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3 in 1 submersible pump, with multi-effect filtration, no need to change water, oxygenated waves, strong power, enhanced water circulation, simulating natural ecological environment, ultra-quiet, durable, energy-saving, power-saving and waterproof, good insulation, and retractable water pipes.

Table of contents

1.Does the 3 in 1 submersible pump have to flood it with water?

2.Can the 3-in-1 submersible pump be used in the bedroom?

3.The advantages of 3 in 1 submersible pump

4.What to do if 3 in 1 submersible pump the water flow is too large

5.Does the 3 in 1 submersible pump need to be cleaned regularly?

6.3 in 1 submersible pumpprecautions

7.We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

一. Does the 3 in 1 submersible pump have to flood it with water?

The oxygen outlet of the 3-in-1 submersible pump is blowing against the wall of the nearby fish tank. Our three-in-one water pump will have two water outlets, one is the water outlet connected to the filter box,which is used for physical filtration, and the other is the oxygen outlet, and the upper part will be connected to a small white tube, Only when the water pressure is right does this part blow out what is called oxygen, which is what we see as air bubbles. When the water level of the fish tank is too

If the water pressure is too high, the oxygen outlet will not create bubbles and the water will flow out. This is the general structure of a three-in-one submersible pump. Let's talk about the oxygen outlet blowing violently against the nearby tank wall. What will be the result? Let's assume

The top water should be water flow, then start the water flow at the oxygen outlet and the water flow up to the filter tank. Divided into two, when the oxygen output is too large, the flow of the upper water will inevitably decrease, and the water circulation of the entire aquarium will be weakened. a strong

 water circulation between the oxygen outlet and the small area of ​​the nearby tank wall. This water flow cycle will stir up the debris that is about to enter the filter under the water pump. Even if our filter is open there, this oxygen port is a shit stick, which will not only stir up the shit at the bottom of the fish tank, but also Only a small part of the impurities entering the upper water flow are

 discharged through the oxygen outlet. So, what is the effective filtration efficiency of the fish tank filtration system that we open all day long? It may not even achieve one-fifth of the effect. In other words, assuming that the original water body is 200 liters and the flow rate is 2000 liters per hour,the actual flow rate may not even be less than 400 liters. We look good, and the ornamental fish are not lacking in oxygen, because the powerful air bubbles are constantly blowing there. the water above the bubbles.

二. Can the 3-in-1 submersible pump be used in the bedroom?

The 3 in 1 submersible pump should generally be used flexibly, and which function should be turned on or off according to the situation of the aquarium. Usually all three are turned on at the same time, because the effects of filtering, surfing and aeration are often conflict. If surfing and oxygenation are used, the direction of the water flow will often change, which will reduce the efficiency of filtration. If you need to filter, plug the oxygen port, and if you need to surf, plug the filter port.

三. The advantages of 3 in 1 submersible pump

1. A 3-in-1 submersible pump can generate flow and add oxygen. If used to keep fish in an aquarium, that's fine. It can save the trouble of using the air pump, and the sound of the pump when working is relatively small.

2. The pumping force of the three-in-one submersible pump is very strong, and it is not easy to block the pump or stop the pump during use. However, it should be noted that it is best to pump fish poop close to the bottom of the aquarium, which will make it easier to extract the poo at the bottom.

四. What to do if 3 in 1 submersible pump the water flow is too large

The water flow of the three-in-one submersible pump is too large, which is generally caused by the surfing port, but if only the surfing port is blocked, the water flow will also come out of the oxygen tube, so it must be used in another way. You can connect one pipe to the surf port and plug the other end into pipe, and make a few more holes on both sides to prevent the water from getting bigger. In addition, you can also block the surfing port and adjust the intake pipe to the minimum.

五. Does the 3 in 1 submersible pump need to be cleaned regularly?

The 3 in 1 submersible pump is cleaned every 2 months and dried in the sun.Therefore, rinse it in a month or two to flush out the dirt inside, and the water pump will run quickly again. Pay attention to power off when rinsing and avoid wetting the plug to avoid electric shock.

The water pump can also be taken out and rinsed with water frequently. It can be used for two or three years or even four or five years without any problem. Because the time is long, it will be somewhat blocked, which will cause the water pump to rotate slowly, so rinse it in a month or two to flush out the dirt inside. , the pump will run quickly again, pay attention to power off when flushing and avoid getting the plug wet to avoid electric shock.

六.Precautions for the three-in-one multifunctional submersible pump

1.If the 3-in-1 submersible pump has any glitches, remember not to let it work. If the three-in-one submersible pump shaft packing is worn, it should be replenished in time. If you continue to use the 3-in-1 submersible pump, air will leak. The direct impact of this is increased motor energy consumption and impeller damage.

2. If the 3-in-1 submersible pump vibrates violently during use, be sure to stop the operation and check the cause, otherwise the three-in-one submersible pump will also be damaged.

3.Pay attention to maintenance after using the3 in 1 submersible pump. For example, when the 3 in 1 submersible pump is used up, the water in the 3 in 1 submersible pump should be cleaned. It is best to remove the three-in-one submersible pump and rinse it with clean water.

4. Carefully check whether there are cracks on the impeller, and whether the impeller is loose on the bearing. If there are cracks and looseness, it should be repaired in time. If there is dirt on the pump impeller, it should be cleaned up.

七. We are aquarium equipment manufacturer

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