Best AC High Pressure Side Suction Inverter Pumps - Best Manufacturer Picks of 2022

Smooth operation, low noise, long service life, large flow, power saving

Table of contents

1.The function of AC high pressure side suction variable frequency pump

2.Working principle of AC high pressure side suction variable frequency pump

3.Does the AC high pressure side suction variable frequency pump need to be cleaned?

4.Precautions for AC high pressure side suction variable frequency pump

5.How to maintain the AC high pressure side suction variable frequency pump

6.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. AC high pressure side suction variable frequency pump function

1. Power saving: optimized energy-saving control software enables the pump to achieve maximum energy-saving operation;

2. Water saving: set the pressure of the pipe network according to the actual water consumption, automatically control the water output of the pump, and reduce the phenomenon of water running and leakage;

3. Reliable operation: The soft start of the pump is realized by the frequency converter, so that the pump can realize the non-impact switching from the power frequency to the variable frequency, so as to prevent the impact of the pipe network, avoid the pressure of the pipe network exceeding the limit, and the pipeline rupture.

4. Networking function: The variable frequency pump adopts full Chinese industrial control configuration software to monitor each site in real time, such as motor voltage, current, working frequency, pipe network pressure and flow, etc. And it can accumulate the electricity consumption of each station, accumulate the water output of each pump, and provide various forms of printed reports for analysis and statistics.

5. Flexible control: segmented water supply, regular water supply, and manual selection of working methods.

6. Perfect self-protection function: if a pump fails, it will actively send an alarm message to the upper computer and start the backup pump at the same time to maintain the balance of water supply. In case of failure of the automatic control system, the user can directly operate the manual system to protect the water supply.

二. Working principle of AC high pressure side suction variable frequency pump

The working principle of frequency conversion pump is that it can run from power frequency to low frequency, because the inverter is installed inside.

Frequency converter has voltage regulation, frequency regulation, voltage regulation, speed regulation and other basic functions, the application of modern science and technology, can not change the voltage under the condition of frequency adjustment frequency, also can change the voltage under the condition of frequency does not change, according to the load

needs to adjust the speed, although expensive but good performance, complex structure but simple to use, It is the most excellent equipment to start and run asynchronous ac motor in modern times

The use of frequency converter to change the speed of the pump, to adjust the flow and pressure of the pump, the frequency converter generally has closed-loop control function, can automatically control the operation according to the pressure signal, to achieve constant pressure water supply.

Simple installation, easy to use; Pump test all parameters are measured by one machine, no need to purchase other instruments, convenient management; Pump parameters measurement and control system is equipped with a variety of analog signal and digital signal interface interface, can be directly with the voltage/current sensors, power sensors, instrument

 transformers, flowmeter, rotational speed, pressure gauge, electronic valve, PT100 thermistor, torque device, such as instrument connection, just put the equipment needed to access when using water pumps comprehensive parameter measurement and control system, Simple installation, one operator can complete the installation work.

Flexible configuration; The hardware of pump comprehensive parameter measurement and control system adopts modular structure, and is displayed by virtual instrument, which is convenient for interface expansion. Users can choose the appropriate module to match their own system according to their own needs. It is more flexible than the traditional method, faster data processing, more convenient maintenance and upgrade of the system.

Humanized operation interface; The pump comprehensive parameter measurement and control system adopts the form of virtual instrument display, has the humanized operation interface, the user can according to their own needs to collect the data management.

A variety of display modes; the virtual instrument interface provides three display modes: digital display, pointer, and matrix, and the man-machine interface is more friendly.

Transient data acquisition function; if an electronic torque meter is selected, the input power of the motor will have a transient data acquisition function, which can collect the instantaneous power parameters of the motor startup, and can generate a transient startup curve.

Standard test report; the pump comprehensive parameter measurement and control system can automatically generate a pump performance test report after collecting data, and the test report responds to the requirements of the relevant national standards.

三. AC high pressure side suction variable frequency pump needs cleaning

Need to be cleaned regularly for a period of time, not only to pay attention to regular cleaning but also pay attention to the wire and rubber suction pump. The rubber sucker is a low-quality and consumable product. It should be replaced after about a year of use, otherwise it will not be able to fix the pump well. The wire used in the pump is also very important because it is submerged half the time in water, or even salt water, and prolonged immersion can make the wire stiff or even broken. 5-7 years or so, the water pump wire can be

eliminated. Some of the sharp-toothed fish that nibble on electrical wires cause a short circuit. Freshwater fish such as toothfish, piranhas, and large cichlids, as well as saltwater fish such as cannonballs, angelfish and sharks, are fed with a wire casing.

