygenation in normal climates. The size of the small fish tank is relatively small, so due to the limitation of space, there will not be too many fish, so generally there is no need to consider the problem of oxygen content in the bathtub.

That is to say, the general small fish tank oxygen refiner is not needed. As long as there are not too many fish stocked, the filter system can be done well, and the flow of water can play a certain role in increasing oxygen. However, if the air pressure is low, such as in the rainy season, when the amount of dissolved oxygen is insufficient, oxygen should be added to prevent the fish from suffocating and dying.

三. Do oxygen refiners need to be on all the time?

Oxygen refiners do not need to be open 24 hours a day! Generally, it is charged for about 2 hours in the morning and afternoon, and a little more in the evening. If the weather is cloudy, it will be open for a longer time.

If you raise a lot of fish and the fish in the water are very dense, you need to turn on the oxygen refiner all the time, otherwise the fish will die due to lack of oxygen.

四. Do fish need oxygen?

It is best to use oxygen for fish farming, but if the stocking density is small, it is not enough to have no oxygen. Oxygenation is only good for fish, not bad. It is not only good for its breathing, but also promotes metabolism, and also helps to maintain water quality. Usually, the oxygen refiner should be turned on all day, so as to avoid the occurrence of hypoxia, but if the oxygen consumption is not high, it is also possible to open it at different times of the day.

五. Precautions for Oxygen Refiners

1. The fish tank oxygen refiner is an electrical device that provides oxygen for the goldfish raised. It has various models and is generally purchased according to the size of the fish tank. Of course, there are many better and larger fish tanks in the society today. They are all equipped with a fish tank oxygen refiner, which can be used directly by putting the goldfish in the water and then opening the fish tank.

2. The caliber of the fish tank and the number of goldfish require different fish tank oxygen refiners. For example, parrot fish is a type of goldfish with high oxygen consumption, so if the water temperature is high and the dissolved oxygen is high when cultivating this kind of fish in the fish tank at home If it is low, it will lead to hypoxia, and parrot fish will easily get sick if the oxygen supply is often insufficient. Therefore, the oxygen refiner of the fish tank needs to be turned on frequently.

3. There will be some noise when the oxygen refiner is turned on. The opening time of the fish tank oxygen refiner is generally judged according to the hypoxia state of the goldfish you raise. Normally open is the best. If you are afraid that the fish will be tired, you can stop it for a while and then open it again. If you feel the noise is loud at night, the oxygen refiner can be closed. Yes, but remember that no matter how long it is open, the most important thing is to ensure that the fish tank is not hypoxic, and there is no fixed time limit.

六. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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