Best Aquarium Backgrounds 3D - 2022 Maker Picks

Excellent aquarium backgrounds can help your aquarium hide small impurities, plus vivid 3D pictures can make your aquarium look more beautiful.

Table of contents

1.What does an aquarium background do?

2.Which is better black or white for an aquarium background?3.What color fish tank background painting is the best?

3.What is the best color for an aquarium background?

4.How to choose the most suitable aquarium background painting?

5.Are we an aquarium equipment manufacturer?

一.What is the function of the fish tank background painting?

In the process of raising fish for most common aquarists, a slightly higher stocking density and daily fixed feeding are essential, and there may not be such a powerful filter at all.

At this time, there may be some fine impurities visible to the naked eye in the fish tank. After all, it is very difficult to achieve the ultimate clarity of the glass that transmits light everywhere. Therefore, at this time, the background painting of the fish tank comes in handy.

I feel that the clarity is a bit poor, and the body color of the ornamental fish is not very visible. Draw a piece of background paper to cover up this action. In fact, it is also a way of deceiving oneself. Yellow, it's all the same. It's all for the sake of being out of sight and out of mind and to avoid excessive tossing.

Any aquarist with some experience will surely find that even if the water quality of the fish tank is clear and a background painting is added, the appreciation effect will be completely different. Zhang background painting, this so-called water purification effect, it is immediate. In other words, a background painting can only cover the ugliness of the water quality.

A good choice of background painting can show better body color of ornamental fish

二. Which is better black or white for an aquarium background?

The white background provides more depth to the aquascape and showcases plants and fish well. While a dark background absorbs color and often narrows viewing angles, a white background can stand out well

When using a black aquarium background, for some reason the color of the fish seems to be enhanced when the aquarium background is darker. They are more vibrant in color and seem to stand out from the usual dark background.

The reason why the background is pasted on the aquarium is not only for the convenience of viewing, but also for the visual effect of the fish being immersed in the sea. If it is for viewing, it is usually attached to the side of the fish tank against the wall. If you only plan to view from one side, you can also attach three other sides.

There are two reasons for the black background of the fish tank, one is to facilitate viewing, especially the fish tank placed against the wall, it will look better if there is a background. The other is to preserve the color of the fish. The body color of many fish tends to change with the surrounding environment. If the whole is relatively transparent, the phenomenon of color fading will occur, and the black background can prevent this from happening.

三. What is the best color for an aquarium background?

1. Red background painting

In fact, it stands to reason that all ornamental fish are actually quite sensitive to red things. The so-called sensitivity means that in the eyes of most ornamental fish, red represents danger or poison, which is an inconvenience in nature. 

2. Black background painting

The benefits of black background painting for ornamental fish are quite large. Most ornamental fish grow in a darker environment. They will be relatively stable in state, and the fish will also have high immunity and emotional comfort.

Moreover, in the process of actually raising ornamental fish, for blue and red ornamental fish, most of them prefer black backgrounds. Under these darker backgrounds, ornamental fish enjoy the best effect. of.

It just gives us the impression that without proper lighting and room lighting, the aquarium will appear dark, but most aquarium fish will be comfortable in such an environment.

3. Blue background painting

Echoing the black background color image is the blue background painting. They are stronger than black in terms of brightness. They are also suitable for most aquarium fish in red and blue. The black background painting is slightly worse.

But the brightness is still good. Some aquarists don't like to have a black background in the tank all day, so blue background painting is also a good choice for us.

4. White background painting

The white background painting is also beneficial to our appreciation, so most of the fish shops are arranged in a brighter environment, except for some ornamental fish with special needs.

For some small ornamental fish, if the background color is not too big, we can also adopt the practice of white background painting and dark bottom sand. This situation is also possible, and it will also help them to stabilize their mood.

5. Green background painting

Speaking of this, the first thing that everyone should think of is goldfish. In the fish tank where traditional goldfish are raised, we don't need background paper, we just need to cultivate a tank with a green moss background.

This will be more conducive to the mental stability and body color of the goldfish, and the moss is also the food source of the goldfish, which is of great benefit to the reproduction and life of the goldfish.

Including guppies raised in green or mossy water, their bodies will be quite brightly colored.

四. How to choose the most suitable aquarium background painting?

Breeding different fish and different aquarium landscaping environments, the choice of aquarium background paintings is different, you can choose the most suitable aquarium background paintings according to your personal preferences and aquarium environment. The following products provide you with different single and double sided styles. Refer to the selection, and you can also customize your favorite aquarium background paintings.

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