Best Aquarium Automatic Feeders - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

A high-performance aquarium automatic feeder that gives you peace of mind when you're out and about. Using high-tech automatic fish feeding, it is more worry-free and more convenient than manual operation.

Table of contents

1.How many types of aquarium automatic feeders can be divided into?

2.Do you really need an aquarium automatic feeder?

3.How to install an aquarium automatic feeder

4.How to choose the best aquarium automatic feeder?

5.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. How many types of aquarium automatic feeders can be divided into?

1. Hourglass automatic feeder

This feeder does not mean that its shape is like an hourglass, but the food outlet of the feeder uses the hourglass principle. When the food outlet is cleaned by the pet, the food storage box immediately replenishes it. This type of feeder cannot be fed regularly and cannot be used for a long time. It can only guarantee feeding for two or three days at most. Otherwise you will die or starve to death.

2. Mechanically controlled automatic feeder

Mechanical automatic feeder is an automatic feeder that uses a mechanical timing device at the exit to open the feeding port or box cover on the basis of the hourglass type. This type of feeder does not require electricity and batteries, and can only be fed once. or twice. Such products have been eliminated from the market.

3. Electronic automatic feeder

The electronic automatic feeder is based on the mechanical type, using electronic device control (electronic alarm clock, time relay, PLC, etc.) at the food outlet to open and close the food outlet regularly, or push the food into the food box, or put the food into the food box. The box is pushed

 to the outlet. This type of feeder needs to be powered by electricity or batteries, and can be set for multiple timed and quantitative feedings. At present, most of the automatic feeders in the market belong to this type of products, and some of their functions are relatively simple and rich in functions depending on the use of electronic devices. Of course, feature-rich prices are also richer.

4. Smart feeder

Combined with intelligent equipment, by identifying fish weight, appearance, etc., the feeding formula and feeding amount are automatically adjusted according to the identification data. After a fish is fed, it will not be fed again within the set time, and those who have not been fed can be fed, avoiding the need for food. Malnutrition caused by pets earning uneven food. You can also check

 the fish's eating status at any time through the network, and automatically judge its health through the eating status. If the fish is abnormal, you can automatically or manually contact the veterinarian to deal with it. This type of feeder is currently the top feeder in the pet supplies market, and the price is also top.

二. Do you really need an aquarium automatic feeder?

An fish aquarium automatic feeder serves your fish when you're not home. This is also arguably more reliable than having your friends and family feed the fish. If you're out and about, you don't have to worry about your fish running out of food, so while a fish feeder isn't an essential aquarium product, it's definitely useful.

三. How to install an aquarium automatic feeder

1. Clip on Glass - The fish tank automatic feeder is attached to the rim of the aquarium via clips in the box.

2. An automatic fish tank feeder can support its own weight and stand on top of the aquarium hood. If you have a smaller aquarium, place this aquarium automatic feeder on an aquarium ledge.

四. How to choose the best aquarium automatic feeder?

One-key automatic timing feeder for aquarium, intelligent feeding, precise timing, controlled amount feeding, built-in battery, durable, worry-free travel. Suitable for a variety of feeds to meet different needs. No need to worry about going out for long holidays.

五. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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