best mist maker for aquarium- 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

The aquarium mist maker is a fish-safe aquarium atomizer, placed and immersed in a fountain, the water will be transformed into fine droplets, creating an atomizing effect. To create a healthy atmosphere, increase the humidity of the environment.

Table of contents

1.How do aquarium sprayers work?

2.Are Aquarium Fog Makers Good for Fish?

3.How to choose the best mist maker for your aquarium?

4.What is the reason why the aquarium fog maker does not produce fog?

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. How do aquarium air diffusers work?

Ultrasonic water misters generate water mist by generating ultrasonic vibrations in the water. It uses a specially designed piezoelectric plate that vibrates at 1.6MHz, and water particles that come into contact with the plate turn into mist.

If the aquarium foggers are divided according to their working principles, they can be divided into hydraulic, pneumatic and centrifugal sprayers.

 Working Principles:

1. Under normal circumstances, human-driven sprayers rely on hydraulic power, that is, hydraulic pressure, and the liquid is pumped out through hydraulic pressure.

2. The pneumatic sprayer sprays by air flow, and can carry out low-volume and micro-volume spraying. Compared with the hydraulic sprayer, the uniformity of the droplets is better, and the droplets are smaller, and it can be used for drifting or targeted spraying.

3. Centrifugal sprayer is a spray device that uses the centrifugal force when the centrifugal nozzle rotates at high speed to disperse or atomize the liquid medicine. The size of the sprayed droplets is relatively uniform, the diameter of the droplets is adjustable, the rotational speed of the centrifugal nozzle is high, and the droplets are small. It can spray pesticides with high viscosity. Can be used for ultra-low volume sprays and low volume sprays.

二. Are Aquarium Fog Makers Good for Fish?

When the temperature of hot water is high, the dissolved oxygen in the water will be very small, and fish are easily deficient in the water. The deoxygenated fish often "float their heads" in order to obtain oxygen directly from the air. There are many active oxygen in the atomized gas, and the mist can dissolve in the water, which is better for fish.

三. How to choose the best mist maker for your aquarium?

You can choose the most suitable aquarium fog maker according to your personal preference and environment. The following products have different introduction information for your reference

四.What is the reason why the aquarium fog maker does not produce fog?

1.Press the switch key, the atomizer does not work.The first step should be to check if the power is on. If there is no problem with the power supply, it is more troublesome and requires further maintenance. It is recommended to contact the merchant for after-sales. If you are a professional, you can open the machine for inspection and troubleshooting.

2. Press the switch key, the machine runs without fog or very little fog. First unplug the air duct, and feel with your hand to see if there is air flow out of the air outlet, or the air flow is small. If it is, it may be that the air inlet or air outlet is blocked. If it is found to be blocked after inspection, it can be cleaned up. This kind of air hole blockage is often caused by the filter cotton of the air inlet hole being used for too long and too much ash layer.

If the air holes are not blocked, there may be a problem with the nebulizer's compression pump. If the air outlet is normal, check whether there are water droplets in the airway, whether the atomizer cup is installed correctly, the airway and the atomizer cup. Cracked or not properly connected.

3. After the atomizer is turned on, the fog is normal, but the noise is louder than usual, and the vibration is aggravated. Turn off the machine first and give the machine a full inspection. You can shake the machine gently to see if there is looseness inside the machine. If so, it is recommended to deal with it after sales. If there is no problem, check whether the air inlet is put in filter cotton, whether the machine is placed smoothly, and the atomizer is damped. The foot pads are normal, etc.

4.The water level is not high enough, and the water level has not exceeded the water level sensor switch.

五. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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