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Table of contents

1.The role of DC cross-flow wave pump

2.Installation Instructions for DC Crossflow Wave Pumps

3.precautions for DC cross-flow wave pump

4.How to maintain the DC cross-flow wave pump

5.Does the DC cross-flow wave pump need to be turned on all the time?

6.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. The role of DC cross-flow wave pump

1. Wave pumps are generally widely used in large-scale fish breeding, such as: golden dragons, parrots, koi, lucky, maps, etc. These fish are likely to be short, stubby and obese in a calm aquarium environment, which is not conducive to maintaining beautiful appearance. Body shape, then, the

wave pump can be used to create artificial water flow and waves, so that the fish can grow in a river-like environment. The fish will move against the current in the water flow environment and sway

swimming. At the same time, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water is greatly increased, and the microorganisms in the water are fully communicated. , which is conducive to the growth and development of fish.

2. Through the action of the wave pump, the water flow in the fish tank can form a large water flow and a large circulation, which is conducive to stabilizing the water quality. That is, as mentioned in the previous point, it is conducive to the full communication of microorganisms in the water and is

conducive to the stability of water quality. And the stability of water quality is very important! This is the purpose of "big water flow and big circulation" that the aquarium industry has repeatedly emphasized!

3. The circulating water flow formed by the wave pump can assist to achieve the effect of accelerating the flow of fish to the water suction port of the pump, and has the effect of sucking the stool!

二. Installation Instructions for DC Crossflow Wave Pumps

Detailed installation instructions

1. It is basically suitable for all fish tank sizes, and the thickness of the fish tank is preferably less than 15mm;

2. The product components in the package are: wave pump body, intelligent controller, adapter, adapter wire, double-sided tape;

3. Remove the rear magnetic suction cup on the wave pump body bracket, and install the pump body in the middle of the inner wall of the fish tank. Tighten the inner wall of the suction cylinder with the rubber suction cup. Then move the rear magnetic chuck obliquely to the outer wall of the cylinder. Due to the strong magnetic attraction, be careful to pinch your hands;

4. Remove the protective paper of the double-sided adhesive tape and stick it to the middle of the back of the intelligent controller, then remove the protective paper on the other side of the double-sided adhesive tape, and stick the controller to the edge of the fish tank for easy operation. If you don't need to install it on the fish tank, you can remove this step;

5. Connect the 3-pin quick connection cable between the pump body and the controller, then connect the DC plug of the adapter to the controller, and connect the AC cable of the adapter.

三. Precautions for DC cross-flow wave pump

1. In order to ensure product performance, it is forbidden to run without water;

2. The installation position of the control box, pay attention to waterproof, to prevent water splashing on the control box;

3. When installing the magnetic suction cup, it should be installed carefully. It is best to move the rear magnetic suction cup on the outer wall of the fish tank to prevent it from damaging the fish tank;

4. Non-professionals, please do not open the control box and adapter casually to avoid damage;

四. How to maintain the DC cross-flow wave pump

1. Clean the wave pump regularly to ensure its effective action;

2. After there is water on the surface of the control box, please dry it with a dry cloth to prevent water from entering the control box;

3. When cleaning the debris in the pump body, open it by rotating the front net, rotate it clockwise to lock it, and rotate it counterclockwise to open it;

4. Wipe the blades with a soft cloth, and wash the dirt of the pump body with water;

5. This product is suitable for indoor use, but it is strictly forbidden to drop the control box and adapter into the water to avoid unnecessary losses.

五. Does the DC cross-flow wave pump need to be turned on all the time?

It is best to keep it on all the time to maintain a good underwater environment.

The main function is to "spin" the water in the fish tank, imitating the natural water flow, so that the water flow in each water layer of the fish tank is even and there will be no dead water areas.

However, when the fish tank reaches a certain length, there will be areas that the filtered water cannot reach, which is often referred to as the still water area or dead water area.

Using an upper-filtered fish tank, it can be seen intuitively that in addition to the impact of water flow in the launching area, there will be static floating objects in the water and accumulation of garbage and sediment in other areas.

六. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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