Best AC Externally Controlled Inverter Water Pumps - Best Manufacturer Picks of 2022

Smooth operation, low noise, long service life, large flow, power saving

Table of contents

1.The function of AC external control variable frequency water pump

2.The working principle of AC externally controlled variable frequency water pump

3.Does the AC externally controlled variable frequency water pump need to be cleaned?

4.Precautions for AC externally controlled variable frequency water pump

5.How to maintain the AC externally controlled variable frequency water pump

6.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. AC external control variable frequency water pump function

(1) Pressure adjustment, set on demand The pressure can be set according to the performance of the pump and irrigation requirements, and it is completed by the pressure regulating control system. After the pressure range required by the system is set, the pressure during operation shall not

exceed the set pressure range; under normal irrigation conditions, when the system pressure is lower than the lower limit of the set pressure, the controller changes the speed of the water pump through frequency modulation to increase the pressure to set value. 

(2) Protection function When there is no water in the water source or the water pump fails, the controller will force the motor to stop running; when the pipeline leaks, the controller will send a water leakage signal; overload protection, high and low voltage protection, instantaneous power failure protection, reverse rotation When the protection, overheating protection, leakage protection, under-phase protection, etc. occur, the fault signal will be displayed automatically.

(3) Shutdown function It has the functions of fault shutdown and normal shutdown.

二. AC external control variable frequency water pump working principle

It can run from power frequency to low frequency because the inverter is installed inside.

The frequency converter has basic functions such as voltage regulation, frequency regulation, voltage regulation, speed regulation, etc. It applies modern science and technology. It can adjust the

frequency without changing the voltage, or change the voltage without changing the frequency, and adjust it according to the needs of the load. Speed, expensive but good performance, complex structure but simple to use, is the best equipment for modern control of asynchronous AC motor startup and operation

The frequency converter is used to change the speed of the water pump to adjust the flow and pressure of the water pump. The frequency converter generally has a closed-loop control function, which can automatically control the operation according to the pressure signal to achieve constant pressure water supply.

The installation is simple and the use is convenient; all parameters of the pump test are all measured in one machine, and there is no need to purchase other instruments, which is convenient for management; the comprehensive parameter measurement and control system of the pump is

equipped with various analog signal interfaces and digital signal interfaces, which can be directly connected with voltage/current. Sensors, power sensors, transformers, flow meters, tachometers, pressure gauges, electronic valves, PT100 thermistors, torque meters and other instruments are connected. When using, just connect the required instruments and equipment to the comprehensive parameter measurement and control system of the pump. , the installation is simple, one operator can complete the installation work.

Flexible configuration; the hardware of the comprehensive parameter measurement and control system of the pump adopts a modular structure and is displayed as a virtual instrument, which is convenient for interface expansion. Users can choose appropriate modules according to their own needs to match their own systems, which is more flexible than the traditional method. , the data processing is faster, and the maintenance and upgrade of the system are more convenient.

Humanized operation interface; the water pump comprehensive parameter measurement and control system is displayed in the form of virtual instrument, with humanized operation interface, users can manage the collected data according to their own needs.

A variety of display modes; the virtual instrument interface provides three display modes: digital display, pointer, and matrix, and the man-machine interface is more friendly.

Transient data acquisition function; if an electronic torque meter is selected, the input power of the motor will have a transient data acquisition function, which can collect the instantaneous power parameters of the motor startup, and can generate a transient startup curve.

Standard test report; the pump comprehensive parameter measurement and control system can automatically generate a pump performance test report after collecting data, and the test report responds to the requirements of the relevant national standards.

三. The AC externally controlled variable frequency water pump needs to be cleaned

It needs to be cleaned regularly for a period of time, not only to pay attention to regular cleaning but also to pay attention to the electric wires and rubber suction cups of the water pump. Rubber suction cups are low-quality consumables and should be replaced after about a year of use,

otherwise it will not be able to fix the function of the water pump well. The wire used by the water pump is also very important, because it is soaked in water half the time, even salt water, and prolonged soaking can make the wire stiff and even broken. In about 5-7 years, the wires of the

water pump can be eliminated. Some fish with sharp teeth will bite the wires and cause short circuits. Freshwater fishes have such habits, such as toothfish, piranhas, large cichlids, etc., and seawater fishes have shells, angelfish and sharks. When raising these fish, wire To add a protective tube.

四. Precautions for AC externally controlled variable frequency water pump

1. Drain the remaining water in the pump and pipeline.

2. If the disassembly is convenient, the water pump and pipeline can be disassembled and cleaned up.

3. Check the ball bearing, if the inner jacket is worn, moved, the ball is worn or the surface has spots, it should be replaced. If it is still available, use gasoline or kerosene to clean the bearing and apply butter for preservation.

4. Check whether there are cracks or small holes on the impeller, and whether the fixing nut of the impeller is loose. If it is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced. Check the clearance at the wear-reducing ring of the impeller, if it exceeds the specified value, it should be repaired or replaced.

5. If the variable frequency water pump and the pipeline are not disassembled, the outlet should be sealed with a cover plate to prevent debris from entering.

6. Do not apply rosin and other sticky substances to the tape. Before the tape is used, the white powder on the contact surface of the tape must be removed.

7. Clean all screws and bolts with a wire brush, and coat them with oil or immerse them in diesel oil.

五. How to maintain the AC externally controlled variable frequency water pump

Inverter pumps are generally wide-voltage voltage, which can be used when the voltage is greater than or less than 15% of the normal voltage. Please clean the rotor and impeller regularly. The user must check whether the rated voltage of the pump is consistent with the actual voltage before use. When installing or removing and cleaning the water pump, you must first unplug the power plug and cut off the power supply to ensure safety.

Fish tank frequency conversion pump host and controller

It is necessary to clean the filter basket and filter cotton frequently to ensure normal water intake and good filtering effect. To protect the pump body, if it breaks, please stop using it immediately. The water pump should be immersed in water no less than 0.4 meters. The wire used by the water

 ump is also very important, because it is immersed in water for half of the time, even in salt water, and the long-term immersion will make the wire stiff and even broken. In about 5-7 years, the wires above the water pump can be eliminated, and new wires should be replaced.

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