best diy aquarium feeding ring - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

A good aquarium feeding ring can make it more convenient for you to feed the fish, avoid the waste of fish food and the pollution of fish food residues to the water quality, and can also observe the health of the fish in an all-round way.

Table of contents

1.What are the benefits of an aquarium feeding ring?

2.How to feed the aquarium feeding ring

3.Are aquarium feeding ring useful?

4.How to choose the best diy aquarium feeding ring

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. What are the benefits of an aquarium feeding ring?

There are many feeds for fish, and the most reasonable is to mix dry and wet feeds with balanced nutrition. Feed the floating feed, because if you feed the floating feed, it is easy to salvage if you can't finish it, so as not to sink to the bottom and pollute the water quality. Add a feeding ring to the floating feed. There are always advantages to doing so, one is to waste less fish food. The second is to facilitate you to fish out, and will not cause changes in water quality.

The aquarium feeding ring can effectively prevent the fed feed from scattering to all corners of the water body, and help the fish to develop the conditioned reflex of feeding. If your fish feed is a buoyant feed, the feed waters can be well anchored to the feeding ring. Assuming that the water flow has little effect, after the feed slowly sinks to the bottom, it can be relatively concentrated in a certain area of the bottom. 

Theaquarium feeding ring gathers floating fish food, which has an additional benefit. It is convenient for us to pay attention to the physical condition of the fish. After all, we can observe the scales, fins, gills and other parts of the fish up close and in all directions.

二. How to feed the aquarium feeding ring

Useaquarium feeding ring. Throw the aquarium feeding ring into the , then it will float, and then throw the food into the ring and let the fish eat it by itself, which can prevent the food from spreading (hint: it is under filtration at this time).

Turn off the filter first, and then turn it on after feeding, to avoid the situation that the fish cannot eat due to changes in water flow.

Moreover, the amount of bait for feeding fish should generally be enough to be eaten in about 2 to 3 minutes. If feeding too much, it will cause deterioration of water quality and produce algae, so it should be avoided as much as possible. 

At the same time, it is not necessary to feed the same bait all the time. Only by feeding a variety of bait, the appetite of the fish will not deteriorate, and the growth will not be out of balance.

1.Aquarium Automatic Feeders

三. Are aquarium feeding ring useful?

Aquarium breeding circle, such a simple fish breeding equipment, is extremely inconspicuous. Due to its low price, it is not favored by many aquarists. The suction cup is attached to the glass inner wall of the aquarium, and the fish can eat food in a fixed place, so that they will not float around.

Feeding with a aquarium feeding ring can effectively prevent the water pollution caused by fish food in the corner of the fish tank, and it can also be collected and removed in time after you accidentally overfeed. The feeding circle gathers the fish food, which is convenient for the fish to eat, reduces the food scattering range, and prevents the fish food from being scattered in the full tank.

四. How to choose the best diy aquarium feeding ring

You can choose different specifications of fish tank feeding circles according to the type, size, quantity of fish you raise and the size of your bathtub. You can choose the bestaquarium feeding ring according to the product introduction parameters and your personal preferences

五. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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