Best Bottom Suction Submersible Pumps - Best Manufacturer Picks of 2022

Smooth operation, low noise, long service life, large flow, power saving

Table of contents

1.The function of bottom suction submersible pump

2.The working principle of bottom suction submersible pump

3.Does the low suction submersible pump need cleaning?

4.Precautions for low suction submersible pumps

5.How to maintain the low suction submersible pump

6.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. The function of low suction submersible pump

1. Turn stagnant water into living water

2. The dirty things in the filter tank, such as fish poop, can ensure the basic water quality

3. Helps to cultivate nitrifying bacteria to make the water clear and clean

4. Increase the dissolved oxygen in water by a small amount.

5. It has good sealing performance, energy saving, stable operation, high lift and large flow. It is used in the water circulation of fish tanks and rockeries.

6. The user must check whether the rated voltage of the pump is consistent with the actual voltage before use.

7. When installing or removing and cleaning the water pump, you must first unplug the power plug and cut off the power supply to ensure safety. It is necessary to clean the filter basket and filter cotton frequently to ensure normal water intake and good filtering effect.

8. The key to keeping fish well is filtration, and filtration is mainly to filter fish waste, and the toxins in the water are produced by fish waste. The current general aquarium filtration systems are mainly upper filtration, drip-flow confluence, bottom filtration, filter bucket, side filtration, and back filtration. These filtration systems are different in form, but are essentially the same. They all cultivate nitrifying bacteria outside the tank. filtration system. That is to say, the fish must be extracted into those filter bodies before nitrification can be carried out, and the ammonia in the fish can be removed.

9. These filtration systems need to pass the water flow in the tank to draw most of the fish into the filter body. They usually need to be used in conjunction with the wave pump. When the wave pump is working, the fish will float in the entire fish tank, and all these water bodies are filtered. It takes time. During this time, the fish will be partially dissolved in the water,

polluting the water body to increase the ammonia content, and the fish will be prone to disease. Therefore, it is often necessary to use a straw to suck out the fish in time and change the water frequently to reduce the burden of filtration, which increases the difficulty and workload of maintenance.

二. The working principle of bottom suction submersible pump

Fish tank low-suction submersible pumps are mainly used in general aquarium filtration systems: upper filtration, drip flow, bottom filtration, filter barrel, side filtration, and back filtration. These filtration systems are in different forms, but they are essentially the same. A filtration system for culturing nitrifying bacteria outside the tank; making the water flow to increase the contact surface between water and air, increase dissolved oxygen and increase the oxygen content in the water; the key to good fish is filtration, and filtration is mainly to filter fish waste

 filter the tank The dirty things in it, such as fish poop, ensure the basic water quality, and the toxins in the water are all produced by the fish poop; it plays a role in the water circulation in the fish tank; the longer the better, the lower the tank is.

三. Does the low suction submersible pump need cleaning?

It needs to be cleaned regularly for a period of time, not only to pay attention to regular cleaning but also to pay attention to the electric wires and rubber suction cups of the water pump. Rubber suction cups are low-quality consumables and should be replaced after about a year of use, otherwise it will not be able to fix the function of the water pump well. The wire used by the water pump is also very important, because it is soaked in water half the time, even salt water, and prolonged soaking can make the wire stiff and even broken. In about 5-7

years, the wires of the water pump can be eliminated. Some fish with sharp teeth will bite the wires and cause short circuits. Freshwater fishes have such habits, such as toothfish, piranhas, large cichlids, etc., and seawater fishes have shells, angelfish and sharks. When raising these fish, wire To add a protective tube.

四. Precautions for low suction submersible pumps

1, the fish tank low suction submersible pump is called fish tank low suction submersible pump mainly because the pump will work into the water, when the water will be injected into the motor, its role is reflected in: one is to lubricate, the other is to cool the motor. If there is not enough water in the motor, the motor can not be cooled in time, so it is likely to burn out the motor. This not only damages the equipment but also poses a danger to the life in the tank.

2. There is a small branch pipe above the outlet of the fish tank low suction submersible pump. It is 90° with the outlet, which is the inlet. We put it through a plastic hose above the water surface for ventilation, and there is an adjustable knob on the other end of the hose to adjust the size of the air intake. Check that hoses are installed and knobs are turned on after installation.

3. Descaling of fish tank and fish tank low-suction submersible pump is often needed, and then new water is replaced. Although the fish tank low suction submersible pump can guarantee the oxygen in the water, it is still necessary to protect and replace the fish tank and equipment.

4. When installing the low suction submersible pump, the cable should be overhead and the power line should not be too long. When the unit is launched, do not make the cable stressed, so as not to cause the power line fracture. Low suction submersible pump work do not sink into the mud, otherwise it will lead to poor heat dissipation of the motor and burn out the motor winding. During installation, the insulation resistance of the motor shall not be less than 0.5m: motors below 13kW can be started directly, and motors above 13kW shall use the starting compensator.

5, try to avoid starting at low pressure. If the voltage is too high, the motor will overheat and burn the windings; if the voltage is too low, the motor speed will decline. If the motor speed is less than 70% of the rated speed, the start centrifugal switch will be closed, resulting in a long time of power around the start, resulting in heat and even burn the windings and capacitors. Do not frequently switch the motor, this is because the pump will produce backflow when stopped, if immediately started, the motor load will start, resulting in the starting current is too large and burned windings.

6, do not let the electric pump long-term overload operation, do not pump water with large sand content, the dehydration of the electric pump should not be too long, so as not to overheat the motor and burn. During the operation of the unit, the operator must observe whether the working voltage and current are within the value specified on the nameplate at any time. If not, the motor should stop running to find out the reason and eliminate the fault.

7, usually check the motor, such as cracks in the lower cover, damage or failure of the rubber seal ring, should be replaced or repaired in time, to waterproof infiltration into the machine.

五. How to maintain the low suction submersible pump

How to maintain low suction submersible pump

Pump is the heart of an aquatic animals box, to make this "heart" work normally, we must learn to maintain it, because carelessly otherwise, cause "heart" stop turn, that will be the disaster of aquatic animals box.

First of all, the water pump needs to be regularly disassembled and cleaned. The filth inside aquatic animals box is very much, the feed that is like fish excrement, decayed aquatic plant, residual is pumped likely in the pump. Due to the direction of the pump's internal rotation and the nature of impurities, a small part will remain in the pump, the most easy to trap

impurities between the turbine chamber and the rotor stator. The dirt will reduce the water flow of the pump, increase the operating temperature, and increase the noise. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the water pump once a month, open the protective cover of the water pump, remove the turbine, rotor and central shaft, and thoroughly clean the inside of the water pump. For the surface or dead Angle, waste toothbrush can be used to clean. When cleaning, do pay attention to the internal small parts, lost on the trouble.

Second, the pump can not be installed in the sand too close to the place, low submersible pump can not be used from the water. Some people like to install the pump right next to the bottom of the tank, thinking that the dirt will be pumped thoroughly, which makes no sense. As long as the pump is circulating, the dirt will be pumped into the filter with the current. A low installation pump may suck gravel from the bottom of the aquarium into the pump, which will seriously affect the pump life as the pump rotates. And, do not let the pump outlet is too close to the obstacles, do not deliberately block the outlet or half, these practices will shorten the service life of the pump.

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