Best Aluminum Algae Scraper - Best Manufacturer Picks of 2022

Strong and durable, powerful algae removal, no dead ends, comprehensive cleaning, comfortable hand feel

Table of contents

1.The role of aluminum alloy water grass scraper

2.How to use aluminum alloy water grass scraper

3.Will the aluminum alloy water weed scraper scratch the glass?

4.Aluminum alloy water grass scraper cleaning use angle

5.Precautions for aluminum alloy water grass scraper

6.How to maintain the aluminum alloy water grass scraper

7.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. The role of aluminum alloy water grass scraper

It is convenient and efficient to clean the green spots and moss on the glass of the aquarium. These things are difficult to handle with a tank brush, but they can be easily removed with a sharp metal algae knife.

二. How to use aluminum alloy water grass scraper

1. To install the scraper, first unscrew the scraper fixing screw, then align the scraper blade with the scraper thread, clamp the blade in the middle and screw it in, then the installation is complete.

 2. The humanized design can be combined at will, simple installation and disassembly. In order to adapt to different aquariums, the extension rod and the extension rod link design are used, and it can be installed and used immediately by simply twisting it manually.

3. If it is equipped with a scraper protection cover, it can be used as a flat sand shovel with the cover on.

三. Will the aluminum alloy water weed scraper scratch the glass?

In theory, the hardness of the algae scraper blade is smaller than the hardness of the aquarium glass, so the algae scraper will generally not scratch the aquarium glass.

四. Aluminum alloy water grass scraper cleaning use angle

When cleaning with a scraper, the most suitable angle is 60~65°. Keep the scraper flat and do not scrape diagonally, which can reduce the wear of the scraper and easily scratch the aquarium glass.

五. Precautions for aluminum alloy water grass scraper

1.Metal algae knives are not suitable for use in aquariums or isolation boxes made of acrylic, as they will scratch these materials.

2.When using an algae scraper to remove algae, it is best to scrape the algae straight up and down the inner wall of the aquarium, not obliquely. Keep a proper angle to avoid scratching the glass with the fixing nut of the scraper.

3.Pay attention to removing foreign objects on the algae scraper. Sometimes it is not the blade that scratches the glass, but the hard foreign objects attached to the knife, such as gravel.

4.Change the blade of the algae scraper frequently, and the blade is easy to curl up after using it for a long time.

六. How to maintain the aluminum alloy water grass scraper

1.When the scraper blade is used for a long time, it should not be pressurized at will during use.

2.When it is necessary to increase the pressure of the scraper line, it must be replaced with a new blade and then increase the pressure

3.In normal cleaning operations, the pressure of each part of the scraper line should be kept at the optimum pressure line angle, and the angle should not be changed frequently.

4.Regularly check the wear condition of the scraper blade, and immediately replace the severely worn scraper blade. On the other hand, find out the cause of abnormal wear and solve it in time.

5.After cleaning and use, wipe the surface of the scraper blade with a dry towel, ventilate and dry, install the protective cover, and place it in a cool place.

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