18 Best Aquarium Filters - 2022 Manufacturer's Picks

best aquarium filter are best at removing feces and other contaminants from the water, keeping the water clear and oxygenated, and providing a suitable environment for fish to grow.

Table of contents

1.What is an Aquarium Filter?

2.What is the filtration principle of an Aquarium Filter?

3.What are the common methods of Aquarium Filter?

4.19 Aquarium Filters to Choose From.

5.How to tell if your aquarium filter is working?

6.Materials suitable for Aquarium Filter.

7.We are a manufacturer of fish tank cleaning equipment.

一. What is an Aquarium Filter?

Aquarium filters generally refer to filters used in fish tanks, which are different from filter devices used in industry, agriculture and life. This filter is only used to filter impurities in the water body in the aquarium, remove harmful substances and protect the water body. Clean to accommodate the growth of ornamental fish or aquatic plants.

二. What is the filtration principle of an Aquarium Filter?

The filter is an important part of the aquarium. Its function is to filter out impurities in the water, fish excrement, fish secretion, residual bait, and rotten leaves of aquatic plants through the filter material in the filter. , in order to adjust the various indicators of the water, the water quality in the Wei Tuan aquarium is stable, and the water quality in the aquarium is kept fresh.

The filter consists of a filter tank, a suction pump and a filter material. Its working principle is that the water in the aquarium is sucked into the filter tank by the pump, and filtered by the filter material in the filter tank. The filter material keeps the harmful substances or impurities in the water in the filter tank, and the filtered water Back in the aquarium again.

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三. What are the common methods of Aquarium Filter?

1. Physical filtration, the filter material is filter cotton. The fibers in the filter cotton are used to block insoluble impurities and wastes in the water. Physical filtration is an essential part of a filtration system. The filter cotton is often washed and replaced, which can effectively reduce the content of organic matter in the tank, thereby reducing the burden on the nitrification system.

2.Chemical filtration, the filter material is ammonia absorption stone, water softening resin, grass mud pill, activated carbon. Through chemical methods, remove harmful substances soluble in water, or adjust PH value (acidity and alkalinity); in addition, activated carbon is used in filtration, although it plays a physical adsorption role, it is still a water-soluble substance, it is considered that It's easier to understand in this section on chemical filtration.

3. Biological filtration, the filter material is ceramic ring, biochemical ball, biochemical cotton, etc. The use of filter materials such as ceramic rings and biochemical balls provides a good growth space for nitrifying bacteria, and uses the biological action of nitrifying bacteria to convert toxic wastes produced by the metabolism of fish and aquatic plants into non-toxic substances.

4. Other functions: For example, the filtered water flow can also wash and clean the leaves of the aquatic plants, promote the swimming and exercise of the fish, and prevent the temperature stratification of the water body, etc. These are incidental positive effects.

四. 18 Aquarium Filters to Choose From

1. aquarium top filter It is placed on the top of the aquarium and pumped into the filter with a pump. The filter is a long box with built-in filter materials such as silk cotton, biochemical cotton, filter sand, and activated carbon. After filtering, the water flows into the aquarium from the bottom of the box. This is the most common filter. Easy to set up, inexpensive and easy to clean, but not good for good bacteria growth.

2.low water level aquarium filter The filter device is submerged in water, and the filter material is soaked in water, which is more conducive to the growth of beneficial bacteria and has less noise. The physical filtration effect is poor, and it is more suitable for small and medium aquariums.

3. Aquarium water goblin pneumatic filter Place the filter plate on the bottom of the aquarium and cover it with sand. Since oxygenated water flows through the bottom sand, there are more beneficial bacteria on the bottom sand, and the biological purification effect is more obvious. Installation is more complicated.

4. aquarium external filter The external filter is a relatively popular filtering method at present. It is generally used in large aquariums. It is installed in the bottom cabinet at the lower part of the aquarium, connected to the upper aquarium by pipes, and put a variety of better filter materials. it is good.

5. aquarium external filter The water in the aquarium enters the overflow pipe from the upper, middle and lower parts respectively and flows into the filter water tank. Various filter materials are placed in the water tank. The combination of various methods has a good filtering effect. Mostly used in saltwater aquariums.

6.aquarium hanging filter The filtration unit hangs from the side or above, and the water is drawn into the filter tank by a submersible pump, filtered through the filter material, and then flows into the aquarium. The advantage is that it is easy to clean and use, but it is not easy to breed nitrifying bacteria.

7. In addition to the above common filtration forms, there are also more common filtration methods such as back filter (side filter) and water goblin.

五. How to tell if your aquarium filter is working?

First, check that the filter is still working. Look for water coming out of the top of the pipe. If there are no air bubbles, the filter may not work properly. Therefore, repair or replace the filter.

Test for ammonia in water. If there is ammonia in the water, the filter is not working properly. Either it hasn't cycled yet, or it's too small for the number of fish you have.

六.Materials suitable for aquarium filtration

Many materials are suitable as aquarium filter media. These include synthetic wool, known in the aquarium hobby as filter cotton, made of polyethylene terephthalate or nylon. Synthetic sponge or foam, various ceramic and sintered glass filter materials. For example, plastic "biospheres" are best suited for biofiltration.

The simplest aquarium filters consist only of filter cotton and activated carbon. Filter cotton captures larger debris and particles, and activated carbon absorbs smaller impurities. These should be replaced regularly at appropriate intervals.

Activated carbon adsorbs toxins on the extended porous surface of carbon. It cannot be reactivated by boiling it in water. Adsorption on activated carbon can be recovered by thermal regeneration at temperatures of 500–900 °C (932–1,652 °F), electrochemical regeneration, ultrasonication, or other industrial processes. For aquarists, replacing activated charcoal with fresh ingredients is simple and inexpensive.

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