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Table of contents

1.The advantages of double head wave pump (magnetic suction type)

2.The working principle of double head wave pump (magnetic suction type)

3.The placement of the double-head wave pump (magnetic suction type)

4.How to maintain the double head wave pump (magnetic suction type)

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. The advantages of double head wave pump (magnetic suction type)

1. The wave pump can help the fish lose weight and keep fit

The wave pump is generally widely used in the breeding of large fish, such as: golden dragon, parrot, koi, lucky, map, Luohan, etc. These fish are likely to be short, stubby and obese in the calm aquarium environment, which is not conducive to maintaining good looks. The body shape of the fish, then, the artificial water flow and waves can be created by the wave pump, so that the fish can grow in a river-like environment. physical fitness, reduce the incidence of diseases

2. The wave pump can blow away the feces of the fish tank

The circulating water flow formed by the wave-making pump can assist in accelerating the flow of fish to the suction port of the water pump, and play the role of suction.

3. The wave pump can reduce the fighting of the fish

Large fish usually have strong territorial awareness, and they will inevitably fight each other in polyculture, which makes people very headache. Turning on the wave pump can effectively reduce the fighting of the fish and avoid the infection of the fish due to fighting with each other.

二. The working principle of double head wave pump (magnetic suction type)

Only when the water in the fish tank has a uniform flow cycle, can the substances and nutrients in the water be better balanced, and the stability of the water body can be increased. If you notice that there is residual bait fixed in a certain area for a long time, you should pay great attention to it, and

pay attention to observe whether this is the dead water area of ​​your fish tank. If it is, you should adjust the pumping, return water and oxygenation in the tank position of the generator, or add a wave pump.

So let's first take a look at the working principle of the wave pump. Affected by the length of the fish tank, the power of the pumping pump, the breeding density of ornamental fish, etc., it is reasonable to see the places in the fish tank that the filtered water cannot reach, and this has the opportunity

for the wave pump to show its talents. Wave pump is also known as flow pump and surf pump. Its function is to promote the "circle" of water flow to simulate the natural water flow mode of nature, so as to avoid the problems of dead water area and still water area.

This kind of dead water area phenomenon is relatively common in upper filtration aquaculture, because its fixed water circulation method is too solid, and it tends to enter and exit water on the same surface, so the situation of dead water area is more obvious. Dead water areas are prone to

many inhomogeneities in water quality, including water temperature, accumulation of impurities, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, etc., which can have adverse effects on the growth and activity of fish.

How to choose a fish tank wave pump? How to choose a flow pump suitable for your fish tank?

How to choose a suitable wave pump? This starts with the flow of the wave pump. The structure and flow of the wave pump are different from those of the general submersible pump, and its power and flow cannot be confused with other pumps. A wave pump is not a necessary equipment for

ornamental fish farming, but we need to understand its performance in order to prevent having to use it one day. The wave pump can effectively assist the filtration system to work, which is beneficial to the improvement of water quality.

One motor drives two pumps at the same time, because the left and right sides of the motor can output.

The impeller pump enters the water on both sides, which can balance the pressure on the side.

三. The placement of the double-head wave pump (magnetic suction type)

The placement position of the fish tank wave pump can be selected to flow along the water body at a lower position, without filtering, just wrap a layer of gauze at the suction port. This can speed up the flow rate of the water in the aquarium, but it is not recommended to open it for a long time,

which will cause the arowana to be active. Arowana is an upper-level fish, and it likes to swim in the middle and upper position. The effect of placing the wave pump in the upper part of the aquarium will be better.

四. How to maintain the double head wave pump (magnetic suction type)

Clean the wave pump regularly to ensure its effective operation; after there is water on the surface of the control box, please wipe it with a dry cloth to prevent water from entering the control box;

Rotate it counterclockwise to open; wipe the blades with a soft cloth, and clean the pump body with water; this product is suitable for indoor use, but it is strictly forbidden to drop the control box and adapter into the water to avoid unnecessary losses. The wave pump is generally widely used in the

breeding of large fish, such as: golden dragon and koi. These fish are likely to be short, stubby and obese in the calm aquarium environment, which is not conducive to maintaining a beautiful body shape. Then, use a wave pump. It can create artificial currents and waves, so that fish can grow in a

river-like environment. The fish will move against the current in the current environment and sway their swimming postures. At the same time, the dissolved oxygen in the water is greatly increased,

and the microorganisms in the water are fully communicated, which is conducive to the growth and development of fish. It is worth noting that the flow rate of the pump should be selected reasonably, too large or too small is not suitable. In addition, the water inlet should be well protected, otherwise

it is easy to suck the fish and cause serious injury, and the sucked fish will block the water inlet. After that, the water pump will be idling, which will easily burn the motor and cause leakage.

五. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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