四. Ac high pressure side suction variable frequency pump matters needing attention

1. When the feed pump is in interlock standby state, it is not allowed to put in the frequency converter.

2. When the feed pump is interlocked for standby, the bypass switch must be placed in the closed position, and the input and output switches of the frequency converter should be placed in the off position.

3. Frequency conversion and power frequency switching are strictly prohibited in the operation of the feed pump. Frequency conversion or power frequency operation can be selected only when the feed pump is out of service.

4. When the frequency converter fails, if the power switch of the feed pump is not jumped, other standby pumps will not be connected, so the pump should be started in an emergency in case of abnormality.

5. For the feed pump with frequency conversion operation, when the pump is normally stopped, it is strictly prohibited to stop the feed pump by disconnecting the output and input of the frequency converter or pressing the pump stop button on the disk in an emergency.

6. In the inverter operation of the feed pump, pay attention to the output of the feed pump. The motor current of the feed pump shall not exceed its rated current, and its minimum current shall be maintained above 1ooA as far as possible to avoid vaporization of the feed pump.

7, water pump types are diverse, should be combined with the actual needs of the head to do a good job of selection, so as to help save energy. During the installation process, appropriate lifting device should be selected to ensure that the lifting weight can bear the weight of the pump, and retain appropriate allowance. Before formal lowering, the artificial rotating impeller should be strictly checked to ensure that it has enough flexibility. In order to ensure the frequency conversion water pump is safe enough, it is required to set the

grounding wire, and the length of the other wire should be appropriate (usually 5mm R'). In addition, a multimeter is used to check the performance of the three-phase circuit. Before powering on, the insulation resistance of the inverter pump should be checked. It is not allowed to be lower than 1MQ8. Considering that the pump works in the underwater environment for a long time, the corresponding leakage protection device should be set up to ensure safety and save electric energy to the maximum extent.

8. When the inverter water pump enters the running state, observe whether the voltage and current of the motor fluctuate violently before and after starting. When the motor is connected to the power supply but does not rotate, the power supply should be disconnected immediately to avoid burning the motor. For the first operation or just maintenance of the end of the pump, the test machine is only allowed to use the local start, if observed abnormal, should immediately stop, to be cleared after the fault is allowed to put into use. After the frequency conversion pump is put into use, the start and stop shall not be too frequent, the start times shall be controlled within 6 times /h, and the interval shall be even.

五. Ac high pressure side suction frequency conversion pump how to maintain

Frequency conversion pump working in the water environment for a long time, it is possible to cause the main cable skin cracking due to immersion, at this time the water will eventually flow into the pump through the cracking part, so, we should pay attention to and do a good job of regular inspection of the cable. If there is a slight local crack, thoroughly descaling the cable surface, and then wrap the waterproof tape for necessary waterproof treatment. It is worth mentioning that insulation checks should be carried out after several hours of immersion

and the operation will not be allowed to continue until the requirements are met. If the insulation still fails to meet the requirements and is difficult to repair, a qualified main cable should be replaced in time. In the maintenance process, if the pump shaft corrosion and difficult to take out of the problem, the bearing can be completely immersed in oil and the temperature will rise to about 80℃, however, with the help of the pull it out, it is forbidden to pull directly through the pull, also do not allow the use of gas cutting method, to prevent bearing

damage and lead to deformation of the spindle. After the frequency conversion pump runs for a long time, the impeller will have holes due to wear and other reasons, which will bring direct and obvious impact on the operation efficiency of the frequency conversion pump. Therefore, maintenance and even replacement should be carried out in time.

After the completion of the maintenance of the pump, the assembly operation should do a good job of the rotor, pump shaft down work, to prevent damage to the stator windings

caused by insulation damage. Attention should be paid to the effective fastening of the connecting bolts between the lower end of the rotor and the oil chamber to avoid the bolt falling off and damaging the stator coil. After the maintenance of the variable frequency water pump, it should be fully immersed in the pool, and the water tightness test for 20 min with 0.2mpa compressed air should be conducted. Follow-up operations will be carried out after confirming that the variable frequency water pump has no air leakage problem. 8. If the pump is

discontinued for a long time, the following problems need to be paid attention to: thorough cleaning of the discharge port; Not only to drain the water in the cooling sleeve, but also to thoroughly clean the mud and sand, to avoid rust or low temperature caused by freezing crack; After effective cleaning of the pump inside and outside, every once in a while to apply anti-rust oil to prevent the occurrence of rust; For the temporary use of variable frequency water pump, should be kept in a dry and ventilated warehouse, while not allowing the existence of corrosive substances around it, to maximize the service life of the variable frequency water pump.

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