Best Dual-Ended Resilient Spring Brushes - Best Maker Picks of 2022

Strong and durable, powerful algae removal, no dead ends, comprehensive cleaning, comfortable hand feel

Table of contents

1.Features of the double-headed elastic spring brush

2.The role of the double-headed elastic spring brush

3.Product Description of Double-ended Elastic Spring Brush

4.How to use the double-ended elastic spring brush

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. Features of the double-headed elastic spring brush

1. High density, the spring brush mainly solves the problem of density that cannot be achieved by ordinary brush rollers (brush rollers with filaments planted on plastic or other brush attachments such as nylon).

2. Designed by professionals. Professional staff for production. Some spring brushes also have a certain gap, which is specially designed to consider that the spring brushes will have sundries falling in the brush wire under the working condition and cannot be cleaned.

二. The role of the double-headed elastic spring brush

In the production process, the filaments of the koi fish pond filter brush are added with hydrophilic and biophilic inhibitors and some nutrient-relieving elements, which can better promote the growth and metabolism of microorganisms, and improve the microbial biomass in the cross of green environmental protection. The four grooves in the filter brush of the silk fish pond can effectively resist the scouring of the water flow in the horizontal direction (incoming and outgoing water flow) and the vertical direction (aeration).

In the early stage of film formation, the bacteria are easy to parasitize and multiply, which overcomes the shortcoming of round cilia which is difficult to form a film due to the smooth surface. power consumption.

Fish pond filter brushes last longer. It has the advantages of better oxygenation performance, quick start of film hanging, easy stripping and updating, simple operation and management, corrosion resistance, no clogging, no clumping, and reasonable price.

According to the environment and the amount of treatment, the service cycle is generally 3 to 5 years. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly clean up recyclables such as plastic bags and branches floating in the water.

Because the fish pond filter brush has the characteristics of easy film hanging (to deposit nitrifying bacteria film). When the water passes through the brush with mucous membranes, the dust in the water not only sticks, but also the ammonia in the water is converted into nitrite (toxic) by the nitrifying bacteria. Thus, the burden of nitrifying bacteria in the biochemical filter material of the next grid is reduced.

三. Product Description of Double-ended Elastic Spring Brush

New design, high-quality stainless steel spring can be freely bent without deformation. There are multiple caliber options for cleaning wool spare, large and small head design, suitable for cleaning 15-35mm; such as three-point pipe, four-point pipe, six-point pipe, eight-point pipe, one-inch water pipe and other water pipes and glass pipes of different diameters, etc.

四. How to use the double-ended elastic spring brush

Slowly push the stainless steel single spring into the pipe, and drive the cleaning brush to wash the dirt in the pipe. Please clean and air dry the product after use.

五.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

1.Take out the air stone, wash it with clean water, wash off the moss and impurities attached to it, rinse it clean and put it in the sun to dry; first, take out the air stone and brush it with a fish tank brush to remove the dirt that sticks to it. Rinse a few more times until the air stone is clean, then place it in the sun to dry.

2. Change the water in the fish tank to remove moss, algae and impurities in the fish tank to prevent the air stone from being blocked again; if the air stone in the fish tank is blocked, it means that the water quality is not clean enough and there are many impurities in the water. Change the water as soon as possible and clean up the fish tank The dregs at the bottom, if there is moss, should also be scrubbed, and the excess algae can also be cleaned up.

3.Put the washed and dried air stone back in place and put it back into use. After the fish tank is replaced with new water and the air stone is washed, it can be put back in place. Air stone can be used repeatedly. As long as it is not yellowed or damaged, it does not need to be replaced temporarily. If the trachea is white, the air stone needs to be replaced in time.

六. How is aquarium air stone produced?

Haohai Aquatic Equipment Products Factory was established in 2012 and is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, with an advantageous geographical location. It is a manufacturer with rich experience in aquarium accessories and equipment manufacturing. It is a production-oriented manufacturer integrating production, sales, cross-border trade and design.

Mainly produces all kinds of air stones, magnetic brushes, diffusers, thermometers, filters, air conditioner switches, fish tank cleaning tools, aquarium pet equipment, oxygen generators, fish tank check valves, ultra-quiet air pumps, aquarium oxygen-enhancing stones, plastics, resins Crafts and other products.

The plant covers an area of ​​3000 square meters+. The company also supports processing with supplied materials, sample processing, OEM processing, OEM processing, drawing processing, manual processing, etc. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system.

The company always adheres to the tenet of "honesty, quality cornerstone, high-quality service, and abide by the contract". With high-quality products, good reputation and high-quality services, the products sell well in nearly 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. Wholeheartedly cooperate with domestic and foreign merchants for win-win cooperation, common development, and create brilliance together.