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Table of contents

1.The role of the heating rod

2.At what temperature should the heating rod be placed

3.How to choose a heating rod

4.The correct way to use the heating rod

5.Quartz heating rod life

6.Precautions for heating rods

7.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. The role of the heating rod

1. Prevention of white spot disease

The general symptoms of white spot disease are from the tail and fins of the fish, there are sporadic white bumps distributed, and then slowly spread to the body, and finally lead to the fish body being eaten by these parasites and dying. The source of this disease is an ectoparasite called the small melon bug. When the water temperature fluctuates violently, such as a sudden drop of 5-10 degrees, it may cause the fish to be vulnerable and be exploited by small melon insects. Therefore, the water temperature is stable, which is the best way to prevent white spot disease. Why does white spot disease frequently occur when the seasons change between spring and autumn, because the temperature changes in these two time periods are relatively large.

2. It is beneficial to promote the metabolism of fish body

Like humans, the body of ornamental fish is also undergoing metabolism every day. When the water temperature is too low, the body's metabolic rate slows down. When the water temperature rises to a suitable temperature, the metabolism is at a relatively normal level. If the water temperature is too low and the metabolic rate is slow, the ornamental fish will not be very active on the one hand, they will be lying in the tank all the time, and the body color is relatively light, which is not ornamental. On the other hand, the body is relatively weak and easily infected by bacteria or fungi (for example, the pathogenic condition of saprolegnia is low temperature), especially tropical fish, and may even die.

3. The activity of nitrifying bacteria system is reduced

This feature is similar to the metabolic rate of fish. Anyway, the activity of the organism and the metabolic rate of the body are closely related to the temperature. When the temperature of the fish tank is too low, the whole fish tank will give the impression of lifelessness and no vitality. So what will happen to the low activity of the nitrifying bacteria system, I believe everyone can guess, that is, the speed of processing harmful substances such as ammonia, nitrite and nitrate in the water is much slower. This also indirectly affects the health of the ornamental fish in the fish tank.

二. At what temperature should the heating rod be placed

1. When the average temperature of the local room temperature is lower than 20 degrees (only for tropical fish), it is recommended that the temperature should not be lower than 10 degrees for wide-temperature fish and cold-water fish;

2. The temperature difference between day and night is greater than 10 degrees (for tropical fish, wide temperature fish, and cold water fish)

三. How to choose a heating rod

First, select the heating rod of the corresponding power according to the size of the water body of the fish tank. When choosing a heating rod, consider the size of your fish tank. For example, if you have a one-meter-two fish tank, and you choose a 30-watt heating rod, it is not suitable.

Second, choose the heating rod according to the type of fish tank. For freshwater fish tanks, you can choose any of the above heating rods. It is best to choose quartz heating rods or glass heating rods for seawater tanks. Glass heating rods must be of good quality and explosion-proof with a protective cover. Some people play with water and land tanks. It is not suitable to choose glass heating rods and quartz heating rods for water and land tanks. PTC heating rods should be used.

Third, choose the heating rod according to the characteristics of the ornamental fish in the fish tank. If your aquarium fish is a large fish with a relatively fast swimming speed, then I suggest that you should not choose glass heating rods and quartz heating rods. Ornamental fish that swim fast will often break the heating rod.

Fourth, select the corresponding heating rod according to the temperature requirement range of the fish tank. If your ornamental fish is very sensitive to temperature changes, it is recommended to choose PTC heating rods and heating rods with variable frequency. Although such a heating rod is expensive, it is characterized by precise temperature control and little impact on the fish.

Fifth, it is better to choose high power than low power. Many people have a misunderstanding when choosing a heating rod, thinking that a heating rod with high power costs electricity, but it is not. The heating rod with high power has good heating effect and keeps the temperature stable. Because it heats up quickly, it loses less heat. The heating rod with low power heats up slowly, loses more heat, and wastes more energy. So it's right to choose a more powerful one according to your fish tank.

Sixth, if you have a frequency conversion, you should choose a frequency conversion, and you would rather spend more money than buy a cheap one. Frequency conversion saves electricity and precise temperature control. Inexpensive heating rods are both power-intensive and ineffective, and the key is not safe. Therefore, the heating rod must be selected with quality assurance, a big brand, and a good reputation.

四. The correct way to use the heating rod

When the breeder chooses the heating rod, he should first choose the one with better quality, so as to avoid the leakage of electricity. In order to prevent the failure of the heating rod and affect the survival of the fish, it is recommended that the breeder prepare more to facilitate replacement in case of failure.

When placing the heating rod in the fish tank, there are usually two kinds of vertical placement and horizontal placement. No matter which way, there can be no dead ends, otherwise it will affect the life of the fish. In addition, the light of the heating rod does not need to be too bright.

Generally speaking, the heating rod is suitable for fish from different places, fish with poor adaptability and precious species. If angelfish, Luohan fish or guppies, etc., and fish with strong adaptability or local fish such as goldfish can not use heating Great.

五. Precautions for heating rods

The first is to use a heating rod in conjunction with a thermometer. No matter how clever a mechanical or electronic product is, there are times when things break down and go wrong. Therefore, there cannot be a heating rod without a thermometer. A thermometer is the most intuitive display. If something goes wrong with the heating rod control circuit or the temperature sensing, then our fish will suffer. You don't want to watch your fish turn into boiled fish! Do you want me to send you some more pepper aniseed?

The second is to add a protective cover to the outside of the glass and quartz heating rods. If you choose these two heating rods, remember to add a protective cover to the outside of the rod body, so it is foolproof! It not only protects the fish, but also protects the safety of our people.

The third is to choose a safe power switch and socket according to the power of the heating rod. Don't wait for it to trip and the fish freeze to death before you react to replace it.

六. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

Haohai Aquatic Equipment Products Factory was established in 2012 and is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China, with an advantageous geographical location. It is a manufacturer with rich experience in aquarium accessories and equipment manufacturing. It is a production-oriented manufacturer integrating production, sales, cross-border trade and design.

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