How to Choose the Best Betta Box for Your Aquarium - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

An excellent betta box makes your betta more healthy and free, using high-definition, stronger material, and easy to carry, better experience

Table of contents

1.What kind of fish tank do you need to keep betta fish

2.How to arrange the betta box? How to feed betta fish

3.How to choose the best betta box

4.Will the two betta fish keep hitting the fish tank?

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. What kind of fish tank do you need to keep betta fish

Betta refers to the small fish belonging to the order Perciformes, Perciformes, Percidae, and Betta subfamily. Because there is an auxiliary respiratory organ, the gills, the water quality requirements are lower than other fish, which is better. Although it is possible to keep bettas in small containers, from the point of view of convenient management and viewing, the tank for bettas should preferably meet the following requirements:

1. The water capacity of not less than 10 liters

2. With filter device

3, with heating equipment.

In addition, due to the aggressive habits of the betta fish, only one male can be raised in the same tank. Now, the betta fish tanks are often made into row tanks that communicate with each other but cannot swim together.

二. How to arrange the betta box? How to feed betta fish

1. Feeding water quality: Betta fish do not have strict temperature requirements. Generally, they can survive within 20 to 30 °C. The water temperature is 24 to 27 °C, which is the most suitable for their growth. The pH of the water is suitable for neutral water, and the pH value It is 6.5 to 7.2; the

 dissolved oxygen is best kept at 5 mg/l under artificial feeding conditions. In addition, attention should also be paid to controlling the content of some toxins in the water quality, with residual chlorine 0mg/l, nitrite 0mg/l, nitrate 5mg/l, ammonia 0mg/l, phosphate 0mg/l as the standard to

 test Whether your feeding water quality meets the needs of the fish, and make timely adjustments to provide a suitable water quality environment for bettas.

2. Feeding and management: Because betta is a kind of ornamental fish that is relatively resistant to extensive farming, many people neglect management during the feeding process. Even if betta can

 survive tenaciously, it will repay you with listlessness and depression. Children's life is free and easy, and at the same time adds joy to your life, and you have to do your best with the love of the owner.

There are no special restrictions on the containers for raising bettas, ranging from polyculture aquariums to glass tanks. However, due to their aggressive nature, in order to avoid them fighting, they are generally kept separately. If you want to keep two male betta fish fighting each other to

 show their majesty, you can put a piece of glass in the middle of the fish tank and then insert a non-toxic plastic plate, which can make you feast your eyes without harming the fish. In recent years, the palm tank has been launched in Taiwan, and its exquisite style and rich colors are very

 suitable for displaying the beauty of betta. However, no matter what kind of container is used, some necessary decoration and equipment placement must be done to provide the best living environment for betta to grow. First of all, a layer of clean and thin bottom sand or colored sand

 should be placed at the bottom of the fish tank. On the one hand, it can stabilize the roots of aquatic plants, and on the other hand, it can provide attachment for microorganisms. The ratio of water to bottom sand is 5:1. should. In order to maintain sufficient oxygen in the tank and provide a place for fish to hide, water plants with low CO2 demand such as hornwort and black algae should

 be properly implanted. In addition, in order to provide sufficient light and facilitate the photosynthesis of aquatic plants, it is best to configure a small lamp with soft light in the small glass tank.

Breeding betta is not only light and simple equipment, but also effortless to raise. It only needs to use a plastic hose to remove the fecal dirt at the bottom of the tank by siphon method every 3 to 7 days, and pump out about 1/3 of the sewage and inject it for dechlorination. The tap water can

 create a clean water quality environment; in a small aquarium, since no power equipment drives the water cycle, it is necessary to remove the oil film on the water surface formed by residual bait and feces at any time. Just drag it, in addition, some beneficial microorganisms and trace elements should be added in time according to the water quality.

Betta is an omnivorous and carnivorous species, so it can be fed with a variety of bait, and try not to make the recipe of Betta too monotonous. Usually artificially dried bait has complete nutrients and is clean and hygienic. It is an essential bait for most people to feed betta; in order to adapt to the

 habit of betta's water activities, it is best to choose floating feed. If fresh live bait can be fed at intervals, Such as artemia, larvae, silk earthworms, water fleas, etc., which can make the betta fish more colorful, and at the same time allow you to enjoy the fun of fish feeding in the process of

 feeding the fish, but because most of these kinds of bait carry bacteria The diseased fish can only be used as a preparation for the flavor of betta. It must be rinsed when feeding. The amount of each feeding can be eaten within 5 minutes. It is enough to feed once a day.

三. How to choose the best betta box

Different products have different sizes and dimensions, so there are slight differences in functions and effects. You can choose the most suitable betta box according to the product introduction, parameters and personal preferences.

四. Will the two betta fish keep hitting the fish tank?

The general Douyu boxes have partitions. Douyu, like people, have temperaments. They will fight according to their tempers. Even if it is a male and a female, sometimes they will look down on each other and start fighting! Of course, except for the breeding period. At this time, due to the role of

 instinct, it is basically the opposite sex, so the IQ of the fish will basically not choose. It is better than nothing, but once the breeding period is over, it will start again. Fight, so betta fish still have to have isolation measures! If there are two males, one mountain cannot tolerate two tigers, I think the struggle is certain, otherwise, how can it be called fighting fish?

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