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Smooth operation, low noise, long service life, large flow, power saving

Table of contents

1.The role of DC low pressure side suction variable frequency pump

2.Advantages of DC low pressure side suction variable frequency pump

3.Precautions for DC low voltage side suction variable frequency pump

4.How to maintain the DC low voltage side suction variable frequency wave pump

5.Does the DC low voltage side suction variable frequency pump need to be turned on all the time?

6.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. The role of DC low pressure side suction variable frequency pump

1. The current common aquarium filtration systems are mainly upper filtration, trickle flow, bottom filtration, filter barrel, side filtration, and back filtration. These filtration systems are different in form, but are essentially the same, all cultivated outside the tank Filtration system for nitrifying bacteria.

2. Make the water flow to increase the contact surface between the water and the air, increase the dissolved oxygen and increase the oxygen content in the water. Play the role of water circulation in the fish tank;

3. The key to keeping fish well is filtration, and filtration is mainly to filter fish waste. Filtration of dirty things in the tank such as fish waste ensures basic water quality. The toxins in the water are produced by fish waste.

4. The fish must be extracted into those filter bodies before nitrification can be carried out, and the ammonia in the fish can be removed. These filtration systems need to pass the water flow in the tank to draw most of the fish into the filter body. They usually need to be used with a wave pump. When the wave pump is working, the fish will float in the entire fish tank, and it takes time to filter all

these water bodies. Yes, during this period of time, the fish will be partially dissolved in the water, polluting the water body will increase the ammonia content, and the fish will be prone to disease, so it is necessary to change the water frequently to reduce the burden of filtration.

二. Advantages of DC low pressure side suction variable frequency pump

1. Adopt brushless motor, small size and easy to carry.

2. Large flow

3. Long service life

4. Low power consumption, low noise

5. DC voltage power supply, no leakage danger

Manufacturers who have purchased DC variable frequency water pumps know that there are many advantages of DC variable frequency water pumps, such as: muteness, automatic adjustment, and higher efficiency of use. The key is to save energy and electricity. Who doesn't love it?

The AC variable frequency water pump will not only vibrate constantly, but also make a lot of noise. The key price is also much more expensive than the DC variable frequency water pump. If you are a user, which one would you choose? If you say you have a lot of money, you have to use an AC variable frequency water pump, then I really have nothing to say, I can only say that you really love it.

In terms of rotational speed, the rotational speed of the DC variable frequency water pump is higher than that of the AC variable frequency water pump, and the noise of the DC variable frequency water pump adopts a silent controller, so the mute effect is much better than that of the AC variable frequency water pump. In terms of volume, the DC variable frequency water pump also has a great advantage.

In terms of safety, the DC variable frequency water pump belongs to low pressure, and the AC variable frequency water pump belongs to the high pressure, so the DC variable frequency water pump is safer than the AC variable frequency water pump. Of course, the AC variable frequency

pump does not have no advantages at all. Its advantages: the AC variable frequency pump is better than the DC variable frequency pump in terms of energy saving. The AC water pump has a simpler structure, is more durable, and is not prone to failure.

三. Precautions for DC low voltage side suction variable frequency pump

The frequency conversion pump changes the speed of the motor by changing the frequency of the power supply, thereby changing the water output of the pump. The speed of the variable frequency water pump determines the water output.

Operation Notes:

1. When the feed pump is in the interlocking standby state, it is not allowed to use the inverter.

2. The bypass switch must be placed in the closing position when the feed pump is interlocked for standby, and the input and output switches of the inverter are in the off position.

3. It is strictly forbidden to switch between frequency conversion and power frequency during the operation of the feed pump. Frequency conversion or power frequency operation can be selected only when the feed pump is out of operation.

4. When the frequency converter fails, if the power switch of the feed pump is not turned off, the other backup pumps will not be started together. Therefore, the backup pump should be started urgently in case of abnormality.

5. For the feed pump running with variable frequency, when the pump is normally stopped, it is strictly forbidden to stop the feed pump by disconnecting the high pressure switch such as the output and input of the frequency converter or press the pump stop button on the panel urgently.

6. During the variable frequency operation of the feed pump, pay attention to the output of the feed pump. The motor current of the feed pump should not exceed its rated current, and the minimum current should be kept above 100A as much as possible to avoid the vaporization of the feed pump.

四. How to maintain the DC low voltage side suction variable frequency wave pump

1. After the pump is used for a long time, the gap between the impeller and the sealing ring will increase, resulting in a decrease in the flow rate and efficiency of the pump. The switch should be turned off, the pump should be lifted, the bottom cover should be removed, and the sealing ring should be removed. Press the impeller mouth ring The actual size is equipped with a sealing ring, and the gap is generally about 0.5mm.

2. When the water pump is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned and lifted and placed in a ventilated and dry place, and attention should be paid to preventing freezing. If placed in water, run at least 30min every 15 days (no dry grinding) to check its function and adaptability.

3. The cable should be checked at least once a year, if it is damaged, please replace it.

4. Check the pump motor insulation and fastening screws at least once a year. If the motor insulation drops, please contact the after-sales service department of our company. If the fastening screws are loose, please re-tighten them.

5. The water pump has been injected with an appropriate amount of oil before leaving the factory to lubricate the mechanical seal. The oil should be checked once a year. If you find that there is water in the oil, you should drain it, replace the oil, replace the gasket, and tighten the screw plug. After three weeks, it must be checked again. If the oil is emulsified again, the mechanical seal should be checked and replaced if necessary.

五. Is the DC low voltage side suction variable frequency pump always on

Not necessarily.

Because the frequency converter has a sleep function, this function is when the pressure remains at a certain time, the pump has been running stably, that is, the water unit does not use water, the frequency converter can maintain the pressure with a very small frequency output, in this case, after the set time, the frequency converter will sleep.

When the pipe pressure decreases, the frequency converter will be awakened and enter the normal constant pressure water supply mode

六. We are an aquarium equipment manufacturer

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