Best Magnetic Brushes with Scraper Handles - Best Manufacturing Picks of 2022

Strong magnetic force, no damage to the tank, comprehensive cleaning, internal rubbing self-suspending design, floating on water when separated

Table of contents

1.The role of the handle magnetic brush

2.How to use the handle magnetic brush

3.How to separate the handle magnetic brush

4.Features of the handle type magnetic brush

5.How to install the magnetic brush knife

6.Precautions for handle-type magnetic brushes

7.3We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. The function of magnetic brush with scraper handle

The magnetic brush is made by the principle of magnetic attraction, which can remove moss and dirt on the wall of the aquarium

Magnetic brushes are mainly used to clean aquariums. When in use, put one piece of the magnetic brush near the glass wall of the aquarium, and suck the other piece on the glass outer

wall of the aquarium, move the magnetic brush outside the box, and the piece inside the box will start to work and can be cleaned soon clean. The magnetic brush has a good cleaning effect on the green moss and other dirt attached to the inner wall, saving the trouble of changing the water to clean.

二. How to use the handle magnetic brush

Put a piece in the fish tank, put a piece outside, and put the piece of rough noodles in the inside and suck it together and apply it.

It is made of strong magnetic magnets. When using, you only need to put one piece into the aquarium, and the other piece can be adsorbed together outside the tank. When moving the

outside, the inside piece is driven to achieve one-time cleaning inside and outside the aquarium. The interior adopts a suspension design to avoid accidentally falling into the aquarium. Magnetic fish tank brush is one of the tools for fish tank cleaning, which is simple and easy to use.

三. How to separate the handle magnetic brush

Heat it and put something non-magnetic in the middle. Use a hair dryer to blow heat, which can disrupt the magnetic alignment and weaken the magnetic force. After cooling, it can be restored or you can use something that is not attracted by magnets to be inserted between the two things to break left and right. It should be fine. Or twist it back and forth, and that's it.

四. Features of the handle type magnetic brush

1. Anti-slip design, the ergonomic bionic handle design fits the palm of the hand, making it comfortable to hold and smooth to brush.

2. Super wear-resistant soft brush, wear-resistant soft brush wipes the surface of the fish tank, the fabric is soft and easy to clean.

3. Anti-scratch magic stickers, when moving the magnetic brush, the inner brush magic sticker hook will stick to the garbage and algae on the tank.

五. How to install the magnetic brush knife

Press the top tightly, then pull the cutter head up and pull it out, then align the cutter head with the mouth, then insert it, and press hard to install it.

六.Precautions for handle-type magnetic brushes

Of course, there is no problem with the overall fish tank without using glue. Replace the circulating pump tube with a transparent one, and lengthen it with a purple light, which can solve the problem of hard particles crystallizing on the inner wall of the fish tank.

After breaking apart, it is necessary to get closer to avoid pinching hands

七. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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