5 Best Aquarium Wave Makers - best aquarium wave maker

An aquarium wave maker is a device used to create waves that resemble ocean and ocean waves. These devices mimic the flow of water created by nature, allowing the water to flow evenly across the various layers of the aquarium, which helps provide oxygen to fish and invertebrates.

Table of contents

1.What is an aquarium wave maker?

2.The role of aquarium wave maker

3.Is the choice of aquarium wave maker bigger the better?

4.Placement of the aquarium wave maker

5.5 Aquarium Wave Makers to Choose From

6.What is the difference between a circulating pump and a wave maker?

7.The difference between aquarium wave maker and submersible pump

8.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一.What is an aquarium wave maker?

The wave-making pump is also called the flow-making pump. The main function is to "spin" the water in the fish tank, imitating the natural water flow, so that the water flow of each water layer of the fish tank is even and there will be no dead water area. However, when the fish tank reaches a certain length, there will be areas that the filtered water cannot reach, which is often referred to as the still water area or dead water area.

Using an upper-filtered fish tank, it can be seen intuitively that in addition to the impact of water flow in the launching area, there will be static floating objects in the water and accumulation of garbage and sediment in other areas. 

At this time, adding flow in a specific area of the fish tank will cause the water in the fish tank to form an clockwise rotating water flow, and the sediment deposited in the still water area will be absorbed into the suction port with the undercurrent and be sucked into the filter, so that the filtration can treat the water quality more effectively.

二. The role of aquarium wave maker

1. Main role

The reason why the wave pump is used in the fish tank of ornamental fish is of course not to create waves. Although the fish tank of ornamental fish is not a still water environment, most ornamental fish do not like the strong water flow in the fish tank. To be clear.

Then the main function of the wave pump in the fish tank is to push the fish manure and impurities at the bottom of the fish tank to the bottom of the lower filter tank and the upper filter tank. Need to put it in some fish tank.

2. The second main role

The second function of the wave pump is to balance the water temperature in the fish tank faster, especially for large tropical fish tanks. If only one heating pipe is placed, the local water temperature of the heating pipe may be too high. The water temperature will not spread quickly, and the presence of the wave pump can quickly equalize the water temperature.

Another is that for some large ornamental fish, the existence of a wave pump in the fish tank can moderately exercise the ornamental fish, making their physique stronger and their appetite more exuberant.

1.Single Head Wave Pump Cleaning Artifact

2.Single Head Double Head Wave Pump

3.Double Head Wave Pump (Magnet Sucker)

4.DC Low Voltage Variable Frequency Wave Pump

5.DC Crossflow Wave Pump

三. Is the choice of aquarium wave maker bigger the better?

1. There are not many wave-making pumps in the general one-meter small fish tank. Even if we want to place them, it is best to choose the ones with lower power, such as about 6 watts. This is just an example. It depends on the stocking density of the fish tank, the size of the water flow, and the matching of other various equipment.

2. For large fish tanks over one meter two, the power of the wave pump should be higher, of course, but we also need to see what kind of ornamental fish are being raised, such as small tropical fish or goldfish raised in shallow water. Pumps are also not suitable for them.

四. Placement of the aquarium wave maker

1. Many aquarists are always entangled in the placement of the wave pump. In fact, there is no fixed model. You can carefully refer to the advice given by the customer service customer service. It can be said that each has its own reason.

2. So about the placement of the wave pump, don't we have a suitable method? There must be a method, that is, we must learn to observe the water flow in the fish tank.

3. This is actually very simple. Sprinkle a handful of fish food into the fish tank, and we can easily observe the direction of the water flow in the fish tank. It is not difficult at all. As long as we observe carefully, we will always find the bottom of the fish tank. How the manure runs on the bottom of the tank.

4. Then we will appropriately adjust the placement of the wave pump according to the actual situation. This thing is definitely not a big fish tank. It must be placed where it must be placed, in line with the upper and lower water in the fish tank, various landscaping, The location of the pump, the location of oxygen, and the amount of feces will all have a certain relationship.

5. Another is that, in fact, many fish tanks are not used at all, and most fish cannot handle it, not because there is no wave pump, or because of the filter of the fish tank, as long as we can observe the water flow in the fish tank. situation, many problems are no longer difficult problems.

五.5 Aquarium Wave Makers to Choose From

An aquarium wave maker that brings air into the water through the trachea to increase the oxygen content in the water; available in single and double head styles

but if in an aquarium with sufficient air inside, the water flow speed and water circulation are increased by making waves, which can make the water body and the air have a relationship. More contact will also have a certain effect.

六. What is the difference between a circulating pump and a wave maker?

Simply put, the impeller of the circulation pump rotates back and forth, just like a wheel! The impeller of the wave pump rotates left and right, just like a fan! The impeller of the circulation pump is relatively long, and because it rotates back and forth, it can drive the entire tank of water to achieve circulation. The wave pump can only drive a part of the water when it rotates like a fan, and cannot achieve the overall circulation. This is the difference between the two!

There is another big difference. Circulation pumps are generally only used for high-end goods such as dragons and tigers. The people who keep dragons and tigers are either rich people or local tyrants. Thousands and tens of thousands of fish must be equipped with better equipment!

The wave pump is generally used for ordinary trash fish. The fish is cheap, and the equipment does not need to be so expensive. In fact, the two pumps have similar functions! However, if the fish tank is large, more than 1.8 meters or more, it is recommended to use a circulating pump!

七. The difference between aquarium wave maker and submersible pump

Wave pump and submersible pump are basically the same thing. They are both submersible pumps, but they have different functions in use and different methods of use.

The wave pump is generally widely used in the breeding of large fish, such as: golden dragon and koi. These fish are likely to be short, stubby and obese in the calm aquarium environment, which is not conducive to maintaining a beautiful body shape. Then, use a wave pump. It can create artificial water currents and waves, so that fish can grow in a river-like environment. 

The fish will move against the current in the current environment and sway their swimming postures. At the same time, the dissolved oxygen in the water is greatly increased, and the microorganisms in the water are fully communicated, which is conducive to the growth and development of fish.

It is worth noting that the flow rate of the pump should be selected reasonably, too large or too small is not suitable. In addition, the water inlet should be well protected, otherwise it is easy to suck the fish and cause serious injury, and the sucked fish will block the water inlet. After that, the water pump will be idling, which will easily burn the motor and cause leakage.

The submersible pump is generally installed in the fish tank as the water flow exchange of the filter device.

When the submersible pump is used as a filter, the flow rate should be 3 to 5 times the total volume of the fish tank. For example, for an aquarium with a capacity of 100 liters of water, it is better to choose a submersible pump with a flow rate of 300 liters/hour. Similarly, the suction port also needs to be For protection, set up a large mesh isolation port to prevent the fish from being sucked.

八. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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