Best Bono Thermometers - Best Maker Picks for 2022

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Table of contents

1.The role of the Bono thermometer

2.Uses of Bono Thermometers

3.How a Bono Thermometer Works

4.How to use a Bono thermometer

5.How to clean up broken mercury

6.Bono Thermometer Precautions

7.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. The role of the Bono thermometer

Measure the temperature of the working medium in the container, so that the temperature of the working medium is controlled within the specified range to meet the needs of the production process.

(2) For those that need to control the wall temperature of the pressure vessel, install a thermometer to measure the wall temperature to prevent the wall temperature from exceeding the allowable wall temperature of the metal material. The instrument for measuring wall temperature should be regularly calibrated according to the regulations of the measurement department.

二. Uses of Bono Thermometers

Thermometers are used to measure temperature and are used in various fields such as life, production, medical treatment, and scientific research.

三. How a Bono Thermometer Works

According to the difference of the purpose of use, a variety of thermometers have been designed and manufactured. Its design is based on: the use of the phenomenon of thermal expansion and contraction of solids, liquids, and gases under the influence of temperature; under the condition of constant volume, the gas (or vapor pressure) changes due to the difference of temperature; the role of thermoelectric effect; resistance changes with temperature. Transform and transform; the effect of thermal radiation, etc.

四. How to use a Bono thermometer

1. First observe the range, division value and 0 point, the measured liquid temperature should not exceed the range;

2. The glass bulb of the thermometer is completely immersed in the liquid to be tested, and do not touch the bottom of the container or the wall of the container; 

3. After the glass bubble of the thermometer is immersed in the liquid to be measured, wait for a while, and then read after the reading of the thermometer is stable; When reading, the glass bulb of the thermometer should remain in the liquid, and the line of sight should be level with the upper surface of the liquid column in the thermometer.

五. How to clean up broken mercury

Mercury can generally be collected with paper towels, beverage bottles, etc. Mercury is a liquid metal that is volatile and toxic. If the mercury thermometer is damaged, the windows should be opened in time for ventilation. Immediately collect scattered mercury without touching it with your hands. You can use a paper towel or other item to store the mercury in a beverage or mineral water bottle. Don't pour it down the drain, and don't pour the mercury on the ground and wait for it to evaporate, because mercury is very toxic.

六.Bono Thermometer Precautions

1, to wait for the thermometer stable reading;

2, the thermometer can not leave the measured liquid when reading;

3, when reading the thermometer, eyes should be flat.

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