How to Choose the Best Covered Fish Tank with LED Lights - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

Covered fish tank with LED light The LED light is efficient and energy-saving, does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, does not harm the fish, and makes your fish tank more colorful and dazzling

Table of contents

1.What are the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights for fish tank lighting

2.Does a covered fish tank deprive fish of oxygen?

3.Is the fish tank covered or uncovered?

4.How to Pick the Best Covered Fish Tank with LED Lights

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. What are the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights for fish tank lighting

Advantages of LED lamps for fish tank lighting: High brightness: The spectrum of LEDs is almost all concentrated in the visible light band, and the efficiency can reach 80% to 90%, while the visible light efficiency of incandescent lamps is only 10%. The theoretical limit efficiency of visible light of

LED can reach at least 500lm/W, which has a considerable energy saving. High Purity: The color is pure and realistic, and it is restored to the natural color. Unlike the full-band spectrum of incandescent lamps, a typical LED has a narrow spectrum and emits pure light.

Multi-color: When colored light is required, by controlling the size of the forbidden band of the semiconductor material of the semiconductor light-emitting layer, various colors of light are emitted, and the chromaticity is higher. Multiple Changes: The change of color temperature can be adjusted to meet the needs of various occasions. Low heat: Compared with traditional lamps, it can be called cold light source.

Low power consumption: Compared with 1/10 of traditional lamps, the current light efficiency is approaching or surpassing fluorescent lamps. Long life: The service life is more than 100 times that of ordinary light bulbs. Small size: flexible application, small size, can be easily developed into thin and short products with flat packaging, and can be made into various forms of point, line and surface

Disadvantages of LED lamps for fish tank lighting: The biggest disadvantage of LEDs is that the one-time investment is high, the heat dissipation is poor, the damage rate is high, and the color rendering is poor, and a dark yellow color often appears.

二. Does a covered fish tank deprive fish of oxygen?

No, the finished fish tank with lid has seams, it is not closed, and it can breathe. The finished fish tank with a lid has a lamp, which can photosynthetically generate oxygen in the presence of aquatic plants. Part of the lid of the finished fish tank with a lid can be opened. In the case of lack of oxygen, it can be opened or not directly covered.

If you are afraid of hypoxia, you can install an oxygen pump. The opening time of the oxygen pump in the fish tank is generally judged according to the hypoxia state of the fish you raise. Generally, it is generally considered that it is best to open it normally. If you are afraid that the fish is tired, you can stop it for a while and then open it again. If you feel the noise is loud at night, the oxygen pump can be turned off. Yes, but remember that no matter how long it is open, the most important thing is to ensure that the fish tank is not hypoxic, and there is no fixed time limit.

三. Is the fish tank covered or uncovered?

1. The rectangular fish tank is generally better with a cover, and the round fish tank is generally better without a cover.

2. Large fish tanks are generally better with covers, and small fish tanks are generally better without covers.

3. For those with high requirements for water temperature control, it is better to have a cover, and vice versa.

4. For those with high air exchange requirements, it is better to have no cover, and vice versa.

5. According to the placement position, the side view is beautiful, the cover is good, and the top view is beautiful, the no cover is better.

6. It is better to have a fountain in the water without a cover, and vice versa.

In short, according to the overall situation of your fish tank shape, size, air control, temperature control, observation, beautification, and effect, then decide whether you need a cover and what kind of cover.

四. How to Pick the Best Covered Fish Tank with LED Lights

Different fish tank materials and shapes are different, so there are slight differences in functions and effects. You can choose the most suitable covered fish tank with LED lights according to the product introduction, parameters and personal preferences.

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