7 Best uv light for Aquariums -Wholesale Picks 2022

The aquarium UV lamp destroys the microbial cells through ultraviolet rays, so that the microorganisms die, so as to achieve the sterilization effect.

Table of contents

1.Do you really need aquarium UV lights?

2.What is an aquarium UV light and how does it work?

3.7 best uv light for aquariumLamps to Choose From

4.The pros and cons of UV lamps for aquariums

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. Do you really need aquarium UV lights?

If your aquarium often turns green water and there are many farmed fish, the location of the aquarium does not absorb enough sunlight, which is easy to produce harmful bacteria and affect the health of fish.

1.Regular maintenance.

2.Filter correctly.

3.Eradication of algae in the aquarium.

4.Reduce nitrates and phosphates.

5.Use a water treatment or clarifying agent.

6.Maintain crystal clear water..

二.  What is an aquarium UV light and how does it work?

First, let's talk about UV light. You might think that aquarium UV lamps emit the same UV rays that we block with sunglasses, but that's not the case.

Of the ultraviolet rays from the sun, only UVA and UVB penetrate the atmosphere to hit us, causing sunburn, spots, and even skin cancer. But this is not the same as the UV lamps used in aquariums. The UV lamps used in aquariums emit UVC, as does the sun, but UVC wavelengths are too short to penetrate the Earth's atmosphere.

Aquarium UV lamps do not kill microorganisms directly, but mutate them so that they cannot grow and reproduce. The main role is some bacteria, parasites, algae, and these are impossible for traditional filter cotton, filter media, etc. 

Fish excrement and other harmful substances are removed from the water through biochemical filtration, but there is no way to deal with some bacteria, parasites and some algae in the water, and the aquarium ultraviolet lamp effectively makes up for these.

三. 7 best uv light for aquariumLamps to Choose From

Glass tube made of quartz, high light transmittance, higher UV ray energy, molybdenum filament connection column, high temperature resistance, longer lamp life, double-tube tungsten filament inside, greatly reduced attenuation, using precision control components , intelligent control, stable work.

Waterproof design, thickened protective shell, original imported wick, yellow and green water destroyer, through ultraviolet radiation, destroy the DNA and RNA molecular structure of microbial cells, make it lose the ability to reproduce and die, so as to achieve the role of sterilization and disinfectio

Thickened PP material shell, uv shielding, will not directly illuminate the fish and your skin, uv directly act on the water, and itself small, does not take up space, a more professional sterilization lamp, give you a different experience.

4. Self-sinking UV germicidal lamp, 3D-UV germicidal lamp and so on.

四.The pros and cons of UV lamps for aquariums


1.The aquarium UV lamp only irradiates bacteria, parasites, algae, etc. in the water through ultraviolet rays, and does not affect the beneficial bacteria on the filter material.

2.It can effectively prevent and eliminate algae in some water bodies, such as green water.


1.You must strictly follow the instructions to use, because this is harmful to other creatures, but also more dangerous.

2.Most of its effects are preventive rather than therapeutic.

3.Anyway, it's fixed for life, so just like a heating rod, you replace it at regular intervals.

五. We are an aquarium equipment manufacturer

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