10 best aquarium scraper - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

Some say once a week, some say once a month. The real answer is that it all depends! Several factors include the size of your tank, how many fish you have, and how much beneficial bacteria and live plant biofiltration you have.

Table of contents

1.Does algae in an aquarium have to be removed?

2.How to remove green algae in aquarium glass?

3.How to Choose the 10 best aquarium scraper

4.How algae are generally removed

5.Will an aquarium scraper scratch the glass?

6.We are a manufacturer of fish tank cleaning equipment.

一. Does algae in an aquarium have to be removed?

Moderate levels of algae growth are good for your aquarium. It also lets you know your aquarium is in good condition. Algal overgrowth is a problem and as an aquarium owner you should correct it before it affects your ornamental fish and plants.

二.How to remove green algae in aquarium glass?

An easy way to remove algae from glass is to use a fish tank scraper and some elbow grease. The scraper will remove heavy algal deposits as well as everyday thin film algae, giving you a clearer view of the fish in your aquarium.

1.Aquarium Algae Scraper

2.Aquarium scraper

3.Aquarium Magnetic Brush

三. How to Choose the 10 best aquarium scraper

The size of the fish tank is different, and the algae scraper selected for different aquatic environments is also different, but the following products are available for your reference and selection

四.How algae are generally removed

1.Remove manually

After the algae blooms, the most direct removal method is manual removal. Adhering algae can be removed using appropriate tools. For example, use a glass brush or toothbrush to remove algae from glass walls or equipment. If the algae is attached to the leaves of aquatic plants, you can cut the leaves directly.

2. Chemical removal method

There are many algae-removing agents on the market, which can also be used to kill algae, but most of the algae-removing agents are also harmful to aquatic plants and even fish and shrimp, so we try not to use drugs. If it is really necessary to use a drug, it can be used at a low concentration to achieve the effect of killing algae with minimal damage to aquatic plants.

3. Stocking algae-eating biological method

Some fish can eat algae attached to the walls of the aquarium, such as moss rats. We can use this feature to eliminate algae in the aquarium; there are also some shrimps and snails that can eat algae, such as big river shrimp, black shell shrimp can eat most of the algae in a very short time; apple snails can also Eat the epiphytic algae in the aquatic tank, but not the aquatic plants. These fish and shrimp snails themselves are also ornamental, and can be matched according to the actual species of fish and shrimp being farmed.

4. Ultraviolet algae kill

Using aquarium ultraviolet lamps (UV lamps) can kill bacteria and algal spores at the same time. Irradiating places with attached algae with UV light can also kill algae within a few days, but it will have some effect on aquatic plants.

Note: Reasonable use of various sterilization methods according to the actual situation can achieve the effect of killing algae. At the same time, combining the causes of each algae production to change the environment of the aquaculture box can eradicate algae for a long time.

五.Will an aquarium scraper scratch the glass?

The hardness of the aquarium scraper is smaller than that of the aquarium glass, so the algae scraper generally will not scratch the aquarium glass, but too much force will cause the aquarium scraper to scratch the glass, so it is necessary to master the strength when using the aquarium scraper.

Precautions for using an aquarium scraper:

1.When using the aquarium scraper to remove algae, it is best to scrape the algae in a straight line up and down the inner wall of the aquarium, not diagonally. Maintain the proper angle so that the retaining nut of the scraper will not scratch the glass.

2. Take care to remove foreign objects from the scraper. Sometimes it is not the blade that scratches the glass, but a hard foreign object, such as gravel, attached to the blade.

3. Replace the blade of the scraper frequently, and the blade is easy to curl over time.

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