16 Best Aquarium Air Pumps - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

Quiet aquarium air pump, it can provide more oxygen to your aquarium and can also be used as decoration.

Table of contents

1.What are the uses of aquarium air pumps?

2.How does an aquarium air pump work?

3.The difference between aquarium air pump and aerator

4.Features of the aquarium air pump

5.Key points for purchasing aquarium air pumps

6.Maintenance of the aquarium air pump

7.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一.What are the uses of aquarium air pumps?

1. It can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, transport oxygen to every corner, and avoid harm to fish due to insufficient oxygen. It is especially important for saltwater aquariums and water bodies that are not planted with aquatic plants.

2. The air pressure in the water is increased by aeration, and the water body is fluctuated, so as to achieve the purpose of removing harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide dissolved in the water, and play a role in purifying the water.

3. Inflating can make the water flow, and avoid the inconsistent water temperature in the aquarium. When a thermostat is used in winter, the convection of the water spreads the heat energy evenly.

4. Due to the increase of oxygen in the water, the activity of aerobic bacteria is intensified, thereby accelerating the decomposition of harmful substances in the water and improving the water environment.

二. How does an aquarium air pump work?

The working principle of the aquarium air pump is that the air is injected into the water through the trachea through the operation of the pump. Since the density of air is much less than that of water, the air injected into the water will rise rapidly in the water and return to the air from the water surface. But in this process, some of the oxygen in the air will dissolve in the water, thereby increasing the oxygen content in the water. 

Therefore, the oxygen pump continuously draws air into the water, and oxygen will be continuously dissolved into the water to make up for the oxygen consumed by the respiration of the fish, thereby meeting the oxygen demand of the fish in the aquarium.

三.The difference between aquarium air pump and aerator

1. Different properties: an air pump that removes air from an enclosed space or adds air from an enclosed space. The aquarium oxygen pump is a facility that increases the dissolved oxygen in the water body.

2. Different characteristics: The air pump is an air pump powered by electricity, which continuously compresses air through electricity to generate air pressure. The aquarium oxygen pump is to press the air into the water, so that the oxygen in the air is fully contacted with the water body, so that the oxygen is integrated into the water, thereby increasing the dissolved oxygen in the water body.

3. Different applications: air pumps are mainly used in tunnel ventilation, biogas digester aeration, sewage treatment and oxygen blasting, etc. Oxygen booster pump is widely used in modern fish farming because of its convenient use, high efficiency and low cost.

四. Features of the aquarium air pump

1. It has dual functions of blowing and sucking, and one machine can be used for both suction and blowing.

2. Operation with little or no oil, the output air is clean

3. Compared with centrifugal fans and medium-pressure fans, the pressure is much higher, often more than ten times that of centrifugal fans.

4. If the pump body is integrally die-cast and uses shock-proof mounting feet, then its requirements for the installation foundation are also very low, and the high-pressure fan can even operate normally without fixing the feet, which is very convenient and saves money. Installation cost and installation cycle

5. Compared with similar fans, the oxygen booster pump has lower noise in operation, just like the ultra-quiet high-pressure fan launched by Gaorui Fan

6. Maintenance-free use; its wear parts are only two bearings, basically no maintenance is required within the warranty period

7. The mechanical wear of the oxygen booster pump is very small, because there is no other mechanical contact part except the bearing, so of course, the service life is also very long, as long as it is under normal use conditions, 3 to 5 years is completely useless questionable

8. Easy to install and easy to use!

五. Key points for purchasing aquarium air pumps

1. Specifications: According to the size of the aquarium, the large aquarium can choose two holes or four holes, and the small aquarium can choose a single hole.

2. Oxygen explosion amount: whether it is a single hole or a multi-hole, whether it has an adjustable function or not, choose it according to your needs when purchasing.

3. Sound: Most of the products on the market are marked with the mute function, and the actual effect is best to try it yourself.

4. Odor: The inferior products will emit burnt smell and heat after running for a few minutes. Please purchase qualified products from regular channels.

5. Power consumption: It is recommended to open it 24 hours a day, especially in summer, when the water temperature rises, the oxygen content will decrease. Usually the voltage of the aquarium air pump is not large, which is more energy-saving and power-saving.

六.Maintenance of the aquarium air pump

1. The aquarium air pump should be placed in a relatively stable place, and the surrounding environment should be clean, dry and ventilated.

2. The rotation direction of the aquarium air pump impeller must be consistent with the direction of the arrow marked on the fan cover.

3. When the aquarium air pump is working, the working pressure should not be higher than the maximum air pressure of the product, so as to avoid damage to the air pump due to excessive heat of the air pump and overcurrent of the motor.

4. The pump does not need to be lubricated at ordinary times. The bearing on the air pump end is installed in the middle of the pump cover. The bearings at the pump end of this type should be regularly lubricated with high-speed grease. Once a month, the refueling pump will refuel in three consecutive shifts. The maintenance of this type of air pump motor fan end bearing is based on one type of air pump.

5. The filter screen and muffler device at both ends of the air inlet and outlet of the oxygen booster pump should be cleaned in time according to the situation, so as not to block and affect the use.

6. The external connection of the air inlet and outlet of the aquarium air pump must be connected with a hose (such as a rubber tube, a plastic spring tube).

7. Replacement of the oxygen pump bearing: The replacement of the bearing must be operated by someone who is familiar with the repair work. Loosen the screws on the pump cover first, and then disassemble the parts one by one in the order shown in the figure. The disassembled parts should be cleaned and then assembled in reverse order. When disassembling, do not pry the impeller hard, use a special puller to pull it out, and do not miss the adjusting gasket, so as not to affect the clearance that has been adjusted at the factory.

8. It is strictly forbidden for solids, liquids and corrosive gases to enter the pump body.

七. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

Haohai Aquatic Equipment Products Factory was established in 2012 and is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, with an advantageous geographical location. It is a manufacturer with rich experience in aquarium accessories and equipment manufacturing. It is a production-oriented manufacturer integrating production, sales, cross-border trade and design.

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