12 Best Aquarium Filter Media - Manufacturer's Picks for 2022

High-quality aquarium filter media can play a very good role in filtering, purifying, stabilizing and regulating aquarium water quality in a fish farming environment.

Table of contents

1.What is the role of aquarium filter media?

2.What are the types of aquarium filter media?

3.How to choose 12 kinds of aquarium filter media?

4.How to clean the aquarium filter media?

5.How to Change Aquarium Filter Media Without Losing Bacteria?

6.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. What is the role of aquarium filter media?

Aquarium filter media, as the name suggests, can filter, purify, stabilize and regulate the water quality of aquariums in various fish and fish breeding environments. All aquarium filter media do nothing more than these four functions.

1. Filter. For example, the first layer of filter cotton or magic carpet in the wet separator or filter tank, its main function is to filter out the dirty things in the fish tank well.

2. Purifying effect. The layers of filter cotton below the filter cotton, or biochemical cotton, or brushes, etc., are all for better auxiliary filtration and better water purification. This also includes short-term addition of activated charcoal to absorb toxic or harmful substances in the fish tank.

3. stabilisierende Wirkung. Um nützlichen Bakterien im Aquarium einen Lebensraum zu bieten, werden verschiedene poröse und atmungsaktive Filtermaterialien verwendet, um den Effekt einer Stabilisierung der Wasserqualität zu erzielen. Einschließlich Keramikringe, Pilzhäuser, biochemische Kugeln usw., solange es alle Materialien erfüllt, die durch die Anhaftung von nitrifizierenden Bakterien erzeugt werden.

4. The role of water quality adjustment. The filter material that can properly adjust the water quality according to the special requirements of the fish. Anything that can adjust the water quality to our advantage, like fire stones and coral stones.

二. What are the types of aquarium filter media?

1. Filter white cotton

Generally speaking, filter cotton should refer to white cotton, which is the most common first layer of filter material. It is mainly used to block physical dirt such as residual bait and fish excrement, so that saprophytic bacteria can reproduce and decompose here. This part needs to be Frequent cleaning and replacement.

1.Filter white cotton

2.activated carbon

3.ceramic ring

4.biochemical ball

2. Coral sand

This is the filter material used by many guppies or other fish that need weak alkaline, because coral sand has two functions of "weak alkaline" and "bacteria cultivation" at the same time. Coral sand will make the pH value in the water weakly alkaline. When the residual bait and dirt in the water accumulate, the pH value in the water will be slowly acidified. At this time, coral sand can inhibit the speed of water acidification and coral sand The surface pores are also quite large, which can help the attachment and reproduction of nitrifying bacteria. Coral sand, like filter materials such as ceramic rings, should not be over-cleaned so that the cultured bacteria are washed away and the filter system disintegrates.

3. Activated carbon

Activated carbon is a porous carbon material, and charcoal and bamboo charcoal also belong to activated carbon. Activated carbon has both "physical filtration" and "chemical filtration" functions, which can effectively remove trace components, pigments, odors, etc. Activated carbon adsorption cannot produce a therapeutic effect. After the medication period is over, activated carbon can be put back into the water to absorb the remaining chemical substances in the water and purify the water.

4. Biochemical cotton

Biochemical cotton is mainly arranged on the second layer. Under the filter cotton, the characteristics of biochemical cotton are that it is not easy to rot and has large pores. It is suitable as a filter material for nitrifying bacteria. When the pores are blocked by dirt and need to be cleaned, it can be Take out some of the biochemical cotton and use the original tank water for simple cleaning.

Avoid taking out all the biochemical cotton and using tap water for direct cleaning, which will cause the nitrifying bacteria in the filtration system to disappear completely, which will easily cause the system to disintegrate and lose the ability to decompose toxic substances.

5.ceramic ring

It provides a filter material for the attachment and reproduction of nitrifying bacteria. The ceramic ring is made of high temperature sintered clay, which is durable, firm and not easy to break. It is a neutral material and will not affect the pH or hardness of the water. When placing the ceramic ring, it can be disassembled into two bags. 

After one month of use, it is recommended to wash both bags with the original water in the replaced tank. After about half a year, replace it according to the situation. If it starts to break, replace the bags one at a time. Remember to replace. Do not change the water together.

6. Biochemical Ball

One of the common filter materials, some players mistakenly soak the entire biochemical ball in water, which is the wrong way to use it. The biochemical ball uses irregular voids to create the largest surface area, providing space for bacteria to multiply and grow, and can generate turbulence.

Therefore, it is mainly placed in the drip tank to let the water flow over the surface of the biochemical ball, which can aerate the water layer by layer. There are also players who place biochemical balls in the cylinder, which can disrupt the water flow in the cylinder and improve the effect of nitrifying bacteria cultivation and filtration and decomposition.

三. How to choose 12 kinds of aquarium filter media?

For the upper filter, side filter or filter barrel with small filter space, the filter material with large volume per unit of filter area should be selected, and the bottom filter with large filter space can be more selective. The amount of biochemical filter material used should account for at least 5-10% of the volume of the fish tank. 

Am Beispiel eines 500-Liter-Aquariums müssen im Filterbecken mindestens 25 Liter Platz für biochemisches Filtermaterial vorhanden sein. Wenn möglich, so viele wie möglich. Die Verwendung von biochemischen Filtermedien bietet einen breiten Wachstumsraum für nitrifizierende Bakterien.

四.How to clean the aquarium filter media?

Usually aquarium filter media cannot be cleaned thoroughly and must be cleaned in batches, otherwise the original ecosystem in the tank will be destroyed. When cleaning, use the original water tank water, do not use new water, and do not wash too hard, just rinse off the surface dirt.

Wash only one-fifth of the total amount at a time, and wash the next batch every two days. While some nitrifying bacteria die, others remain alive.

1. The first layer: The first layer of the filter box should be placed with a physical filter material, usually fiber cotton, which can filter out the dirt in the water and make the water clear. Fiber cotton will clog for a long time, so it needs to be cleaned regularly, but the thinner it is washed, the thinner it needs to be replaced regularly.

2. The second layer: The second layer of the filter box needs to prepare filter materials for chemical filtration, such as ammonia absorption stone, zeolite, activated carbon, water resin, etc., which can absorb harmful substances in the water and ensure the safety of water for the body. It's important to note that these filters are only valid for about three months, so they need to be replaced regularly.

3.The third layer: Starting from the third layer, no matter how many filter boxes there are, only biological filter materials, such as biochemical cotton, biochemical balls, porcelain rings, etc., are placed. These filters can provide a place for nitrifying bacteria to attach, so they cannot be easily cleaned or replaced, otherwise the nitrification system will be damaged and the health of the fish will be affected.

五.How to Change Aquarium Filter Media Without Losing Bacteria?

1. Replace the tank filter sponges one at a time.

2. Leave the old filter media in the tank.

3. Reuse the filter media from the old filter.

4. Always clean the filter media in the old tank water.

5. Consider a three-stage filtration system.

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