20 Best aquarium submersible pump - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

An aquarium submersible pump circulates the water in the aquarium, so it not only creates clean water for your fish, but it also keeps the water aerated so your fish can breathe.

Table of contents

1.What is the main function of the aquarium submersible pump?

2.What are the performance characteristics of aquarium submersible pumps?

3.25 Aquarium Submersible Pumps to Choose From

4.The reason why the aquarium submersible pump has water flow and no air bubbles

5.Should aquarium submersible pumps be left on for extended periods of time?

6.Why is the aquarium submersible pump not pumping?

7.How to install an aquarium submersible pump?

8.What are the requirements for the use of aquarium submersible pumps?

9.Precautions for the use of aquarium submersible pumps

10.We are a manufacturer of fish tank cleaning equipment

一. What is the main function of the aquarium submersible pump?

The aquarium submersible pump, the first is to filter, pump the water in the fish tank to the filter cloth, the water flows down, and the dirt is left on the filter cotton. The second effect is to increase oxygen. During the flow of water, a large amount of air or dissolved in the water increases the amount of oxygen in the water, and the fish can breathe more smoothly.

But the most important function is filtration, which makes the water circulate and flow into the filter tank, and purifies the water through the filtration of the filter material.

Filtration is mainly physical filtration and biological filtration. Physical filtration is to filter out relatively large organic wastes (fish feces, food residues, etc.) through filter cotton, followed by

 biological filtration, which is to cultivate nitrifying bacteria such as ceramic ring bacteria houses to form a stable nitrification system. Nitrification is not explained, it is the core of maintaining water quality in fish tanks.

1. Turn stagnant water into living water

2. Filter the dirty things in the tank, such as fish feces, to ensure the basic water quality

3. Helps to cultivate nitrifying bacteria to make the water clear and clean

4. Slightly increase the dissolved oxygen content of water

二. What are the performance characteristics of aquarium submersible pumps?

●Good sealing performance, energy saving and stable operation.

High sealing performance, to achieve water and material isolation, with strong energy-saving effect, you can use it with confidence, only with imported rotors, and the operation is more stable.

●High lift, large flow.

Ultra-high lift, super-large flow, evolution from generation to generation, the latest fish tank submersible pump brings you a different experience.

●Suitable for water circulation in aquariums and rockeries.

It has strong adaptability and can still work normally in response to different water environments.

●Applicable to fresh water.

No matter the water quality, it can be applied to both fresh water and sea water.

●Super silent effect.

There is no noisy machine roar, and the running sound does not affect the rest at all.

三. 20 Aquarium Submersible Pumps to Choose From

The general aquarium filtration system mainly includes upper filter, trickle flow, bottom filter, filter barrel, side filter and reverse filter. These filtration systems vary in form, but are basically the same, all outside the tank. Filtration systems for culturing nitrifying bacteria;

Make the water flow to increase the contact surface between the water and the air, increase the dissolved oxygen and increase the oxygen content in the water; the key to good fish is filtration, and filtration is mainly to filter the fish waste, and filter the dirty things in the tank such as fish waste to ensure Basic water quality, toxins in the water are produced by fish;Play the role of water circulation in the aquarium.

四. The reason why the aquarium submersible pump has water flow and no air bubbles

1. The air pressure is smaller than the water pressure. In this case, the pressure of the water pump can be adjusted. When the pressure rises, the water will bubble.

2. There is an object in the water pump blocked, which can be solved by disassembling the water pump for cleaning.

3. The position of the water pump cannot be placed at the bottom of the fish tank.

4. Something is blocking the water outlet.

五. Should aquarium submersible pumps be left on for extended periods of time?

It is recommended to turn on the aquarium pump for a long time. The role of the aquarium submersible pump is to produce oxygen for the fish in the aquarium. If the aquarium pump is turned off, the fish in the aquarium may die from lack of oxygen. When using the water pump, the top of the submersible pump shall not be higher than the water surface and shall not be exposed outside.

六.Why is the aquarium submersible pump not pumping?

1. There is air in the water inlet pipe and pump body, which causes the water pump not to pump water.

2. The speed of the aquarium water pump is too low to meet the self-priming effect, resulting in no pumping

3. The suction stroke of the aquarium water pump is relatively large, and it cannot absorb water after work, so it cannot be used normally.

七.How to install an aquarium submersible pump?

1. Put the long sponge in first

2. Install the leaking parts below and tighten

3. Put the card position parts against the sponge on the card slot

4. Connect the water pump to the long pipe

5. Install the filter

6. Connect the hose part of the oxygen injection pipe

7. Install the oxygen injection port upward at the bayonet

8. Connect the curved pipe to the oxygen injection port

9. Then connect the water filter pipe to the curved pipe, note that there is a row of small holes facing down

10. Take the power plug out of the fish tank

八.What are the requirements for the use of aquarium submersible pumps?

1. The size of the aquarium should be selected according to the size of the indoor space, and the shape of the aquarium should match the interior as much as possible, so as to make the overall effect better. Moreover, the water volume of the aquarium and the flow rate of the submersible pump need to reach a certain state. Generally speaking, the water circulation in the aquarium needs to reach about 10 times per hour to ensure it.

2. Special attention should also be paid to the filter compartment in the aquarium. If the selected filter tank has a larger volume, more filter materials can be added, and the area that can be filtered will be larger. In this way, the filter tank can receive a greater flow of water. will also become easier. However, the size of the filter room should be controlled to a certain size so as not to exceed the aquarium's tolerance range.

3. The number of fish to keep in the aquarium should be considered well in advance. If there are more fish, there will be more food to be fed, and more excrement will be produced every day, so a larger flow is required. Hygienic cleaning of the aquarium. At this time, the power of the selected aquarium pump should be slightly larger, otherwise there will be insufficient pumping power, which will affect the cleaning effect of fish manure in the aquarium.

九.Precautions for the use of aquarium submersible pumps

1: Can be used when the voltage is greater than or less than 15% of the normal voltage.

2: If the power cord is damaged, please disconnect the power immediately.

3: Please clean the rotor and water blades regularly.

4: The user must check whether the rated voltage of the pump is consistent with the actual voltage before use.

5: When installing or removing and cleaning the water pump, you must first unplug the power plug and cut off the power supply to ensure safety.

6: The filter basket and filter cotton need to be cleaned frequently to ensure normal water intake and good filtering effect.

7: To protect the pump body, if it breaks, please stop using it immediately.

8: The maximum immersion depth of the water pump is 0.4 meters.

9: Aquarium pumps are called aquarium submersible pumps mainly because the pump needs to be submerged in water to work. When water is injected into the motor, its functions are: one is to lubricate and the other is to cool the motor.not enough water in the motor, the motor cannot be cooled in time, and the motor is likely to be burned out. Then it will not only damage the equipment but also bring danger to the life in the fish tank.

10: There is a small branch pipe above the water outlet of the aquarium submersible pump, which is 90° to the water outlet, that is, the water inlet. We'll use a plastic hose to run it over the water for ventilation, and the other end of the hose has an adjustable knob to adjust the size of the air intake. After the installation is complete, you need to check whether the hose is installed and the knob is turned on.

11:The aquarium needs to be descaled frequently and then replaced with new water regularly. Although the aquarium submersible pump can ensure the oxygen in the water, the aquarium and equipment still need to be protected and replaced accordingly.

十. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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