9 Best Aquarium Thermometers - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

The aquarium thermometer can monitor the temperature of the fish tank in real time, and then adjust the water temperature to create a more comfortable environment for fish.

Table of contents

1.How do I use an aquarium thermometer

2.Is there mercury in the aquarium thermometer?

3.How to choose between nine aquarium thermometers

4.How to adjust the thermometer in aquarium

5.Are Aquarium Thermometers Toxic?

6.We are an aquarium equipment manufacturer

一.How to use an aquarium thermometer

The thermometer can be placed inside the tank, and the temperature display head can be placed outside or on the side of the tank. In this way, the remote reading temperature is convenient for the user. Digital thermometers are of better quality, easier to use, and more accurate.

1. Hold the upper end of the thermometer in your hand, so as to prevent the temperature of your hand from affecting the expansion and contraction of the liquid in the watch. Make sure that the glass bulb of the thermometer is fully immersed in the liquid being tested, taking care not to touch the bottom or walls of the container.

2. After the glass bubble of the thermometer is immersed in the liquid to be measured, wait for a while, and wait for the thermometer to stabilize before reading. If you read without waiting for the liquid column in the thermometer to stop rising and falling, you will not read the true temperature of the water.

3. When reading, the glass bubble of the thermometer should remain in the liquid. When the water surface is taken out, the reading is not the real temperature of the water. The line of sight should be level with the upper surface of the liquid column in the thermometer. Be careful not to throw it before taking the temperature. 

When temporarily measuring indoor and outdoor temperatures, hold the upper end of the thermometer by hand, wait for the liquid column in the thermometer to stop rising and fall, and then read it; when reading, the line of sight should be level with the top of the liquid column of the thermometer.

二.  Is there mercury in the aquarium thermometer?

There is no mercury, it is a bimetallic sheet thermometer. It is made of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction of metal. It uses a bimetallic sheet as a temperature sensing element to control the pointer. The bimetallic sheet is usually riveted with copper sheet and iron sheet, and the copper sheet is on the left and the iron sheet is on the right.

 Because the thermal expansion and contraction effect of copper is more obvious than that of iron, when the temperature rises, the copper sheet pulls the iron sheet to bend to the right, and the pointer is deflected to the right (pointing to high temperature) driven by the bimetallic sheet; otherwise , the temperature becomes lower, and the pointer is deflected to the left (pointing to low temperature) driven by the bimetallic sheet.

三. How to choose 9 kinds of aquarium thermometers

Different types of thermometers have different advantages and disadvantages, we can choose the most suitable aquarium thermometer according to price and practicality, each product has size, performance and other introductions for reference for your choice

四.the aquarium thermometer is not allowed to adjust how

An aquarium thermometer is an effective device for testing water temperature, so its accuracy is very important. Before putting the thermometer in the aquarium, we should calibrate the thermometer.

1. Usually two precise temperature points can be obtained, one is ice water at 0°C, and the other is boiled water at 100°C. The commonly used degrees Celsius is itself defined by these two temperatures (when the plains have a scale of atmospheric pressure, the plateaus are not in the theory).

 If you have a long glass thermometer with a temperature between minus 100°C, it is very accurate to measure with these two points. Ice Water Miscellaneous Remember to mix water and ice and leave it for a while to stabilize the water temperature.

2.The more accurate temperature measuring instruments we usually come into contact with are thermometers. This is a medical device, generally more strict and accurate. The traditional mercury thermometer has its own characteristics, which need to be considered: first, the measurement scale is relatively small, 35 to 42 ℃ (in fact, if it is poured, the lowest point is around 32-33 ℃, but the minimum scale is only 35 ℃); secondly , it can only raise the temperature. 

Traditional mercury thermometers have a capillary tube at the upper end of the vacuole. When the temperature drops, the mercury column breaks off from here, and the mercury column does not come down. This is to ensure that the reading of the thermometer will not change due to the low outside temperature after the thermometer is taken out of the body. 

So when it is used, it will be thrown away. This design also caused trouble for us to calibrate the fish tank thermometer with the thermometer.

3. How to calibrate? Take a basin of water, the amount is just right, too little is not suitable, too much waste water. Put a heating rod and adjust it to above 35°C. Put the thermometer in the tank to stabilize the temperature (that is, the heating rod begins to have a stagnant heating phase). 

Then put a thermometer in when the heat stick is on, and 2 to 3 minutes later compare the thermometer with the fish tank thermometer. The difference is the error of the fish tank thermometer. Remember to put a small water pump in the water to stir the water if you want to be on time. This method is more accurate when the room temperature is higher.

五. Are Aquarium Thermometers Toxic?

Broken aquarium thermometers are generally not poisonous, as they are generally made for aquariums. Unlike mercury thermometers, it contains alcohol. If it is damaged and leaks, the water can be changed appropriately. The thermometer is made of kerosene, which will form oil blooms on the water surface, which need to be washed off in time, otherwise it may pose a threat to the health of the fish. In the case of mercury thermometers, breakage is a threat.

六.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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