Best aquascape tools - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

Professional aquascaping tools can help you remove water plants from your aquarium more easily, making your aquarium cleaner and more beautiful.

Table of contents

1.What are the special tools for aquascaping tools?

2.Pruning methods for different species of aquatic plants

3.Do aquatic plants have to be trimmed?

4.How to choose the best aquascaping tool?

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. What are the special tools for aquascaping tools?

Professional aquascaping tools include: straight tweezers, curved tweezers, straight scissors, curved scissors and straight and curved clips and shovels. Scissors are great for trimming your aquatic plants, while straight and curved tweezers make planting in the aquarium a breeze.

The tools are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is more durable, but it is recommended that you rinse and wipe them after each maintenance to prolong their life. Not to mention, they're designed in a way that minimizes plant damage.

二. Pruning methods for different species of aquatic plants

1. Pruning of aquatic plants with stems: Most aquatic plants with stems grow very fast. If they are not trimmed in time, they may damage the aquatic plants landscaping or block light due to excessive growth, so it is necessary to trim them in time. There are two general pruning methods:

 one is to cut directly from the middle of the plant body, and then let the remaining part grow and germinate; the other is to pull out the aquatic plants from the bottom bed, and cut off the lower part of the stem before planting.

2. Pruning of stemless aquatic plants: The leaves of aquatic plants, like terrestrial plants, have the phenomenon of aging, that is to say, some leaves will gradually senesce and wither. Withered leaves left in water are not only unsightly, but may also cause plant rot. Rosettes such as crown grass, can

 be cut from the petioles when pruning, and the position of the fracture does not need to be cut very deep, so as to avoid the stems and roots in the bottom bed. For root-growing aquatic plants such as small water orchids, if the leaves are too tall, cut them directly from the seed section of the leaves.

3. Pruning of duckweed species: some water lily plants may grow floating leaves and easily block the light, which is why it is not recommended to plant duckweed in aquariums, but after planting, it must be reduced. Number of leaves growing in water. However, some varieties mainly rely on the

 stalk segment of the floating leaves to produce reproductive buds for reproduction. If the breeding work is carried out, the floating leaves must be retained in order to develop new leaves from the reproductive buds.

4. Pruning of creeping aquatic plants: The most common creeping aquatic plants are mini dwarf pearls. When they grow to a certain density, they will stretch upward and continue to grow in the water layer. At this time, the stretched leaves and stems can be cut. or prune the whole plant group one by one along the surface of the subbed (commonly known as "shaved head"), let the part left in the subbed re-grow, or if necessary, take out the whole plant group and replant.

5. Pruning to eliminate redundant stem-like aquatic plants: some root-growing aquatic plants will reproduce asexually with stems. If the redundant stems are not cut off and left to walk horizontally in the bottom bed, they will grow to other aquatic plants. field, and develop new aquatic plants,

 which will destroy the original layout of aquatic plants landscaping, so if it is not necessary, be sure to cut off its stems and pull out the sub-posts together.

6. Pruning of Moss-like aquatic plants: The pruning of Moss is relatively simple, because Moss is often used as a shape, this is because of the characteristics of Moss-like aquatic plants. Just cut it off. Of course, in order to be smooth and beautiful, try to make the knife edge parallel to the bottom when trimming. However, the growth rate of Moss is relatively slow, so it is not necessary to prune frequently. When pruning, you must be careful not to let Moss float away, otherwise Moss will grow in any position in the aquarium.

三. Do aquatic plants have to be trimmed?

In addition to the careful design of the aquarium in the initial stage, the repair and maintenance in the later stage are also critical. Most plants grow relatively quickly in an aquarium and must be trimmed once they grow too lush or reach the surface. Trimming plants not only promotes their better metabolism, but also trims out your favorite aquarium landscape.

四. How to choose the best aquascaping tool?

Different products have different functions, so there are slight differences in function and effect. You can choose the most suitable one according to the product introduction, aquarium conditions, product parameters and personal preferences aquascape tools kit.

六. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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